Diary Post #225

Carmen and Michelle drawing the SWEET SIXTEEN! Photo by John Shirreffs

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

This is TOO CUTE! Here are my 2 very special friends, Carmen and Michelle, drawing the SWEET SIXTEEN cards. These people will advance to the next level of the ZENYATTA BRONZE CONTEST! I must say, I just love the fact that I’m dancing right over Carmen’s shoulder while all of this is happening! I feel like I’m really participating in all of these activities right along with YOU and my BARN 55 Friends!

As you can see, these girls are really following directions. Carmen has her head turned away from the bucket and Michelle’s eyes are closed tight. Each one drew out 8 cards. What FUN! And, of course, there was NO PEEKING!

Here are the names of the 16 people who will move on to the ELITE EIGHT!

1. Heidi Kruckenbert……………..Vallejo, CA
2. Louann Cingel…………………..Union, MO
3. Valerie Franklin…………………Davison, MI
4. William Uecker………………….Boerne, TX
5. Dawn Conrad……………………Cedaredge, CO
6. Pam Giles………………………..Newman, GA
7. Karen Mitchell…………………..Berkeley, CA
8. Ingrid Esguerra…………………Miami, FL
9. Ann Ransone…………………… Walkerton, VA
10. Vicki Vinson…………………….Apple Valley, CA
11. Sharon Peck……………………Seattle, WA
12. Cathy Lassilo……………………Tacoma, WA
13. Georgia Harper…………………Bellevue, WA
14. Thomas Ronholm……………….Rochester, NY
15. Linda Henderson……………….Seminole, TX
16. Sarah Powell…………………….Clemson, SC

Congratulations to ALL 16! It is also interesting to note the number of different states represented at this level. The next step will be the Elite Eight. Those cards will be drawn at the end of this week.

This is getting exciting!

Have a wonderful day!

With Love,
Hugs to ALL~


  1. Zenyatta I called Old Friends and they are in need of help. I donated in your name $60.00. I wish I could do more but maybe others will give too. I will tell the children. This gift came from their hearts. I feel that you get the very best care and we love you so but other horses needed us at this time. I love you and so do the children. Hugs and Kisses from Shari and Homeroom 215 XXXOOO
    @I can only speak for myself but I feel good in knowing I am helping in a small way :)

  2. Hi Zenyatta! Good afternoon! we have to go to the computer lab!Brooke is doing a report on brown beauty! Brown Beauty is a horse like you and she is a hero We got to go now buh bye! we love you!:)
    Brooke and Ally!
    Have a good day
    God Bless

  3. Thanks for posting about Old Friends.
    Will send some money today.
    This site is such a great network for everything about horses from the most well
    endowed (Zenyatta) to the Mustangs in need.

  4. Zenyatta, when are you going back to see Bernadini? Not that I would not blame you if you want to keep that private. You might want to do that in order to stop people from hounding you and Team Zenyatta.

  5. Dear J. Smith,

    I wonder if it is “The Derby”? It is one of our favorites and there are some great tributes and photos to our Dear “Z”, in the glass cabinets when you first enter. The Derby is close to the Santa Anita racetrack in Arcadia. Mike Smith is often seen there as well as other Jockeys after their wins! Wonderful food too..

  6. Dear Z and Uncle Mo Fans,

    Bloodhorse is reporting this morning that Uncle Mo’s blood test came back positive today for a GI tract infection. That, no doubt, had a lot to do with his performance in the Wood. His connections are treating this problem and are hoping he can still go in the Derby. We hope he recovers completely and feels 100 percent better. We love you Mo. Judy and Russ

  7. Dearest Queen,
    Happy Thursday, sweet Z! Bet you’ve been kicking up your heels and enjoying the spring weather. Hope you and your gal pals can gather around the TV this weekend as the graded stakes are really getting hot! Maybe someone around the barn will be nice enough to make a wager for you. :) Do you ever miss being on the track and hearing the roar of the crowd? I often wonder. I certainly miss seeing you!
    Sending lots of treats and sunshine your way, Z!
    With much love,

  8. Before opening e`mail, read here of the costly banking glitch menacing ‘Old Friends,’ then went back to read Mr. Blowen`s remarkable, staggering and eloquent explanation of what their bank`s explanation is, as it has resulted in their current 6-figure-PLUS shortfall. The link is impossibly long to tap onto this site, so by going either to http://www.oldfriendsequine.org or michael@oldfriendsequine.org we may do two things as a group many of us could not do individually: we can encourage Michael Blowen to be sure we stand with him and everyone at ‘Old Friends,’ and we can send them what we can now, with a promise to add to that as we are better able to budget. A ‘loaves and fishes’ miracle may pertain here, regardless of any seemingly small gifts, by our sheer numbers we can offer an abundance over all. Mr. Blowen shouldn`t need to ask again, although his rationale in a beautifully-written letter to friends of ‘Old Friends’ shows how much thought he has put into the work they`ve done over the years. Thanks, too, to nicole tufano for the head`s up.

  9. I’m sad :( that I didn’t make it to the next round. But that’s okay. This is still very exciting!! Best of luck to the Sweet 16!!!

  10. Dear nicole tufano: please re-state your good appeal for the current need at ‘Old Friends.’ Often visitors to ‘Z`s site do not scroll all the way through notes here. And thank goodness for your ‘heads up.’

  11. @VickiB – how sweet!
    @LauraJ- Kincsem! Remember reading a bit about her. 54-0 – an amazing feat that has never been repeated. I looked at her portrait – and her conformation looks terrible! It goes to show you that nature will prevail always, and surprise humans, always. I would love to read a book on her, but couldn’t seem to find one. Loved the story about the cat, and her loving personality – so much like Zenyatta’s. Hungarians tend to be made of strong stuff, and gypsies, (which is why Kincsem liked to travel – tee hee) – proud to say this is my ancestry, as well.
    @ JudyBerube – thanks for posting…let’s all send positive thoughts Mo’s way. Poor guy – going through a rough patch – and the Kentucky Derby is the most stressful of all.

  12. Woohoo! Congrats to everyone, especially those in my hometown(s) or Seattle and Bellevue!

  13. @judy burube
    Thanks for the info on Uncle Mo. Not glad that it is going on, but glad it is not a growth spurt. Hope they can get it treated
    quickly and he can recover to train for the Derby. If not, he is till awesome and there is always the Breeder’s Cup Classic !!!!!

  14. words cannot express how thrilled I am to be in the “Sweet Sixteen” with all the rain we have been having in WA it sure brought some sunshine to my day :-) Good luck to everyone in the next go round!

  15. Congratulations Sarah Powell of South Carolina !! You GO Girl !!Best of Luck to All :)

  16. Good Luck to all the 16 postcard contestants!! I’ve missed a couple of Diary Entries this week. Hope everything has been going well for Zenny and Dottie and all your fans. Have fun. Hugs, OJ

  17. Congratulations and good luck to people who made the sweet 16 getting into the elite 8.

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