Diary Post #232

AND THE WINNER IS…..???? Photo by John Shirreffs

Good Morning Everyone!


It is a wonderful Wednesday morning in Kentucky! All is terrific…but a bit wet. We have had a substantial amount of rain lately in Lexington and I understand Louisville has had their share as well. With all of the Kentucky Derby and Oaks preparations going on in that city now, the rain has even caused some changes in the training schedules for several of the horses. It is supposed to lighten up soon….so HOOVES CROSSED. Dottie did tease me and say that it is sunny and pretty in California right now.

I truly want to thank ALL OF YOU who participated in the contest by either mailing in an entry and / or voting for one of the four contestants. All of the cards were beautifully done and very sweet and emotional to read. As stated in an earlier Diary, right before leaving for the barn this morning, John was going to check his computer at 5 a.m. CA TIME and finalize the WINNER. He did just that!


Wow, Dawn! You really recapped so much of my life. Thank you for all of your thoughtfulness and kind words. I AM SO HAPPY for you! I can’t wait to hear where you place ‘ME’…once I’m settled in at your home in Cedaredge, Colorado.

This contest has been so MUCH FUN! What has been especially meaningful to me is how much I have meant to so many of you. I did realize people really enjoyed watching me DANCE, RACE and TRAIN, however, I did not get the full impact of what my efforts and achievements symbolized to so many of my friends until this contest. I am deeply, deeply touched.

May all of you have a very special day! I know you have really made mine a day to remember.


With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. P.S.
    your buddy Mike Smith will ride, Twinspired, in the Derby
    GO MIKE GO :) :) :)

  2. Zenny, my beautiful girl. That lucky person to win your bronze statue. I wish it were me! Love you Zenny. Yes its Derby time. What a w i d e open field. We shall see. The likes of you are not there. I guess i`m spoiled by your perfection.. Love You. Big hugs and Kisses. :-)

  3. Dear Queen-Z & Team-Z,
    Glad to hear you’re keeping well and dry.
    Interest is moving from “The Queen” to a Prince and Princess’ Wedding, this week,
    then back to Kentucky and the crowning of
    the 3-Year-Old Prince and Princess of the Horseracing Kingdom, in 9 days!! Such exciting times!
    Thanks for keeping your fans in touch…I
    love to read about your life. Congrats to Dawn.
    Hugs to you all. Fondly, OraJean

  4. Good Evening Queen Z. Congrats to Dawn! I am so happy to hear your fine. The weather I hear has been awful and I have been so concerned for you and everyone that has been affected by this strange weather pattern.

    With Derby around the corner, I hope things begin to dry out. Looking forward to making my frozen Mint Julieps! (Secret receipe from a native Kentuckian)

    What a glorious day it was in California. Had to drive down south today and always get a little melancholy passing the Hollywood Park Exit knowing we will never watch you race again. So Sad, but honestly I am glad your safe. I was recently at Santa Anita and during the race a beautiful horse broke down and they had to euthanize him right on the race track. It was horrific and something I will never forget. I sat there thinking THANK GOODNESS YOU ARE OKAY AND SAFE. Kudos to all your connections in keeping you in tip top shape and healthly! It takes an awful lot to keep a horse fit and in good form for all those years.

    Looking forward to all the excitement next week! Happy Derby Day

    Hugs and Kisses

  5. Goodnite Sweet “Z”, so grateful to have checked in and read so many heart-warming comments tonight after a long day.

    Laura J., so nice of you to take the time to explain the naming of horses to Amanda and all of us who do not know these intricate details. It is refreshing my memory, for my father took the time last Thanksgiving to explain this to me and I appreciated it so much. I believe he also said that you cannot name a horse after a person living or deceased without permission in writing from the Jockey Club. Please correct me if I am wrong, but he gave the example that you cannot name a horse “Thomas Jefferson.” This dates back many years; and I cannot remember all he said but it would be a treat if we received a Post from “Z” on this subject matter. The historical details are very interesting.

    Shari V. So good to hear your voice and I would like to send the other poster of Zenyatta alone for your classroom. She could be the angel watching over…

  6. Congratulations Dawn! I’m very happy for you!

    To all the Final Four, your words were all so moving. I’m grateful that I got to read such special emotions.

    Dottie and all of Team Z and Barn 55: Thank you for all your hard work on the contest and for offering it to us. It was a lot of fun. I know you all have many other things to do and I really appreciate your time and thoughtfulness in making a bronze available to Z’s adoring fans and putting the contest together. None of what you do is at all required but it is so very appreciated and meaningful. All my love to all of you!

    Dear Lady Z: Words can never express my love and admiration for you. I have your pictures everywhere and thoughts of you continually make me smile. Though I wasn’t lucky enough to win your bronze, I’ve made arrangements to purchase one for my husband for our anniversary. I know he will be beyond speechless. He is quite the “strong & quiet type” but when it comes to you, he’s all mush! Love and horsey nuzzles!

  7. Excuse me?! Frozen Mint Juleps from a secret recipe from Kentucky! Sorry Jackie but you do not get off the hook so easily. Out with the recipe! Come on, this is Zenyatta’s website. Be a giver and share with us. I promise I will call it Jackies Mint Julips :)

  8. @Amanda in alabama my prayers are sent your way. Hope you escaped the bad weather. Let us know. So sorry for the ones that lost there lives. I’m right next door in Ga. Just heard it on the news. All are in my prayers. Peggy

  9. Don’t want to get nostalgic, but when I was at the Kentucky Derby last Nov. 7 to see Zenyatta, I was fortunate enough to have an Old Fashioned at Maker’s Mark across from the Sealbach hotel where I was staying. It was outstanding and I watched Mike give his heartfelt speech on t.v. and he was such a gentleman and a Prince! He loves that horse more than words can say. There was no mistaking his love for Zenyatta. My mind was at ease and even though we traveled 13 hours and stayed three days and spent alot of money to see her win, she still won and he won in our eyes. And yes, Blame, you won too. Sometimes, were all just winners. Congrats Dawn to you today!

  10. by the way, Mike Smith is not holding a postcard…it looks as if he is holding a list of the 64 contestants.

  11. Congratulations, Dawn. How exciting! To all in the running – I enjoyed reading each one; all were very heartfelt.

  12. It is 1 a.m. in Georgia and I am sitting up until the tornadoes have passed. As bad as Ga. was hit, it was nothing compared to Alabama. Amanda I hope you are o.k. and anyone else who lives there. My thoughts are with everyone there. It’s been the worst outbreak in the 33 years I have lived in Georgia.

  13. Peggy and Paula,

    Thank you, I too am going to bed with a prayer in my heart and the news on. God bless you and Amanda too!

  14. A hearty congratulations, Dawn. Your entry was heartfelt and really expressed all of our love for Zenny. I’m sure you will cherish the bronze. It is beautiful.

  15. Really cool and uplifting. “Gifted”, aka “Dyna King” the son of Dynaformer, Not the brother of Barbaro, as from a different dam. But, at this point, who cares? This racehorse, beautifully bred, experienced the “downward spiral”, thrown away to die at “dogpatch” – homeless, sans food, water, anything, and saved at his eleventh hour, has, well, tremendous heart! What an inspiration!


  16. @Vicki, I liked your post, too. And you’re welcome!

  17. Dear Amanda,

    Prayerfully awaiting your next post…God bless you and all your loved ones. I hope you are all safe and well..I too am keeping CNN on until this is over. You are in our thoughts and hearts tonight.

  18. Congratulations Dawn. All four of the cards were wonderful in their own way, but yours said it all so much better than I could have expressed. Thank you for capturing the essence of Z. Beautiful job.

  19. @DJ, re: naming a horse aftera real person, here are the Jockey Club rules:

    6. Names of living persons unless written permission to use their name is on file with The Jockey Club;

    7. Names of persons no longer living unless approval is granted by The Jockey Club based upon a satisfactory written explanation submitted to the Registrar.

    Chris Evert, the dam of Six Crowns metioned in my earlier post, was named after the tennis star with her permission. That’s one example. There was a famous champion, George Washington, foaled in Ireland (but he may have been named under Irish rules). “Mary Tudor” has been used in several countries, including the U.S. There has also been a Thomas Jefferson. “Anne of Cleves” is currently in use. So you can use historical names, but you have to justify their use.

  20. @Erin: Thank you, good post.
    @Anna Wiley: Gots to Love The Mo
    @Vicki: Great post.

  21. Ms Zenyatta, good, beautiful morning to you. I hope there will be a post again today, I know you are busy, but I am keeping my hooves crossed for news and new pics. I love you, Big Girl…Lisa g

  22. Prayers to all in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.

  23. Dearest Zenyatta,
    Congratulations to the winner of your bronze–way to go Dawn!

    I’m also very glad that this contest has shown you just a tiny amount of the love and affection that people feel for you. Each day you inspire me, Queen!

    I’d like to know if Charles has taken your temperature lately, because I’m certain by now that you have derby fever! I certainly do. I have two sentimental favorites running, but as we all know, anything can happen in the Kentucky Derby. That’s what makes it so exciting.

    Glad to hear you’re not completely flooded and hopefully the sun will be shining down on your beautiful coat these next few days.

    Love and hugs to you, dear Z,

  24. Congratulations, Dawn! What a tremendous treat to have Zenny in your home! Zenny, please take some real deep breaths and blow some of your rain over to us in New Mexico. Our horses here are ‘dusty, dusty’! Love to you, Z and to your wonderful family in CA.

  25. Congratulations Dawn. Well deserved. With all the crazy weather we have been having I was concerned for you and all your friends out there in KY. There were a lot of anxious fans when we did not hear from you for a week. So relieved to know you are well and safe.
    Love hugs and kisses

  26. Of all days to lose internet connection, it was YESTERDAY! So happy for you, Dawn! I don’t know how you were able to work after getting the news! Thank you to Team Z for having such a stupendous contest- we are all so lucky!! Zenny: so glad to hear from you! Glad you are safe and hanging out with your BFF’s.Will have to read thru all the posts and catch up. Hope EVERYONE is safe after all the terrible storms. Love to all-

  27. Dear Zenyatta I hope all the bad weather has passed and you and ALL the horses and people are safe at LE. I am praying for the people in Alabama and Paula in Georgia. Her post was breaking my heart. This morning we had high winds and I was so scared. I can’t imagine what others are going through.
    I wanted to tell you that I brought the picture “Racing Royalty” to school and the children were amazed by the picture and the Jockey’s signature. The adults here also thought it was so special :) Queen Z to have you and Secretariat in the same picture just blows me away. I also wanted to share with you about one of my students. She made me a beautiful card and told me that she feels like we are a family in this class because we do things together like make cards for Zenyatta and Uncle Mo. That made me feel so good. The children made Good Luck cards for Mo which I am mailing this morning to Churchill. This was their idea. In some of the cards they want you Queen Z to start dating Mo. That is to cute:) They said Uncle Mo and Aunt Zenyatta. Well sweet girl I pray you get some Kentucky sunshine today. We love you from Shari and Homeroom 215 XXXOOO

  28. @Dawn Conrad-I am so happy for you! I always look forward to reading your positive posts. Your love for Zenyatta shines thru your writings.
    @Christine in Va-from one animal lover to another, thank you for keeping us updated on the 3 eaglets.
    @Dani-thank you for always posting links! I remember Rags to Riches and look forward to knowing more about Eblouissante. Word is she is special. Have you heard when she is going to John for training?
    @Kari Bussell-enjoyed Shirreff’s training video. Some impressive riding by Isabelle.

    I am not computer savy, so I do not know how to post links. There is a wonderful, inspirational video on youtube with over 3 million views. Type in Service dog to surf-ice dog. Just don’t forget the Kleenex. A very feel good video. Maybe someone can post the link…

  29. @Paula Higgins. I, too, live in GA just north of Atlanta and I was dumbstruck with the weather coming across from Alabama. I’ve lived here since 1969 and I, too, have never seen anything like this. It was one of the scariest things weatherwise I’ve ever seen.
    @Amanda Gilliland. Let us know that you’re OK. I don’t know where you live in AL but it didn’t look like there were many areas spared last night. Hope you came through it all right.

  30. Congratulations DAWN!! So happy for you. Thanks again Dottie and Team, this was a wonderful and generous contest.

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