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ZENYATTA LOUNGE is represented at the ON TRACK TO BEAT CANCER WALK last Sunday at Santa Anita. Photo by John Shirreffs

Good Morning,

As many of you know, last Sunday Santa Anita did such a fabulous thing! They worked with The City of Hope to get people WALKING and FUNDRAISING for Cancer Research! A large crowd of people showed up to participate…including my wonderful friends from the Zenyatta Lounge. They made large signs as you can see in the above photo to help promote the event!

Dottie and John also attended…John with camera in hand…to get some photos for you. Everyone gathered in the paddock right after the last race. The walk proceeded through the tunnel to the racetrack. This is just what I would do when I raced.

Fans walking from the paddock through the tunnel to the race track.

Then the fans walked on the track to the top of the stretch where Santa Anita placed the starting gate. This way all of the fans could walk through the gate and experience things just like I would before a race. After this, the fans walked back down the stretch to the WINNERS’ CIRCLE.

The jockeys got into the gate first…then the doors ‘popped open’ and they jumped out. The fans then walked through the gate doors. From left to right…Rafael Bejarano, Chantel Sutherland…holding the Zenyatta Lounge for Women sign, and Joe Steiner. Photos by John Shirreffs

It was really a wonderful way to not only fund raise but also to share the different aspects of the race track that fans observe…but never get to experience. Several people commented to Dottie and John that they were ‘now in the paddock’ instead of watching from outside…and then they actually ‘walked on the track’ and ‘through the starting gate’. It was great FUN for ALL….and very importantly FOR A WONDERFUL CAUSE!

A great event! Oh look, there’s a Zenyatta hat and T-shirt! Dottie and John said MANY PEOPLE had their Z hats on for this event! I am so touched!

Let’s hope that some day…some how…events like this DO FIND A WAY TO BEAT CANCER!

With Love,
Hugs to ALL~


  1. Buh Bye sweet girl

  2. @Barbara Wood—Welcome back! We missed you and were a little worried. So glad that you are back again. Best wishes for a smooth recovery from the knee replacement surgery.

  3. @Trina–thank you SO much!

  4. There’s no one single Zenyatta association that isnt good for horse racing and people. Team Zenyatta-we are so touched by your accessability, that you keep us in touch with Z and your commitment to keeping that link alive.
    I love that Santa Anita did this-it brought people to the track, they got to watch great racing at a wonderful track and then they had the opportunity to come together for a common purpose.
    Thanks John for the connection

  5. Simply Awesome…you are one “incredible horse!”

  6. ZENYATTA will never be forgotten!

  7. @Kirren…thank you so much for reposting your video. I loved it!
    Kathy B…What wonderful photos of the event! Thank you for sharing!
    @Kari, Dani, and others who have expressed their heartfelt thanks for this wonderful Diary and the time, care, and talent Dottie puts into it, Z herself, and all of her generous, wonderful connections… I completely share your sentiments, and the feeling that Zenyatta has enriched us and lifted our spirits in an immeasurable way. “Ears forward, don’t give up even when obstacles block your path”
    Barbara.. glad you are back. Hope your new knee(s?) is as good or better than new :)
    To everyone…In this season of renewal, I wish you all a Happy Passover and Joyous Easter.

  8. Good morning Sweet “Z” and all…
    Would like to wish everyone best of luck in the next round. For those who were not able to attend the S.A. cancer walk, but shared their stories here of love, loss and perseverance, thank you. It seems we ‘walked’ together with our ears and hearts open to one another listening and sharing stories of hope. A true example of the healing and compassion experienced by the sharing of a story. Joy and prayers to all this holy week.

  9. Hi Zenny!
    In case some peeps didn’t get your jacket, I’m sharing the link for MVP Champions. :-) Mikey signed them and the money goes to charity!http://www.mvpchampions.com/
    HUGS & KISSES, Sweetheart! XOXO

  10. p.s. Dear Barbara W.
    It’s nice to hear from you again… My husband had both knees done, one at a time (thank goodness). It was an exercise in patience. He is a surgeon and it was not easy to be the “patient-patient”! Keep up the hard work, it only gets better :)

  11. Shari you are very welcome!

  12. @DJ–thank you so much. I just had one done, and that was enough for now. I can already tell it is strong and stable, but you’re right, nothing comes quickly.

  13. @Barbara Wood – Yea!!! Yipee!!!! Wahoo!!! Well you get the point, I am so glad you are back! :) :) :) Missed you very much and as Trina mentioned, starting to get worried. So glad your knee is just like “new”. (Sorry I couldn’t resist.) I do know from my mother’s experience with joint replacement that they often can feel SO much better after the surgery, it is like new. I am sure the physical therapy has been a challenge, did you have a picture of Zenny on the treadmill? She is always so motivational. Anyway, just had to let you know how much you were missed and WELCOME BACK!

  14. Z,I was having a fair day today. During my lunch break I had a little extra time so I watched a rerun of all your races, so now I am having a Great Day after getting to watch you race. Z, you are the best thing to ever happen to horse racing.Love You and have a great day.

  15. @Barbara Wood. So glad to see your name coming up again. We all missed you!

  16. wow, what a great cause for this special, walk, I would have loved to do that one, thru that starting, gate, and walked the track, would have been great, Your Team sure comes up with great, ways, to send Your Love around, Have a great day Z, maybe they will let you go to the Ketucky, Derby for everyone to see you, never know.. One race i can get,Life is great, especially for those surviors of this awful disease, no matter where it strikes, you, AMEN and Prayers to all

  17. @Dawn Conrad and Sharon Call–thank you so much. It is great to be really missed by such a fine group. I didn’t think of getting Z on a treadmill, but that would have been great!

  18. Dear Zenny,
    I am SO disappointed! Apparently you have to be “on” Facebook in order to vote. I have so enjoyed being able to see your page without actually being on Facebook myself, and it never dawned on me that the “poll” wouldn’t be open to the public as well. I am so sorry that I can’t participate. Hope you’re enjoying spring in Kentucky – it hasn’t quite arrived yet here in northern Ohio (so near and yet so far!). Love from your Ohio friend, Sandy
    @Kirren – thanks for the working link to your wonderful video!

  19. Dear Sandy: You only need to register on FB w/ your e`mail address, choose a password, and you may limit or ‘Skip’ all other options. No need to ever use the service again, but it was nice to vote. ~ To Barbara Wood: You were missed and it is good to have you mending and back.

  20. Zenny, you inspire us to do good and donate to such a worthy cause as cancer research. Thank you Zen and to the Zenyatta Lounge for participating.

  21. @Kirren: Finally got to see the video. I cried, of course. It made my selfish heart want to see her race again, to dance in the Winners Circle….What an amazing woman She is. Thanks for the memories, Kirren. Lisa g

  22. @Sandy: I think you will like Facebook give it a chance..don’t like it…get rid of it.

  23. You’re welcome Lisa!

  24. People would do ANYTHING for you, Zenyatta! You are a gift from GOD!! Love you!!!!

  25. Oh my lovely sweet Z; I did not see this post until now, the 21st of April. I was involved I guess with traveling to be with my grandkids at this time. You can contact me anytime, and I would try to do what was done there! I’ve known I have loved you since I saw you, but through you Z I love your team Z for all the other things they do in your behalf. But, sweet Z, it is about loving you and wanting to help. I am late with this message so I don’t think you will ever see it, but I still had to say it!! Love you Z, with a kiss on your soft nose!!

  26. @Sandy; I went to facebook a while ago. But I only entered my name and etc., but when it came to all the other really personal stuff, I never answered. I finally pressed entered. I was entered with very limited info, and I never go to facebook except for Zenyatta. I prefer e-mail. I indicated my high school but not much else!!

  27. I wish I was there to walk/trot for the cause.

  28. Zenyatta, great job of supporting charity. Whoever walked in that walk supported a great cause and helped towards finding a cure for cancer. Congratulations to the ladies of the Zenyatta Lounge. I hope it is doing really well. Keep up the good work, girl.

  29. Zenyatta,what a great charity to support. All the photos were really good. Zenyatta,you keep giving back to your community. You are a Hero to so many off the track as you were on the track.
    Love ya Z, Nan

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