Diary Post #227

ME…modeling my APPLE BLOSSOM Saddle Towel! Photo by John Shirreffs


I just LOVE this race and want to wish all of the participants GOOD LUCK! It was an absolute thrill to go to Oaklawn Park on the 2 different times I participated in the APPLE BLOSSOM HANDICAP—Grade 1.

Mr. Cella and his staff were fabulous to us, the fans outstanding, and the weather was beautiful! I even had a police escort to be sure the traffic was moving right along as I was in the van going to the track from my plane and then when I returned to the plane after my stay in Arkansas.

I must also say that the Apple Blossom trees located by the outdoor paddock were gorgeous! I vividly remember standing under them as I ‘schooled’ for the race. GREAT TIMES and GREAT MEMORIES…for sure!

Also, later today we are drawing the names of the ELITE EIGHT for our contest! The results will be posted in tomorrow’s DIARY!

Again…all the best to MY APPLE BLOSSOM FRIENDS…and to the people who will be part of the ELITE EIGHT! HOOVES CROSSED!

Enjoy your day!

With love,
Hugs to ALL~


  1. @Sophie – how very innovative you are! :) I am not very techy, but I am going to try that. Thanks for the tip!
    @Dawn – You have a great gift for writing. I always enjoy your posts. I’m rooting for you to make the Elite Eight! :)
    Good luck to everyone still in the race…how excited you all must be to have made it this far.
    Zenyatta’s #1 fan in Montana!

  2. Hey Z
    Good luck to all Apple Blossom contenders!!!
    I was wondering if you went back to Bernardini yet. I havnt heard much realated news so I was just wondering.
    I absoulutly love you!!!!! I am only 12 turning 13 in a month and I am A HUGE fan of yours!!!!

  3. @Kathryn Cogswell, this may be late but I thankyou so much for the link of Giacomo. The Z team is so special; Giacomo has a great personality too.
    @Margie, Wow, I bet you were excited talking to the artist. Thanks for the info. I better start saving up.

  4. @Jane in Seattle — Thank you for the links to helmet filmed racing video — the kind of views all racing fans would like to have.

  5. @J Smith — Thanks for the link to Mucho Macho Man’s story — wonderful.

  6. My Sweet Lady Zenyatta, Good Saturady Morning to you! I survived the electrical storms & tornadoes in Alabama. It was the most beautiful but very scary lightening. Around Lake Martin it is always a sight to behold. I ALWAYS THINK OF YOU when a storm happens and I pray you are safe and I know Land End has someone with you and the other horses to help keep you calm. Sweet Zenyatta close your ears while I have to speak to someone about some negative comments from yesterday.
    @ JAN- YESTERDAY ON POST # 216!!! I visiting family members in the hospital yesterday and did not get to write my post on #216. I do read all posts and I usually don’t respond to a NEGATIVE POST but I was BRYOND UPSET when I read YOURS!!! I usually ignore negative people but this I could not because you attacked Zenyatta, The Mosses, The Sherriffs & me & all True Fans! Zenyatta’s True Fan Family loves and respects the decisions of The Mosses & The Sherriffs with LE in protecting and providing Zenyatta exactly what she needs & wants. If The Mosses had not owned her & John Sherriff had not trained her, I believe we would not have her today. Other owners won have literally raced her to death. What a tradegy that would have been. The Mosses have the finical capabilties to ensure that she has the BEST & is treated with the Best of the Best. I know in my mind, body & soul that Zenyatta means more to me than I can explain because she is the reason I am here today! I can not understand how you could disrepect Zenyatta, The Mosses, The Sherriff & the whole Team Z by making a statement of saying, “She is bored” or stating “She filled a void of owner, trainer.” The Mosses do not owe anybody an explination on What they do, When they do it or Why they do it on Zenyatta or any horse they own. JAN, IT IS A PRIVILEDGE TO HAVE THIS SITE!!! The Mosses could shut this site down and not let Dottie write or share any photos or videos or let her TRUE Fan Family that love her dearly have a place to share that love and inspiring stories of their animals or experiences with Zenyatta. The Mosses DID A WONDERFUL THING to have a contest for APPRECIATION OF HER TRUE FAN FAMILY to win a bronze statue. I don’t know how you can say they do not keep us updated! Dottie has done a FABULOUS JOB giving us updates photos & videos. Jan, you must have been looking elsewhere or not reading the POSTS with the comments!
    Jan, Zenyatta will never loose her TRUE FAN FAMILY EVER! You did not speak for me! I will forever be a TRUE FAN with enormous respect for all Zenyatta was, is, and forever will be. Zenyatta is a GIFT FROM GOD. I believe that God picked The Mosses for her owners & John Sherriff, her fabulous & only perfect trainer. Zenyatta is a once in a lifetime phenomenon that has Blessed our lives. Zenyatta has nothing else to prove. She is THE GREAT ZENYATTA! Zenyatta deserves the life she has now. We need to respect that! Zenyatta can finally be free to be a horse, who she is with enormous power & grace. Watch her videos to see her races if you want to see her race. The Mosses did the best thig for her to retire her while her health is as great as she is. We have Zenyatta alive, happy & enjoying life! What a True Blessing For A Living Legend!!!! If we never get to visit her it’s ok because she has to be protected. She is too valuable and as much as I deeply & honestly love her, I want the best for her and The Mosses & LE only know that.
    To my fellow Fan Family Friends, I had to address this comment by Jan. I am a 54 y.o. retired CT surgical R.N. and I will always take a stand & forever defend My Sweet Lady Zenyatta, The Mosses & The Sherriffs. For the perfect, super horse how can anyone say anything negative.
    @To the elite 8 Congratulations!
    @Dawn- I’m pulling for you. If you don’t I hope it’s someone that post here.
    @MLV- I always love you stories of love & compassion.
    @ Lisa S-You are so right! I feel Zenyatta would want us to embrace the other rachorses and pull for them in racing.
    @ Margie-That is so awesome you talked to Mr. Brooke. That would be wonderful for him to have a drawing to sell. Yeah!
    @ LauraJ-Always love the info you share. I have learned a lot from you.
    Now to My Sweet Zenyatta, I love you more than you will ever know. I have never met you in person but Please tell Dottie to keep the photos and your words coming. I always feel like I have met you through her words, photos and the words of the Fans that have met you. It’s just wonderful to have this site. I’d be lost without it. Happy Weekend Zenyatta. sending Hugs & Kisses From Alabama With Love, Amanda Gilliland

  7. To all: check out this photo from the San Diego Union Tribune, when Z raced here last August. Dear Zenyatta, I’m dying to know what the joke was!! (“A horse goes into a bar…”)?!?!?

  8. @Jeanne. Great photo of Z. She has wonderful teeth. Mario looks good too.
    It is marvellous to have this site and to be able to learn what the Queen has done and is doing. I enjoy it every day. I am very grateful to the Mosses, Dottie and all the others in Team Z and at Lane’s End who make this possible. A huge thank you to all of you.

  9. To: Jean from Vista

    Thanks. That photo is _Too_ Cute. Judy B.

  10. @Valaria Franklin–Thanks for the info about the today-only (Sat) offer to get one year of Thoroughbred Times for $5 on Amazon.com. If anyone out there already subscribes, you can also extend a current subscription for just $5–what a deal! It says to allow six or more weeks for it to start, so most likely we will be at least part way through the Triple Crown before we get that first issue–but we’ll get the first part of NEXT year’s Triple Crown.

  11. @JaneSmith – WOW – what a story…and oh, is Mucho Macho Man still a baby, with such a late foaling date. Thank you for posting this link.
    @Jane in Seattle
    @Jeanne from Vista
    Also a thank you for your links. They were both so enjoyable.

  12. @Amanda Gilliland – HERE, HERE!! EVERYTHING WAS WELL SAID ON BEHALF OF US, WONDERFUL TEAM Z AND OUR BEAUTIFUL ZENYATTA. YOU GO GIRL!!!! (Thank you for your personal words of support for me as well.)
    @Kimberly Potter – Thank you so much for your compliment and Elite Eight wish!
    @Jeanne – Great picture, it was fun to share a laugh with Zenny!!

  13. Error- Jan on Post #226

  14. @Amanda G.- thank you for your wonderful post. You speak for all of Zenyatta’s true fans.
    Zenyatta’s #1 fan in Montana!!

  15. Dearest Queen Z,
    The Apple Blossom isn’t the same without you! What a lovely, lovely day that was last year–the crowd was enormous and all cheering for you. I’m sure those are just a few of the memories you have that you’ll never forget, dear Z.
    I hope the storms missed Lane’s End and that you have a great weekend with all your friends!
    Treats, kisses and hugs to you,

  16. Amanda G. Well said. You def. speak for me on that one.

  17. zenyatta,
    sure wish you were still racing. That would really make all these Kentucky Derby hopefuls think things over if you suddenly was a contender for the Derby. What a shake-up that would be.


  19. Hi Darla! Hope you keep posting, I don’t get to see my name too often… :)

  20. I was so lucky and thrilled to get to see you run in last years Apple Blossom. Everyone knew you were going to win. Of course, I still bet on you. The payoff was less than a dollar. I just kept my ticket as a souvenier. That was a very special day. I hope you got a hot springs bath and massage. I did! :-)

  21. Good luck to all of your buddies in the Apple Blossom race in Arkansas, Zenyatta. I’ll bet you do have vivid memories of racing there and trees surrounding the paddock. It is seen as a bit odd without you still racing. Good luck on contest participants making it to the Elite Eight.

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