Diary Post #233

Oh, this Kentucky Blue Grass! It is FABULOUS! Photo from John Shirreffs’ Collection

Happy, Happy Thursday to Everyone!

This is a very exciting day for several reasons! First of all, I am getting some fun visitors from the 60 Minutes Crew! They did such a great segment on ME when I was at Barn 55. Their staff came and spent a complete week with John, MYSELF, and all of My Team. Now they are coming out to Lane’s End to get some current footage of ME for a follow-up piece. This will be fun!

My paddock mates and I will all be looking TOO CUTE for them! David has been speaking with their offices to help get it all organized. I’ll let you know when 60 Minutes is going to air this piece. I’ve heard…it could be this Sunday…but I’ll find out more once everyone is at the farm with ME!

On another note, I want to THANK ALL OF YOU FOR ASKING ABOUT ME in your comments and responses! At this moment, everything in my life is moving right along perfectly. I’m in terrific shape, extremely healthy and very happy. I’ll keep you posted as time goes along…but at this moment I could not be better! BLUSH, BLUSH!

Also, as the Kentucky Oaks is getting closer, my friend, ZAZU, looks like she will be coming to KY to participate in this race. She will work again over the weekend…and if all is A-OK, she will then be on the plane and coming for the OAKS. This also means I’ll get to spend some fun times with Ann, Jerry and Dottie. They will be coming to town. I’m so EXCITED!

As for the business side of ME, I have alerted NINA KAISER (our sculptor) to have #19 ready to go for Dawn Conrad, our contest winner. I know Dottie will be calling her soon to get all of the postal particulars so the BRONZED ME can be sent safely to her!

Whew! Now that I have taken care of my business matters for the day….I’m off to exercise and play in the paddock with my friends. YIPPEE!

Have a wonderful day!

With love,
Hugs to ALL~


  1. Great to hear from you! Always so worried about you, especially during severe weather.

  2. Hi Zenny!

    I can’t wait until the 60 minutes follow up. You are TOO CUTE and you always brighten my day. :)

  3. Beautiful Zenyatta, I saw the first 60 minutes piece and am extremely excited about watching the follow-up piece on you! YAY! Glad all is well with you!

  4. Oh my! Was I number one to post? LOL

  5. I think I was. Now why does that make me happy. :) To be the first response to a horse’s diary. LOL Love you, Z!! ;)

  6. I can’t wait to see the 60 Minutes piece. Enjoy that Kentucky bluegrass today! XOXOXO

  7. Love You Big Sweet Zenny..peppermint kisses to you XXXxxXXXxxxXXXx !!!!

  8. Does anyone know the status on whether Zenyatta will be bred again this year??

  9. So glad you are enjoying the bluegrass and feeling great! I have adopted a shelter dog (that was on death row) and named her Zenny. She has a sweet nature just like you!

  10. wow, i got what I asked for…a picture of you grazing in the grass <3 Love you Z.

  11. Ohhh the 60 minutes piece sounds so awesome. What a great surprise, it will be amazing to see some new footage of you!

    Good luck to zazu in the oaks. It would be nice to see both Zazu and Joyful Victory run 1-2, have to love the light grey horses.

  12. are you high and dry in ky?? its wet as the dickens here in oh. water, water, everywhere and lots to spare.from n.w. ohio glad to hear all is well with you, i haven t been able to check-in as much as i like. looking forward to 60 min. piece, really enjoyed the last one.

  13. Hi Zenyatta, glad to hear you are doing well and finally getting to eat some beautiful Blue Grass instead of snow. I can’t wait for the 60 Minutes piece…I loved the last one. We miss you and send you Hugs and Kisses from CA xoxoxo!! :)
    We love you,

  14. Hi Zenyatta!

    Nice to hear from you!! Yes, # 19 is ready to go. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of this fun contest. I also want to thank your other fans who have ordered the sculpture, many of whose names I recognize from this website. They all want to call and talk about YOU! Zenyatta lovers are the nicest people.
    So thanks to you and Dottie and all.
    Miss you!


  15. Wonderful! Will be looking forward to 60 minutes:) So glad to hear that you are feeling fabulous :)Best of luck to Zazu!

  16. Zenny, it is great to hear from you! I miss you when I don’t get my daily fix. I love keeping tabs on you and knowing that you are so happy! Can’t wait for the piece on 60 Minutes!
    I love you,

  17. Wonderful news about 60 minutes! Can’t wait to see you again prancing around with your gal pals.

    Good luck Zazu! Hugs and kisses!

  18. Is there any news on when you will be bred again? :) Love you Z!

  19. Can’t wait to see the 60 Mins show about you – I need me some Lady Z – I’m taking off from work to watch the Oaks so I’ll be cheering for Zazu & wishing everyone a safe trip to the finish line …

  20. hi Z! soooooooo happy to hear that you’re happy, healthy and blush!blush! things couldn’t be better! How exciting about Zazu, I’ll be happy if she’s in the Oaks! love you beautiful girl, enjoy that KY blue grass!!! xoxoxo

  21. Thats good Zenny, go and have fun with your stablemates, enjoy your life. Love you Zenny

  22. Dear Queen Zenny!!
    Now that I read about the 60 Minutes sequel, I’m getting really excited, girl friend!!! We finally get to “visit” you via TV ;-)
    I’m sure your beauty hasn’t diminished nor your adorable personality and charisma!!!!!! I will share this info with ALL of my friends (non-horse followers included!!) They’ve learned about you because I just LOVE to SHARE your life with EVERYONE!!! You are TOO CUTE!!
    p.s. I will be sure to follow ZAZU’s progress!! :-) God bless her and keep her safe. XO

  23. Z, you have so many visitors except for us fans. WHEN can we come and visit???

  24. Dearest, Zenyatta. So wonderful to hear from you, beautiful. How exciting for you and the girls that 60 Minutes will be visiting. We have been waiting for the follow-up to their previous piece and are so looking forward to seeing it. Thank you for taking care of the shipment of my #19 bronze. You are so efficient. Dottie did call me! It was absolutely amazing to hear her voice. What a fabulous women. I asked how everyone was doing, especially you. I am very glad that you are so happy and healthy. I have to admit, I actually got a little teary toward the end of the conversation, when she was telling me how very special the bronze was. It all means so much!! I am going to be contacting Nina to give her a big thank you from me. I have been following Zazu and could not be happier that she is heading for Kentucky. They said some very good things about her on the Bloodhorse video presentation for the Oaks. Enjoy your exercise and play. Sweet dreams. Hugs and kisses. XXXOOO

  25. So glad you are doing great, we know that everyone is taking great care of you and love you!!! Wish we would come see you!!!!

  26. OH YEAH!!!!! Good Luck to Zazu!!!!!!! Will be cheering for her May 6!!!!

  27. You are so cute Z. I am so happy that you are so happy. Wow, 60 Minutes, again! That is so neat, and I can’t wait to see it on TV. You are such a special girl! Oh, my, it will be so nice to have your family visit. That is going to be so very special! Have a wonderful day! xxoo

  28. @ Nina! I forgot to acknowledge you… I’m so happy you are getting so many request for Zenny’s statue! I know a few peeps who ordered ~ lucky girls!

  29. Ms Zenyatta, you look absolutely beautiful grazing the old blue grass, ummm nummmy. I still have the original 6o Minutes, cannot wait to see this one. Am I to read between the lines here…at this you could be be better, blush, blush…could the blush, blush have anything to do with Prince Bernardini? How cool is it that Nina Kaiser could find time to post on your site, and let us know about Dawn’s #19. Have fun exercising and playing, so very excited and happy to see this post today…I love you, Big Girl…Lisa g

  30. Hello Z glad to hear that you are doing well and looking forward to the 60 minutes show to see you again.

    I am DIALED IN for the Derby!!!!!!!

    Also ZAZU for the Oaks, I love grey horses especially out of TAPIT.

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