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ZENYATTA LOUNGE is represented at the ON TRACK TO BEAT CANCER WALK last Sunday at Santa Anita. Photo by John Shirreffs

Good Morning,

As many of you know, last Sunday Santa Anita did such a fabulous thing! They worked with The City of Hope to get people WALKING and FUNDRAISING for Cancer Research! A large crowd of people showed up to participate…including my wonderful friends from the Zenyatta Lounge. They made large signs as you can see in the above photo to help promote the event!

Dottie and John also attended…John with camera in hand…to get some photos for you. Everyone gathered in the paddock right after the last race. The walk proceeded through the tunnel to the racetrack. This is just what I would do when I raced.

Fans walking from the paddock through the tunnel to the race track.

Then the fans walked on the track to the top of the stretch where Santa Anita placed the starting gate. This way all of the fans could walk through the gate and experience things just like I would before a race. After this, the fans walked back down the stretch to the WINNERS’ CIRCLE.

The jockeys got into the gate first…then the doors ‘popped open’ and they jumped out. The fans then walked through the gate doors. From left to right…Rafael Bejarano, Chantel Sutherland…holding the Zenyatta Lounge for Women sign, and Joe Steiner. Photos by John Shirreffs

It was really a wonderful way to not only fund raise but also to share the different aspects of the race track that fans observe…but never get to experience. Several people commented to Dottie and John that they were ‘now in the paddock’ instead of watching from outside…and then they actually ‘walked on the track’ and ‘through the starting gate’. It was great FUN for ALL….and very importantly FOR A WONDERFUL CAUSE!

A great event! Oh look, there’s a Zenyatta hat and T-shirt! Dottie and John said MANY PEOPLE had their Z hats on for this event! I am so touched!

Let’s hope that some day…some how…events like this DO FIND A WAY TO BEAT CANCER!

With Love,
Hugs to ALL~


  1. ‘Things come and go so quickly here!’ We`re on Diary post #230, while reading back a few scrolls.. .

  2. Its was a wonderful way to support a cure for cancer. Thank you City of Hope and Santa Anita.

  3. wow, a horse eyes view. What a “Zen” thing to do for a good cause!

  4. Nice post.

  5. Thanks, Team Z! It’s no surprise that Zenny’s warrior fans would also participate in such a worthy cause and fun event! How exciting to experience coming through the tunnel just like you did!

  6. I wish more tracks would do that! It’s a good cause, and how many people would LOVE to go through the starting gate down the track to the Winner’s Circle? Me! Me! Me!
    Here’s a link to a preview of the new HBO horse racing show “Luck”. I still wish they’d bring “Jockeys” back, but this looks like it will have nice racing action…
    Have a wonderful day with your friends, beautiful! and same to everyone here.

  7. Zenny, my friend Gail Crowell walked in it on Sunday, and said she almost cried when she got on the track; an incredible experience! I miss you and love you with all my heart!

  8. Dearest Zenyatta,
    Thank you for the wonderful pics and story. As a cancer survivor myself, it touches me deeply to see people who really care–John and Dottie–how thoughtful and kind of you to be there and the ladies of the Zenyatta lounge—hooray for you all!
    Hope you’re having a lovely spring day, Queen. I’m thinking of you, as always.
    Much love,

  9. You never cease to amaze, Z, along with your wonderful team. What an inspiration! Thinking of you all with love.

  10. Recently lost my husband to cancer after a valiant fight that lasted 6 years, so am so thrilled to see that The Zenyatta Lounge is actively supporting the cause to find a cure. Way to go!!!! Love to you, Zenyatta.

  11. This is so wonderful. I wish every racetrack would put something together for a cause on the track. Whether its helping people or horses, it is amazing!!

    Your gal pal, Nancy

  13. Some day there will be a cure, and it might be an event like this that is the tipping point. Thanks for reporting on it and for the photos too.

  14. Thanks for sharing these pics, really think it is cool how you keep us informed, this seems like a great experience for the walkers

  15. How does one find out about these events?? I live 20 min. away from Santa Anita, and would have loved to have gone to this event!!!

  16. You are absolutely right Zenyatta, let’s hope that someday there will be no need for such an event. We have lost too many good people to this disease. I am so glad that the Zenyatta Lounge was able to participate.

    It won’t be long before the first Saturday in May will be here. Wouldn’t it be nice if you showed up for the Derby, surprising all there? Even though you are a lady, and most ladies were their beautiful hats, it wouldn’t be necessary for you since you are beautiful without any added stuff i.e. hat.

    Love you Zenyatta!


  18. This was a very touching event for a very important cause. City of Hope has saved my husband’s life three times from three types of cancer. It was very emotional to walk hand in hand down the track with our baby girl. I hear they raised over $100,000! Can’t wait to do it again next year.

  19. Zenyatta, you and your team are amazing. Just goes to show you that because of the love and caring of the Mosses,Sheriffs and everyone at Barn 55, fans respond in kind because of you.
    Love hugs and kisses

  20. Dear Z, How Awesome!! I wish I lived in California and could have participated. What a great cause and what fun. Kudos to the ladies of the Zenyatta Lounge!!You gals rock! You were well represented dear Z. XOXOX Cathleen

  21. Dearest, Zenyatta. Just home for a quick lunch and wanted to check in. So glad I did. Thanks to John and Dottie for helping you with the great pictures and story of such a wonderful event. From the signs, hats, T-shirts, etc. I bet there were lots of memories of you, Zenny. Isn’t it fun for people to get to participate and have access to some areas of racing they may not have experienced before. And wasn’t it great to see the jockeys leading off the charge. Chantel was proudly showing off the Zenyatta Lounge Sign. Yea!!! I agree, Zenny, the world will be such a better place when cancer is conquered. It touches too many lives. We have taken giant strides in the battle, but all of us working together at events just like this will help make the push for that final kick toward the finish line. As a fighter and survivor, I am always so touched by the generousity of others. I want to personally thank you, Team Z and all of those who have joined in the race for a cure for the heartfelt support. It is a race we cannot afford to lose. Love you Zenny and all of Team Z for helping in any way that you can. Sweet dreams. Hugs and kisses. XXXOOO
    @Kirren – Finally got to see your video this morning. Brought a tear to my eye. It was absolutely beautiful and the music fit perfectly. Great job, thank you for sharing.

  22. As someone posted above, we’ve all lost family/friends to cancer. I think this was an awesome way to raise money for the cause – wish I lived close enough to participate – can’t imagine how cool it was to walk the path of Queen Z!! Thanks to all who participated and to John for the pics. How are you doing? would love to hear news of you! (thanks Dottie)

  23. Dear Z it would be awesome if you would try to help the Plight of the American Wild Mustangs, which the BLM is needlessly rounding up and castrating all the stallions, and putting them into pens they have taken 44,000 ………..They need to be free Z, please help them…………

  24. Dear Z,

    It’s wonderful how you and your fabulous Team are constantly leading the way for helping others. All of you are special. Hope you are having fun in the bluegrass. Love you and thank you Dottie for sharing. Love to all of you. Judy and Russ

  25. Posting this link for anyone of your fans in the Maryland area who would like to try something similar to benefit Cancer research.
    For the second consecutive year, Preakness Week will kick off with the “Down the Stretch for SGK,” a 5K run, will take place Saturday, May 14 at Pimlico Race Course with part of the proceeds benefitting the Maryland Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

  26. Oh Zenyatta that is so awesome. My mom died of cancer when I was 16. My brother had cancer last year. He is waiting to see if he is cancer free. We are getting closer but still need a cure. Thank Team Z West for me.
    Now if we could just stop crulety to kids and animals! Love you Queen Z! Secsea Dance, Salawgi,Simon, & Picasso who is learning about the lunge line this week.

  27. What a wonderful event for such a WONDERFUL cause! Keep up the great work Santa Anita!! Great pictures taken by John! I am so happy to see people with their Z gear on. Have a super day my sweat Zenyatta.
    Love, Katie(future jockey)
    P.S. Have you seen Bernie again??

  28. This is nice but when are they going to have a WALK FOR WELLNESS?

  29. …..a noble event indeed! ( And do remember dear Zenyatta that you shall always be in the hearts and minds of everyone at all events at Santa Anita as you are the noblest one of all.)

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