Diary Post #228

Oh look who is helping with our CONTEST today! Photo by Joe Lerille

Good Morning Everyone!

I am so excited! My dear friend and veterinarian while I was at Barn 55, Dr. Dawn Hunkin, helped us in the ELITE EIGHT portion of our contest. She has always been such an important part of My Team. Dawn and I know each other very well. I also know her 2 children, Jack and Emma. As a matter of fact, and this is TOO CUTE, I was at Barn 55 for quite a long time….and while there, I was able to experience both her pregnancies with her! Such fun!

Here are the names of the ELITE EIGHT contestants Dawn selected:

1. Valerie Franklin…………….Davison, MI
2. Georgia Harper…………….Bellevue, WA
3. Dawn Conrad……………….Cedaredge, CO
4. Louann Cingel………………Union, MO
5. Vicki Vinson…………………Apple Valley, CA
6. Thomas Ronholm…………..Rochester, NY
7. Heidi Kruckenberg…………Vallejo, CA
8. Ann Ransone………………..Walkerton, VA

CONGRATULATIONS to these 8 people who will be moving to the FINAL 4! This is truly getting very exciting!

On another note, thank you for the comments about some of MY JOHN’S other Mobile Me links showing up in a prior Diary. The photos of Santa Anita are lovely. The racing pictures are great…and the holiday photos with John and Dottie’s family (and the adorable Sophie Shirreffs in her Christmas outfit) are fun! However, thank you for letting us know that this link was there. It was to be eliminated prior to the video being put up on my web-page. So sorry!

We have let our tech people know to close this. (I guess you are really getting to know John and Dottie’s family life very well. Blush, Blush!) Again, thank you for letting us know!

We will draw the FINAL 4 next week! Dottie has been working with the tech people to get the VOTING procedures organized so all of you are able to participate in the selection of our ZENYATTA BRONZE CONTEST WINNER!

Enjoy the Arkansas Derby and the Blue Grass Stakes today! It is another fun weekend of RACING…plus, the NBA is starting the early rounds of their play-off games! Oh, how I do LOVE SPORTS!

With love,
Hugs to All~(Happy Birthday, Lara!)


  1. good luck to the 8 special ones left!!
    hus and kisses to you beautiful girl!!
    and your family!

  2. @notafanofensign–What in the world are you talking about? Where is the “probability” that this site is being used for economic gain? It sure doesn’t look that way to me. I guess I should know better than to ask, but I really don’t think aspersions should be cast without any plausibility, let alone evidence.

  3. Hi Vicki B! :-) Not gone yet, just find the time to read some of the posts rather than all of them ;-)
    @ Trina Nagele,
    Notafanofensign’s ramblings are in no doubt an attempt to slander me or insinuate something bad about me in some way. ‘Luvshorses/notafanofensign’ only posts when I do ;-)

  4. MLV
    I am so sorry for your loss. I was worried about you when I didn’t see you post. I’m glad you are back. I have always enjoyed your posts & admired your love & knowledge of horses. Please continue to share.

  5. I hate to see so much negative posting… :(

    @MLV – my heart goes out to you. It’s hard for me to keep up with everyone’s comments but for you especially I hated to hear you were on the receiving end of an angry poster when you are already grieving. I always think of what Gretchen Jackson said at the press conference after Barbaro was put down: “Grief is the price we all pay for love”. It’s worth it though…hang in there.

    @Alison: I just noticed your comment, thanks for the support. Yay for Michigan, at least if it would quit snowing!

  6. Zenyatta, the contest is ratcheting up the excitement as it is going down to the Final Four. Good luck to everyone. It sounds like Dawn the veterinerian from California was really good to you. You mention that she got to experience both of her pregnancies with you. Did she give you any pointers about what to expect in your own pregnancies in the future, even though she is human and you are a horse? Who are you pulling for in the NBA Finals? I think I will pull for the Los Angeles Lakers and whoever is closest to Kentucky. Good luck in taking care of technical problems.

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