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Company's Coming! Photo by Sarah Campion

Diary Post #338

Happy Friday Dear Friends, It truly has been an eventful week. The 2 primary summer race meets completed their sessions…and… Continue Reading

It's MY JOHN! Photo by Daniel Sigal

Diary Post #337

Happy Thursday to all! I’d have to say, I’d be able to recognize this guy anywhere no matter what he… Continue Reading

We're BACK! Photo by John Shirreffs

Diary Post #336

Good Morning, Santa Anita is such a gorgeous facility. As you can see, the mountains in the background totally add… Continue Reading

Hello Kitty! Photo by Sarah Campion

Diary Post #335

Good Morning, I was out walking and enjoying myself the other morning…just taking life nice and easy…when here comes KITTY…. Continue Reading

YOGA......I remember doing lots of STRETCHES too! Photo by Michelle Jensen

Diary Post #334

Happy Monday to All! It’s Labor Day! It is so hard to believe that it’s technically the last day of… Continue Reading

WOW, Matt...I'm on the list! Photo by Mathea Kelley

Diary Post #333

Happy Friday! It is always so hard for ME to believe how quickly time is literally flying by. It is… Continue Reading

NOOR...a trip well-traveled! Photos by Frances Karon

Diary Post #332

Good Morning Dear Friends, What a special time this is for our industry! This week the ‘bones’ of NOOR, a… Continue Reading