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MEET EBLOUISSANTE! Photo by C.J. Cronfeld

Diary Post #196

Good Morning, It was so much fun having BRUNCH with all of you yesterday! We should do it again one… Continue Reading

I've been out playing! Photo by Sarah Campion

Diary Post #195

Good Morning Everyone! Today is Sunday…a great day that is part of the weekend! I am just beginning to learn… Continue Reading

“ZENNY…what an exciting week you’ve had!” The ‘adorable Sophie Shirreffs’ sending her regards! Photo by John Shirreffs

Diary Post #194

Good Morning Everyone! Happy Saturday! I wanted to share this photo of SOPHIE…along with her message to ME…with YOU. Needless… Continue Reading

Meet my MOM...Vertigineux! Photo by Sarah Campion

Diary Post #193

Good Morning, Well, I am feeling fabulous this morning! After I came back from Darley yesterday, I relaxed and enjoyed… Continue Reading

It’s ME going off to meet BERNIE! Photo by Sarah Campion

Diary Post #192

Good Morning, Everyone! The BIG DAY has arrived! Yesterday, I had my ‘mane pulled’ (groomed and thinned out) and hooves… Continue Reading

Diary Post #191

Diary Post #191

Good Morning, Well, it has been a relaxed and happy time here at the farm! I love sharing snacks with… Continue Reading

Learning new so important in life!

Diary Post #190

Good Morning, I hope you had a very nice weekend. Our weather is still ‘nice’ here in Kentucky and I… Continue Reading

Here we are…basking in the SUN! Photo by Cooper Sawyer

Diary Post #189

Good Morning, The weather has been absolutely GREAT in Kentucky for the last few days. It actually reached the 70′s…. Continue Reading

John Nerud visits the National Museum of Racing to see the collection of trophies and paintings he recently donated. Photo by my dear friend, Steve Haskin

Diary Post #188

Good Morning, What a THRILL! I am so deeply touched and honored! John Nerud, who is a RACING LEGEND, made… Continue Reading

One of my Valentine Gifts…Photo by Dawn H.

Diary Post #187

Good Morning, I just had to share this adorable gift I received for Valentine’s Day with you. As a racehorse,… Continue Reading