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AND THE WINNER IS…..???? Photo by John Shirreffs

Good Morning Everyone!


It is a wonderful Wednesday morning in Kentucky! All is terrific…but a bit wet. We have had a substantial amount of rain lately in Lexington and I understand Louisville has had their share as well. With all of the Kentucky Derby and Oaks preparations going on in that city now, the rain has even caused some changes in the training schedules for several of the horses. It is supposed to lighten up soon….so HOOVES CROSSED. Dottie did tease me and say that it is sunny and pretty in California right now.

I truly want to thank ALL OF YOU who participated in the contest by either mailing in an entry and / or voting for one of the four contestants. All of the cards were beautifully done and very sweet and emotional to read. As stated in an earlier Diary, right before leaving for the barn this morning, John was going to check his computer at 5 a.m. CA TIME and finalize the WINNER. He did just that!


Wow, Dawn! You really recapped so much of my life. Thank you for all of your thoughtfulness and kind words. I AM SO HAPPY for you! I can’t wait to hear where you place ‘ME’…once I’m settled in at your home in Cedaredge, Colorado.

This contest has been so MUCH FUN! What has been especially meaningful to me is how much I have meant to so many of you. I did realize people really enjoyed watching me DANCE, RACE and TRAIN, however, I did not get the full impact of what my efforts and achievements symbolized to so many of my friends until this contest. I am deeply, deeply touched.

May all of you have a very special day! I know you have really made mine a day to remember.


With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. @ Dawn Conrad, mean’t to say “high-five” in my last statement to you
    @ all; I wish any of those down south affected by these terrible storms well & God’s speed

  2. @Terry Crow, do you have a picture of that afghan somewhere online, it sounds wonderful, I would love to see how the stable colors are worked into it.

  3. Zenyatta- I am so happy you are okay and happy out in your paddock eating that sweet blue grass. I am so glad you and all our friends in KY. wre spared the brunt of the storm. I know it was still a bit rough.I hope you are having a great day. I love you!
    @Sharon Call I am to the north of you in Knoxville Tennessee.We have homes destroyed, flooding, roads blocked but thankfully are all alive in Knoxville. It was the most terrifying night of my life.An entire community was wiped out not even 10 full miles from me in the next County. Tn had multiple tornadoes from F2 to F4 and sadly we have lost 36 souls and tragically that number is expected to rise once they are able to get to some areas. Across the state several barns full of horses were destroyed and all were lost…heartbreaking.To my neighbors in Alabama and all those hit across the South my heart breaks for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. @Terry Crow: I will be watching Dialed In, too, now. Thanks for the comment! :) I have two other friends, Becca and Hannah, who also love horseracing. Hannah is 11, and Becca is 14. We all love Zenyatta. :)

  5. @ Linda in NJ: Glad to hear from another Uncle Mo fan! :D :D :D I am rooting for Zazu in the Oaks, also. What a great name!!! I have a piano recital teh same day as the Kentucky Derby. Arrgh!!! :( :D I think I will be done on time to see it, though. Since I live in GA, of course, I will not have time to drive to KY to see it(LOL! :D) But we will probably be able to see it on TV.

  6. @ Cindy in LA: Yay! yet ANOTHER “Mo” fan!!! :D One of my friends believes he cannot win anymore because of his recent loss, and I am sorry. However, I am glad to hear so many people still like him! Yay! :D Midnight Interlude sounds nice, too. LOVE the name!!! :D

  7. @ Lisa g: I’m with you there. :)

  8. Thank goodness we have heard from our Zenyatta friends in Georgia (Peggy, Paula Higgins, Sharon Call, Anna Wiley, and Cheryl) and in Tennessee (Susan and Kari Bussell), who are all safe, though there is so much tragic loss of life.
    Friends of Zenyatta in Alabama that I’m hoping to hear from are Michelle Cross in Decatur and Brenda Freeman in Mobile (they were numbers 10 and 11 from the 64) and of course our stalwart Amanda Gilliland in Dadeville (and I hope I haven’t left anyone out). We all are praying that nothing worse than a power outage has happened to you in the midst of such terrible devastation. Our thoughts and prayers to all those who have suffered a loss.
    @ Linda E in Ohio—Thanks for the heads-up to check out the “Service Dog to SURFice Dog” video. I googled just like you said, and the link came up right away. I’ll try to post a link in my next comment.
    @Mike and Aaron—Loved your posts from the 27th.
    @Audreyc—Thanks for the great link to Gifted—an amazing story of rescue and recovery. Beautiful!

  9. @ Everyone—The “Service Dog to SURFice Dog” video that Linda E mentioned is truly inspirational—and no worries, nothing bad happens to the dog. She just finds her own way to be of service. I don’t know how to make a link either, but Zenyatta usually does it for me. Here goes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGODurRfVv4

  10. If anyone is excited about the royal wedding tomorrow, here’s a story about the jockey who just may have been the key to Prince William and Kate’s getting back together again after their long break-up. The jockey was also successful earlier this year in riding his mount to an upset victory in the prestigious King George VI Stakes in January. He’s cute, too—England’s answer to Mike Smith, I guess. http://uk.royalwedding.yahoo.com/blogs/meet-william-and-kate%E2%80%99s-matchmaker-6840Meet William and Kate’s matchmaker

  11. congratulations dawn, your beautiful words spoke for so many of us and our feelings for zenyatta. please take a picture of you and #19 to post here!
    zenyatta, beautiful one. stay safe hopefully the storms are all past now..
    BTW i am in lexington with fellow FOB’s for our annual barbaro celebration. wish we could see you, maybe next year:)
    love and hugs

  12. Congrats, Dawn! Must have been a large postcard to hold that many beautiful words.

    So Z Girl, what’s the latest on the dating front?

  13. Congratulations to Dawn! Maybe Dottie can post the details how the rest of us might be able to purchase a bronze?

  14. Congragulations to the winner, I’m from CO. too. But not from the same town. Love you Zenny!

    Love, Tessa number one Zenyatta fan

  15. Congratulations to Dawn Conrad for winning the bronze!!!!!!! You deserve it!!! That bronze is beautiful. It is to be cherished for life.

  16. Congrats to Dawn! I am so envious. Love ya Zenny!

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