Diary Post #119


I am so happy all of my friends are here and back at the barn. Dr. Dawn Hunkin, who has known me since I first came to CA, just returned from her vacation. She had a great time relaxing and being with her 2 wonderful children and husband each day.

Michelle, my terrific masseuse, returned this morning from her vacation. She and her husband, Ken, also spent time with family and friends…and just taking it easy.

Carmen, Mario’s wife and my morning hotwalker, returned from having a bit of the flu. She is feeling so much better now. The barn is teasing Mario that he had to take care of Carmen…just like he takes care of ME! Very cute! John suggested a few things like Aloe Vera juice for her…just like I get…and it worked. She is feeling like herself once again.

To this day, one of John’s favorite memories was right after I won the El Encino Stakes in January, 2008. He looked over at Mario and Carmen right after I went under the finish line…and they were so excited! He said, they hugged, kissed and held hands rushing off to the Winners’ Circle to get ME! To John, this was such a special moment…one he felt was made more special because the people around me were so happy!

I have lots of ‘stuff’ coming up this week. To be sure I am well rested and relaxed, John has asked that the afternoons be nice and quiet for me. Just a time for me to relax, graze and be quiet. I think this is so special and thoughtful!

Hope to see you at Hollywood Park on December 5th…or in Kentucky at Keeneland on December 6th. Details will follow.

Enjoy your Tuesday!
Hugs to all~


  1. Sorry I missed you the Saturday it rained. I just got back from 8 day’s of rain in Portland for Thanksgiving and I’m looking forward to seeing you this week-end. The Guinness is on me. “Stout”.

  2. I was one very lucky lady, and was there at your Breeder’s cup win! I was within touching you when you came out to the paddock to get saddled. That was the first time I met you, and immediateely I knew there was something special about you. I ran over and put 20.00 dollars all that I had and you won. I vowed to buy a breeder’s cup coat in your honor. It is now one of my most precious items. Love you Z.

  3. Oh Zenny, The tears are flowing heavy knowing you are definately leaving us on the 6th. I will never forget you and all you have done for horseraceing. I never knew a thing about horses until you came along. I fell in love with you from the very first time i saw you race. It was amaging because you just completely took me right over. The word Zenyatta around our house was like a breath of fresh air. I could”nt wait until I would see you at your next race and each time you made my heart stop as to if you would catch up and win the race. You were the one and only Queen Zenyatta doing what you do best. Now the ride is over and the pain of you going away is deeply felt. Your life will be so different and I don’t know how happy you will be with that. You are not the ordinary horse around the block,you are very special, you are queen zenyatta. You are a Queen and have been treeted as a Queen. I cant figure how all that can change overnite. I pray for your happiness and hope that your new management team will love you and care for you as the Queen you are. I will never forget you Big Z. The tears keep flowing and I will love you forever. It would be nice if after you are bred that they bring you back to California to have your baby. There are many places here in California that board horses. You belong here with your loveing fans because you are our California Zenyatta. We all fell in love with you and want to keep you forever. Wishing you the best and God Bless You Always my beautiful Zenny.

  4. I get so teary-eyed reading all these messages. You will always be in my heart and in my mind as you leave for KY and start a new page in your life. I will pray that you will come back to CA.

  5. TOM GET SOME HELP!!!!!!!

  6. TOM, you are sick! Do not tarnish this beautiful website. We don’t need you here.

  7. Zenyatta, don’t pay any attention to the mean things some people say. You are Horse of the year, Horse of the World you are the greatest filly ever and you have filled big shoes along the way. You are the girl. Have a great day will read todays entry later.

  8. Hi Zen- Just wanted to say hello before I catch the bus for school. I’ve been telling my teachers & friends at school all about your greatness! One of my wishes for Christmas is that the people at Lane’s End keep you accessible, so I can come visit in the spring. By then, I will have lots to tell you about with my riding lessons & I will bring you some great treats. My mom said I will have to save some of my allowance to make the trip…you are so worth it, even to a 5 year old little girl. Love you lots.

  9. Dear Z, Your posts are the best part of my morning, and often of my days. This “Tom person” obviously has never spent time with horses, or he wouldn’t be so callous. I love the saying about the outside of the horse doing something for the inside of man. No truer words were ever spoken. By the way, my dogs love sweet potatoes, but I never fed them to horses. Do you like watermelon? Well, enjoy your wonderful party and your journey east. I can’t make it to Lexington-how about a side trip to FL-we have lots of horses here too!

  10. TOM YOU”RE VIBE feels VERY CREEPY Please leave this website YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE !!!!!!!

  11. mj, I don’t think Tom is ‘that way’ because he hasn’t spent much time around horses; me and hundreds of Zenny’s loving fans have never spent time around horses or watched horse racing until we just happened to hear about ‘this horse with such charisma and character’ so we had to check it out and the rest is history. We are as in love with Zenny as all the ‘horse people’ and because of her we are now more aware of the beauty of all horses great and small. I doubt the world will ever know quite what she did for the world in general. I think a lot of people will be more caring towards all living creatures since she woke them up.

    But speaking of food, Zenyatta – do you like bananas? My friendly Canada geese just love them and try to start munching even before I get them peeled. I never saw you in person, but I imagine a heaven where I will be able to enjoy all my beautiful birds and you too! That will be fun.

  12. I wish you guys would reconsider the retirement. She is still by far the best horse in the world. I know Mike would not make the mistake of putting her 18 lengths back again. She deserves to go out with a win.

  13. Hi – the first thing I do each day is read your blog. You are so wonderful and everyone is blessed to be able to share in your daily activities. Love you so – see you Sunday.

  14. Hi Beautiful Girl. I am so glad that you are going to have this fantastic week. You so deserve it. You and Mike (the Best Jockey in the country) have done so much for the sport. You are my reason for not wanting to leave the east coast. I always say I want to live in CA but not now. My Zenyatta is moving to Kentucky so I can stay in Ohio. I just worry the cold will bother you. It is 31 with a wind chill of 20. I hope they let you keep on your blanket until you get used to it. Well my special angel take care and rest up. I love you much, Shari
    PS Thank you Team Z for the posts. Please ignore this sick person Tom. He sounds like he needs are prayers or put him in a stall with a shovel:)

  15. Hi Love! Yes, it is cold on the East Coast & I am positive Anne will send you with some warm & superbly stylish blankets…I’ve lived in New England all my life & each winter I still have to make the adjustment to the cold. I am sure the Farrish’s will not have you out if it is too frigid & will keep you nice & warm. We hope you find comfort in all respects in Kentucky. Are the Mosses or John going to have a Press Conference prior to the big send off? We have not heard too much from them since the BC. Yes, I agree with the gentleman who said no better rider than Mike for Queen Z! I am sure every day he thinks about the race he proabably feels he should have done something different for the win. To all of us that love you, the 20th win doesn’t really matter in my opinion..YOU ARE THE GREATEST HORSE! You have provided so much for the horse racing industry & to people around the world that were in need of a pick-me-up…you are better than flowers & chocolate!
    With loving wishes from my heart.

  16. SPOIL THE HECK OUT OF THIS MARE FOR ALL OF US. We will see you soon Zen. I already asked my family to rent an RV and take me to Kentucky to see you for my college graduation gift. I can’t wait – for three years you helped drive me in school and I am in the top 5% of my class with a 4.23 GPA. Thank you for all you did for me and your inspiration to us all. WE LOVE YOU

  17. OH AND P.S.

  18. Good Morning sweet Girl,
    I have you on my desk top so you are the first thing I see. I was NEVER into horses, racing , riding till you came along. It is as if you speak to everyone in a time when it is hard to listen. XXXooo

  19. Zen, we love you and can’t wait for you to come home to us here in the Bluegrass. My daughter has her room done up just for you right down to your silk colors painted on the walls, your pedigree painted on there, and a wall full of your pictures so she can see you everyday! You are a special girl and I thank everyone involved with you for letting us be a part of your history. Can’t wait to see you at Lane’s End!

  20. I love your diary posts Zen! Oh and I also got the commemorative issue of you from the Blood Horse, and it’s awesome. They sent a 8×10 photo along with it, of you, and I’m going to have it framed :)Enjoy Kentucky ,have a great retirement.

  21. Wish you could stay in California…..!!

  22. Zenny – even though you are headed to Kentucky you will always be a California girl! We will miss you but I will come to Kentucky to see you when you have your little baby :) Love you!

  23. Ms Zenyatta, I love to watch Mario and you together. It is cute, since your are so much bigger than him. You give him a workout at times. Love, Lisa g

  24. Oh my! This is wonderful!!!!! Zenyatta/Dottie………..yes, tears in my eyes….can’t tell you how geat it is to hear from you!!!! I am truly overwhelmed.
    I am so happy for all of you at barn 55 and team Z.
    I know it’s crazy to get so ecstatic but I really think I was in withdrawal!!!lol!!
    Oh Zenny….I love you (and PrinceZ of course).

  25. NEVERMIND! I don’t have a clue how I got on this Diary post…thought it was recent….duh! It as a very brief thrill.