Diary Post #429

Happy February! Photo by Sarah Campion

Good Morning Everyone!

I’m back….and so happy to be able to visit with ALL OF YOU again! Yesterday was a very, very exciting day for both TASTY and I. We were moved to the FOALING UNIT of Lane’s End…and when we are not outdoors enjoying ourselves, we now reside in the FOALING BARN!

Above, you see the guys walking us to our ‘new home and paddock area’. We are truly embarking on a brand new adventure in our lives.

It is quite exciting! We will still have our same wonderful grooms and caretakers. Everything in our lives as far as the people around us will remain exactly the same.

I must say, we are being very closely monitored all of the time…just to see if there is even the slightest change in our bodies.

What an exciting time!

Here we are getting to visit our new HOME and get acquainted with it! LUCKY US!

This is so much fun! Look how pretty it is here!

I know MY TEAM is planning some very loving things for ME to do during the next several weeks. It will be a great way for ME to productively use my time while I’m waiting to become a MOM!

We’ll keep you posted.

With Love,
Hugs to all~


  1. Zenyatta, it must be exciting for you and your stallmate to be moved to the foaling barn, yet still be cared for by exactly the same people. They are still monitoring you two for even the slightest change, which is a good thing. I can’t wait for your foals to be born.

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