Diary Post #232

AND THE WINNER IS…..???? Photo by John Shirreffs

Good Morning Everyone!


It is a wonderful Wednesday morning in Kentucky! All is terrific…but a bit wet. We have had a substantial amount of rain lately in Lexington and I understand Louisville has had their share as well. With all of the Kentucky Derby and Oaks preparations going on in that city now, the rain has even caused some changes in the training schedules for several of the horses. It is supposed to lighten up soon….so HOOVES CROSSED. Dottie did tease me and say that it is sunny and pretty in California right now.

I truly want to thank ALL OF YOU who participated in the contest by either mailing in an entry and / or voting for one of the four contestants. All of the cards were beautifully done and very sweet and emotional to read. As stated in an earlier Diary, right before leaving for the barn this morning, John was going to check his computer at 5 a.m. CA TIME and finalize the WINNER. He did just that!


Wow, Dawn! You really recapped so much of my life. Thank you for all of your thoughtfulness and kind words. I AM SO HAPPY for you! I can’t wait to hear where you place ‘ME’…once I’m settled in at your home in Cedaredge, Colorado.

This contest has been so MUCH FUN! What has been especially meaningful to me is how much I have meant to so many of you. I did realize people really enjoyed watching me DANCE, RACE and TRAIN, however, I did not get the full impact of what my efforts and achievements symbolized to so many of my friends until this contest. I am deeply, deeply touched.

May all of you have a very special day! I know you have really made mine a day to remember.


With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. @ Vicky – nice post – best wished to you!
    @ AudreyC – thanks for posting Gifted lates video. He is getting way strong and Heart of Tuscon are doing such a great job with all the horses and with updates every few days!
    @ Zenny – sending you hugs and kisses!
    Cute article about Uncle Mo, Uncle Martin and Aunt Isabel:)

  2. @ sorry for the typos in my last post! It was a long night with tax-forms lol

  3. Wow, Z, missed hearing from you. So glad you are doing well. Yes it is nice and sunny in CA. Congrats to the winner of the contest. I am sure that she is thrilled. You have a great day Z. I didn’t see your post until this morning. Have a wonderful day and stay out of the rain! xxoo

  4. FIRST – Zenny, Glad your back with a new post. Hurray! Adding my Congrats to Dawn. Lucky, Lucky, Lucky. @ Anna – Hi honey, good to see younger readers here. My Derby pick – Toby’s Corner – no valid reason – I just like him. and Zazu in the Oaks. @ Deneen – It rains cats & dogs in Pennsylvania too!. . . We claim the phrase. @ Jackie – Secret Recipe!? Don’t make me send the “Bush Bean’s Dog” to your garden party! Just cough it up. Last but certainly not least – Prayers for safety and restoration to Amanda & all our neighbors in the South faced with putting there lives & communities back together. LOVE – HOPE – BLESSINGS

  5. Dearest Sweet “Z”,

    Thank you for all of the good moments you have given and the good friends made because of them. Enjoy your friends and treats today! I’ll let you know how Cloud Man does, but I’m sure your team will tell you first :) hopefully that’s 1st.
    Thank you Laura J. That is exactly how my father was explaining it to me. Also about the Irish rules as well. It is all so very interesting.
    And Shari V. That is so funny and Too Cute about the children wishing Uncle Mo and Aunt Zenyatta could be together. I like the thought that their little one could be named “Mo-yatta”..just what we always need, more Zenyatta!
    So hoping to hear from you today Amanda+

  6. Congrats to Dawn! Dear Z, how are you feeling? I sure hope the weather was not as severe in your area as it was in mine or our neighbors in Alabama and Tennessee. We have not heard much news about you lately, is your health good? We worry when we do not hear anything. Take care beautiful one, We love you!

  7. p.s. Just saw ‘your’ Mikey is aboard Sarbonne this Saturday in the 7th…good luck to him and your sparring partner.

  8. @ Mike in Ca…I agree with your comments about Mike SMith’s affection for Zenyatta.
    They were probably one of the greatest “jockey/horse” team in horse racing history, in the sense of encompassing physical, emotional and spiritual strenght. I think Mike stated once in an interview…the Zenyatta would do anything he asked of her…I beleive that there was a lot of love and respect exchanged between the two of them and that is why they were so successful.
    Glad to read all of the wonderful comments.
    Love you Zenyatta…hope you are safe from all of the bad weather in KY…
    My heart goes out to all of those in Texas, Arkansas, Georgia and other places.

  9. Sweet Z, I had the best surprise this morning; hearing from you!! Sure have missed you. Again, thankyou and your team Z for such generosity giving the grand #19 bronze prize; for all that you do for us. I love you more than I can express. Stay dry and safe and have fun. Love with a kiss on your soft nose.
    @Dawn Conrad: A Rocky Mountain “high” to you being the winner. Did you get a phone call? that must have been a thrill!!
    @LauraG thanks for the interesting post on rules on naming horses.
    @ all who shared the links today – enjoyed

  10. To Robin S – your comments said it all for me so thank you for your words! I’ll just add one comment to Vicki, nice post, and for me your postcard was simple and to the point in what you experienced with Zenyatta. This mirrored my experience and her how Zenyatta’s spirit gave me the “medicine” I needed! Looking in her eyes, it was if she was telling you “all be good”! So I hope your doing well…Thank you!

  11. Congratulations, Dawn! Good job. Queen Z, I miss you. I hope everything is OK with you. Hugs and kisses. I love you!

  12. @Anna-Horse racing could use more young fans such as yourself. As for the Derby, I feel that track conditions will play a big part. As of right now, my choice is Dialed In. @Peggy-My wife and I were in attendance at Santa Anita recently when Penny Chenery ws there to give the Vox Populi award, a new one designed to honor the people’s choice. This was the first time it was awarded so naturally it went to Zenyatta. Also present were the Mosses. It was announced before hand that Ms. Chenery and the Mosses would be available for autographs. My wife had been knitting an afghan for Ann Moss in the color of her stable and wished to give it to her at that time. I was somewhat dubious about this, but agreed to accompany her. Well, it was as I first feared, with hundreds of people lined up. I gave up and went out to watch the races. My wife persevered, however, and told me that she, too was ready to give up when the Mosses and Ms. Chenery went out to the track for the official ceremony. She asked the guard to give the afghan to Mrs. Moss. The guard returned immediately and told her to wait, telling her that she would be taken care of. She certainly was. The Mosses and Ms. Chenery came back and she was able to have a picture taken with them and the afghan and a good time was had by all. Ms. Chenery also autographed my wife’s book of Kentucky Derby Winners on the pages for Riva Ridge and Secretariat and the Mosses autographed the page for Giacomo. These people are a class act.

  13. Laura J – love your informational posts. One thing I don’t know much about is the weights given to each horse and how it is determined. So if Dottie or you can put that on a list of “teaching” time, I would love it! I have many other subjects but this could become a FULL TIME JOB for someone!!

  14. Terry Crow – what a great story!! Just another confirmation of the wonderful people that surround Zenyatta!! Eyes watering again…

  15. Congratulations! Dawn Conrad-I am so very Happy for you. I left you a message on the last Diary post to congratulate you I hope you saw it. Forever more when you are having a bad day all you will have to do is look at that statue and it will somehow seem better.
    Thank you to all friends though Zenyatta who stayed up and on-line and held my hand in spirit yesterday literally from 4:00pm until 1:00am while I was alone in my basement with 2 terrified dogs under endless non stop Tornado Warnings I will be forever grateful and never forget it~
    Zenyatta even in the face of tragedy you are responsible for so many miracles of Kindness around the world. You precious Queen make the world a better place. I will love you always.
    @ Mary and DJ A very heartfelt thank you to you both for your kind words.
    @ Linda E-Thank you I will look for it now.
    @ Amanda Gilliand I am worried please let us know you are okay.
    To Zenyatta friends in the south please let us know you are okay.

  16. Hi Zenny Girlfriend!
    11/22/07; 12/15/07; 1/13/08; 4/5/08 (2 days after your 4th b’day); 5/31/08; 7/5/08; 8/2/08 (my first face-to-face meeting with you at the Del Mar paddock, post #8!!); 9/27/08 (my wedding anniversary!); 10/24/08; 5/23/09; 6/27/09; 8/9/09; 10/10/09 (I got to stand in the winner’s circle with YOU and my first poster “Queen Zenyatta”! It was also 2 days after my b’day); 11/7/09 (This was the first time I CRIED after your win, but crying became my MO thereafter!); 3/13/10; 4/9/10 (I got to visit you ~ for the first time ~ at Barn 55 two days before you flew to Arkansas; 6/13/10; 8/7/10; 10/2/10; and 11/6/10! :-)
    Many, many more memories. I will try to share on a later posting. :-)
    If I could put 20 hearts here I would. You live in my heart, Queen, and always will.
    p.s. Seeing “your” Mikey at the track, keeps you close to us! And, of course, seeing the Mosses silks help, too!

  17. Sincere congratulations to Dawn for your incredibly-written sentiments that so aptly paid homage to Lady Z. Your exquisite testimonial evoked incredible feelings, I’m sure, in all Zenyatta lovers and so well articulated what she means to all of us. Congratulations again!

  18. Sharon Call, DJ, Kari Bussel, and everyone who thought of us, thank you so much. It has been one scary night. I am worried about Amanda. It is horrific in Alabama right now. But the power is out for 1 million people and I am hoping that is the only reason we haven’t heard from her. Sharon you were in the worst path of the tornadoes weren’t you? I was up until 2 a.m. (I am off work this week on vacation) watching the alerts on t.v. I have been in Georgia 33 years and have never seen anything like this. The loss of life is heartbreaking. My prayers are with everyone who lost loved ones. I am so glad the tornadoes didn’t hit Kentucky.

  19. Congratulations, Dawn !!
    I hope & pray everyone is safe after the storms that rolled through our area last night. Say a prayer for those who lost family members.
    I hope you are having a Beautiful Day, Miss Zenyatta. Do you have any favorites for the Derby next week?? How about “Stay Thirsty” who is a son of Bernardini ??
    I hear “Team Secretariat” will be at the Kentucky Derby!!

  20. @ Paula Higgins ~
    My friend, I’m happy to read you’ve survived your weather, thus far! God bless you and your family XO

  21. Oooh, Z! You’re BACK!!! Whew! Worried about you and all your pals of the four and two legged kind at LE during the horrible weather you’ve had the last couple of weeks. I expect that when you have ventured into your paddock you have had mud baths instead of dirt baths. May you be safe, secure and warm. Don’t worry about the “love” part because you have all your family and tons of us to take care of that.
    Thanks to Dottie for being your voice. We are all pretty much Zenyatta “junkies”. As you can tell, you set us into a panic if we don’t get any news for a day or two. We shouldn’t. I hope that Easter weekend provided some quality family time for your human family.
    @Dawn, your heartfelt words were eloquent. Kudos and Congrats.
    @Everyone, I still think Mike is hot (and I am old enough to be his mother, doting aunt, you get the picture). Somehow he too would make a great “bronze”. Contest anyone????!!!

  22. Dear Paula,

    So glad you are doing well! I am off to SA and believe me, heart is not in it…been watching the devastation on the news all morning. Will be thinking of our dear friend Amanda until we have word that she is alright. I like to hope “no news is good news” and it is a power outage.
    Amanda: A few posts back, you professed your faith in your God, then you expressed your love for your friends here, and finally what Zenyatta meant to you. Thank you, I am proud to be included in your “Z” friends. May “Z” be pulling you up in your thoughts today! God bless you Alabama.

  23. Hello Z hope you are happy and well.

    I wonder what Chantal thinks about a lot of us wanting to raffle Mikey.

    Also I am DIALED IN for the Derby!!!!!!!

    ZAZU for the Oaks, I just love grey horses especially out of TAPIT.

  24. Congratulations Dawn!! I thought you had it won hands down. What you wrote was beautiful. Thanks for speaking for so many of us.

  25. congrats to dawn, you are very lucky. i really thought that you wrote a beautiful tribute about zenyatta, but i can’t figure out how you were able to get all of that on a post card???????? i was able to get just a couple of sentences on the one’s that i sent. you all mentioned some great points about our girl. she is truly one of a kind. maybe we all can get our hands on some photos of the bronze. it was a fun competition. stay well Zenyatta. marsha

  26. @Paula Higgins, Cheryl (in Georgia). I was so lucky that the same storm system that caused so much damage in AL came through GA and went just north of me. All I got was a little lightening and some rain. Paula and Cheryl, where are you in GA?
    My childhood friend lives in Huntsville AL and I talked to her just a while ago. The power plant that servies North Alabama is down completely. Their power went out yesterday morning around 2:30 and is supposed to be out another 5 to 7 days. One of her daughters has gathered up gas cans and has to drive to TN to buy gas. Gas pumps are electric. They have no power, Internet, traffic lights, etc. The grocery stores in the area are letting people in 1 at a time and, of course, there is no produce. NASA and Redstone Arsenal are closed down completely. Hospitals and nursing homes are operating on generators. My friend and her husband are cooking meals on their grill. There is also a dawn to dusk curfew to try to curtail looting. What a nightmare for these people but, all in all, not as bad as Tuscaloosa and Birmingham and all points in between and in Georgia along the western state line bordering AL. I am really, really lucky and I hope you other posters in AL and GA are doing OK.

  27. @Amanda Gilliland. Wish we could hear from you and know that you are all right. Please let us hear from you as soon as you can.

  28. @Kari Bussel. Where are you? Are you in AL or GA? I signed off my computer pretty early yesterday and pulled the plug on it. I didn’t want to take a chance on a lightening strike that might fry it or I would have joined the other folks holding hands over the Internet to get through the night. Even though I was in a relatively “safe” place, I was watching on TV the path that one particular tornado took and it was more than scary. Me and my cat huddled on the couch and hoped everything would be OK. I thought about the unfortunate animals that had no shelter last night and would be looking for any kind of a safe place they could find. I wish I was enormously rich and had a huge place. I would give as many of them as I could a place to call home. Since I’m none of those things, I try to give as much as I can to rescue groups and now, because of Zenyatta, I also give to places like Old Friends. It’s all about sharing and never giving up.

  29. Congratulations Dawn!! Love You Lots Zenny. Love and Kisses

  30. Dawn, Congratulations on winning the bronze. Your entree was beautiful! Very touching. And thanks to everyone who put into words what all of us are feeling…you’ve all done a yeoman’s job of describing the indescribable…Love to all, especially to Z. Love, Jean.

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