Diary Post #233

Oh, this Kentucky Blue Grass! It is FABULOUS! Photo from John Shirreffs’ Collection

Happy, Happy Thursday to Everyone!

This is a very exciting day for several reasons! First of all, I am getting some fun visitors from the 60 Minutes Crew! They did such a great segment on ME when I was at Barn 55. Their staff came and spent a complete week with John, MYSELF, and all of My Team. Now they are coming out to Lane’s End to get some current footage of ME for a follow-up piece. This will be fun!

My paddock mates and I will all be looking TOO CUTE for them! David has been speaking with their offices to help get it all organized. I’ll let you know when 60 Minutes is going to air this piece. I’ve heard…it could be this Sunday…but I’ll find out more once everyone is at the farm with ME!

On another note, I want to THANK ALL OF YOU FOR ASKING ABOUT ME in your comments and responses! At this moment, everything in my life is moving right along perfectly. I’m in terrific shape, extremely healthy and very happy. I’ll keep you posted as time goes along…but at this moment I could not be better! BLUSH, BLUSH!

Also, as the Kentucky Oaks is getting closer, my friend, ZAZU, looks like she will be coming to KY to participate in this race. She will work again over the weekend…and if all is A-OK, she will then be on the plane and coming for the OAKS. This also means I’ll get to spend some fun times with Ann, Jerry and Dottie. They will be coming to town. I’m so EXCITED!

As for the business side of ME, I have alerted NINA KAISER (our sculptor) to have #19 ready to go for Dawn Conrad, our contest winner. I know Dottie will be calling her soon to get all of the postal particulars so the BRONZED ME can be sent safely to her!

Whew! Now that I have taken care of my business matters for the day….I’m off to exercise and play in the paddock with my friends. YIPPEE!

Have a wonderful day!

With love,
Hugs to ALL~


  1. Queen Z, thanks for the wonderful info. I cannot hardly wait for 60 Minutes to air their follow up on you. We love you Zenny. Have fun outside.

  2. @Trina Nagel: Thank you so much!!!!!!!

  3. Zenyatta, you are very fortunate that the 60 Minutes crew is doing another piece on you. When I find out when it’s aired, I will watch it. The more people who know about you, the better. Once again, Dawn Conrad is one lucky person winning that bronze. That’s something that everyone, myself included, should aspire to. I am happy to hear that you are doing well and I hope that you are in foal again real soon. Keep up the good work!

  4. Zen, I loved seeing you on 60 minutes….watched you over and over again on my computer…I can’t ever get enough of seeing you..You aways make me feel better. Jean.

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