Diary Post #226

Here I am…on the HORSE PLANE! The van is parked right in front of the ramp…to make it easy to deplane and be ON MY WAY! Photo by John Shirreffs

Good Morning,

Firstly, I’d like to mention how ADORABLE all of you are as you respond to the SWEET SIXTEEN participants in the contest. You are so supportive of each other! This is absolutely TOO CUTE! Upon reading your comments and responses, I see the same KINDNESS and SUPPORT you have shown to ME during my career…and I realize again for the zillionth time how appreciative I am of ALL of YOU!

We will draw the ELITE EIGHT tomorrow…and they will be published on Saturday! Good Luck to ALL!

You have also asked what will happen with the postcards after the contest. As I mentioned in the original contest guidelines, by submitting a card to ME for the drawing, you are also granting your permission for ME to use your card in the future. John and Dottie have been reading them and enjoying all of your wonderful and inspirational thoughts. In the future, Dottie will think of a way to share them with ALL of YOU…in one form or another. The words are too special and the thoughts too kind not to be shared with MY DEAR FRIENDS! Thank YOU for being YOU!

Another thing you asked about in the responses is the HORSE PLANE. This is a topic in which I do have experience. In the above photo, you can see ME (my blaze stands out in the crowd) with members of MY TEAM getting ready to deplane. I always flew on TEX SUTTON planes so my comments will be based on my personal experiences. The Sutton plane is designed to accomodate approximately 21 horses in all. The plane is divided into ‘rows’ with 3 stalls in each row. It is set up just like a horse van inside with the stalls being OPEN so the horse can see things going on around he/she and not feel closed in at all during the flight! Per my John, that is the beauty of this plane…it is secure, safe, and open at the top for the horse not to feel closed in at all while traveling!

On the day I was flying, the van would pick me up at the barn. MY BELONGINGS (tack, blankets, equipment etc.) would be packed and ready to also travel with ME! Before I’d be able to travel to another state, I also had to have a HEALTH CERTIFICATE and a COGGINS completed to certify several things: I was healthy and fine to travel and also that all of my vaccinations were current. This paperwork is extremely important and would always TRAVEL WITH ME!

Once loaded on the van, we’d leave BARN 55 and be off to the airport. Tex Sutton planes fly out of Ontario, California. It is about one hour plus driving time to get there from Hollywood Park. Members of MY TEAM traveled right with ME! Mario always flew with ME and went with ME on all of my van trips. When possible (meaning depending on space) Steve, Frank, and / or John would also go on the van and / or plane with ME.

Once we’d land, the plane doors would open up…as you can see above…and Mario and I would walk right down the ramp directly into the waiting van. This is an amazingly WELL-ORGANIZED way to travel. All of these people do a great job to make it so safe and yet relaxing for the horses!

As a matter of fact, my JOHN has some video of ME while on a plane trip! I’ve got an idea…why don’t you COME FLY WITH ME!



With love,
Hugs to ALL~


  1. You’re such a good flyer Miss Z!

  2. Zenny…thanks for the education about flying …you always went “first class” because you are a classy gal. Loved the video…it’s just amazing how all of us can continue on your life’s journey with you. Your team is the BEST. I am so anxious to hear who the sweet 16 will be…blessing to all!

  3. Zenny, thanks for sharing the plane information. You are too darn cute in the picture with you head peering out of the plane!! Love and Hugs sweet Z!

  4. Thanks again for the informative post, we love you beautiful one. Take care!

  5. That was so fun to see – thank you so much! Fascinating. Good luck to all; I am so excited for you – so exciting for you! Hi Z!

  6. Goodness Z, you are sure a seasoned traveler. Flying does not seem to bother you at all-just munching away on your hay! You are just such a sweetie! You are just the best of the best. And, best wishes to all the finalists in your contest. I wish you could all win, but it is impossible. Have a great day Z. xxoo

  7. Always wondered about flying horses. Thanks for the info. Dottie- please tell John he needs to publish a book of his pictures of Queen Z, he has the most amazing shots! All of the fans would go crazy for a book! We love Zenyatta!

  8. Miss Z – I learn so much from you. I always wondered how the horse planes worked and now you’ve answered my questions. Can’t wait for another lesson. You’re a great teacher.

  9. you are gorgeous and wonderful Miss Zenyatta! I wish I would have come upon this site when the sweet 16 contest started. You are an inspiration and I love you!!! You got me re-interested in racing, and my fiancee (who knew nothing of the sport) has a newfound appreciation for athletes such as yourself.

  10. Hi my precious Z. I love reading and learning about how you travel and all about you. You are truly a special horse. Thank you Team Z for sharing and especially Dottie. Good luck to all the 16. Hooves crossed.
    Love you Lots Zenny XOXOXOXO.

  11. Z, YOU ARE ONE CLASSY LADY!!! Tell me, how many post cards did you get. A guess will do. The folks on the list have got to be excited right out of their minds. How fun. You look just beautiful in the plane photo and sooooo tall. (*_*) Have a good day. PS: Horse racing is not the same without you. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  12. Thanks for letting us how it is for horses to fly. In your case – the Queen to fly. I have wondered about that.
    Love reading about our daily life and we all love you. My 3 year old granddaughter thinks you are beautiful.
    She is a true horse lover.
    Thank you for all that you and your team do.

  13. Z you are one lucky girl!

  14. Love the video. Thanks so much. It seems as long as you had your Mario and your hay you were cool, calm and collected.

  15. Thanks for sharing the information it is nice to learn these things and I notice while flying you were, as usual such a good girl, we love you Zenny

  16. Thanks for the plane ride……lots of fun!

  17. Thanks for the lessons on what many of us don’t see, or know about Ms. Z!! I’ve always been curious how horses fly, what the planes are like, etc. when going to other tracks. Very informative. Thanks for spending your time to inform us on al this, it is fascinating. And a big thank you to Mrs. Ingordo-Shirreffs, for typing all this up for you, and all of us. It is most appreciated! Hope you and your team have a wonderful day! XOXOXOXOXO

  18. Good idea Cyndi. That would be a best seller book. I would have to buy it.

  19. Zenny, flying with you is so fun. Can you describe for us how it feels to take off and land? Most of us here are usually sitting in a chair when we do this. Can you describe how you took to flying? We know you are perfect in every way, but were you scared the first time you took off or landed? Would love to know!! I know you must have a lot of frequent flyer miles, right Zenny ;)!

  20. Zenny, you are so cute sharing your video with us. What an education on flying and with an expert. I love these post, besides the fun of all of it, it’s truly educational. You seem so happy no matter what you’re doing. You are truly a treasure. Good luck to the remain participants in the contest. The right person will win!

  21. the photos on the site are just so small, hard to see any details at all. with such lovely diary posts, it would be SO nice to see larger photos. the one above is a perfect example — can’t hardly see the horse!

  22. Dear All: Please visit the Old Friends website when you have a chance they are suffering a severe financial set back / crisis at the moment thru no fault of their own they are in the rears of about $300,000 due to a bank clerical error. Please these champions need our help. Thank you

  23. Good that they serve in flight meals hey Zenny!!!!

  24. On my computer, your video displayed upside down! I could tell you were munching on hay and very relaxed, however. :-)

  25. Hi Z!
    I don’t anything ever bothers you….you are one cool, calm and collected horse! Just wondering, do you remember where you were headed on that flight?? And…have you seen Berni lately??

  26. How cool, I hope you have fun flying, I would love to fly with you, anywhere, even on the track, and good luck to the lucky winners, on Friday, and I would love to fly and see you in Lane end.

  27. Dear Zenny, WOW. Watching the video and seeing you calmly and contentedly eating your hay while Mario holds you and protects you reminds me again of a quality in you and in Mario that is so rare and beautiful — namely, grace. You two do everything with such grace and dignity; you are an example for all of us and a model of how we might all be. And the people on this list also show these qualities every day in their posts. Thanks for the description and explanation of equine air travel and how well and safely it is handled. Not being a great traveler myself, I must say you travel like a pro, just as you do in every other aspect of your life, Have a great day.

  28. I’m not able to open that video Zenyatta! But the picture of you is sure cute. Thanks for filling us in on your plane travel experiences – you do everything just right! Love you, pretty girl. Good luck to the Sweet Sixteen and then the Elite Eight.

  29. What a cool video! Thanks for sharing it. And Good Luck to John and Yankee Station in the 7th race at Santa Anita this afternoon (post time approx 4:05 PM PST). I just love bay horses!!

  30. Thanks for the virtual plane-trip, Zenny!

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