Diary Post #233

Oh, this Kentucky Blue Grass! It is FABULOUS! Photo from John Shirreffs’ Collection

Happy, Happy Thursday to Everyone!

This is a very exciting day for several reasons! First of all, I am getting some fun visitors from the 60 Minutes Crew! They did such a great segment on ME when I was at Barn 55. Their staff came and spent a complete week with John, MYSELF, and all of My Team. Now they are coming out to Lane’s End to get some current footage of ME for a follow-up piece. This will be fun!

My paddock mates and I will all be looking TOO CUTE for them! David has been speaking with their offices to help get it all organized. I’ll let you know when 60 Minutes is going to air this piece. I’ve heard…it could be this Sunday…but I’ll find out more once everyone is at the farm with ME!

On another note, I want to THANK ALL OF YOU FOR ASKING ABOUT ME in your comments and responses! At this moment, everything in my life is moving right along perfectly. I’m in terrific shape, extremely healthy and very happy. I’ll keep you posted as time goes along…but at this moment I could not be better! BLUSH, BLUSH!

Also, as the Kentucky Oaks is getting closer, my friend, ZAZU, looks like she will be coming to KY to participate in this race. She will work again over the weekend…and if all is A-OK, she will then be on the plane and coming for the OAKS. This also means I’ll get to spend some fun times with Ann, Jerry and Dottie. They will be coming to town. I’m so EXCITED!

As for the business side of ME, I have alerted NINA KAISER (our sculptor) to have #19 ready to go for Dawn Conrad, our contest winner. I know Dottie will be calling her soon to get all of the postal particulars so the BRONZED ME can be sent safely to her!

Whew! Now that I have taken care of my business matters for the day….I’m off to exercise and play in the paddock with my friends. YIPPEE!

Have a wonderful day!

With love,
Hugs to ALL~


  1. Thank you, ALL, for your kind words and prayers for us affected by the storms.

    Zenny- so grateful you are safe and sound!
    happy horsey dreams, sweet girl.

  2. Hey Amanda, I hope you’re alright.

  3. @Susan in Tn, Where in Tn. do you live?
    I’m in Knox.Tn.

  4. My Sweet Lady Zenyatta
    I am so glad to see that wonderful photo and to hear from you. I’m looking forward to the 60 minutes selection on YOU!
    To all my Z Fan Family, Thanks for your prayers & concerns! ALL IS SAFE WITH MY PET CHILDREN & MYSELF IN HEALTH & HOME! I am so lucky & Blessed! I only had home phone & cell service outage. I didn’t understand the cell phone not working? I sat in my house and watched the winds and and heard the sounds of cracking from the pressure on the windows & doors. I am amazed no damage to my home. My brother’s wife, Kathy, had family members live in Tuscaloosa in the path of the monster. Everything they own was lost. All of their family members are alive. Everything totally wiped off foundations in all of their neigborhoods. I can not imagine what it like for them, to hear, to see & to feel that kind of power that tornado had and feel totally helpless. The lose of lives are increasing in Alabama. In my area, one of many tornados came up and turned into my area of Lake Martin but went around my home. The area of Dadeville, only spots were damaged. As I drove to Atlanta to her my niece, Ele Gilliland, sing in a pregame of The Gwinette Braves for “The Stepping Stones for MS” for Walk with MS.( She is 13y.o. recorded her 1stCD last summer in Nashville) I saw more damage on HWY 280 going into Opelika/Auburn, Alabama area. I talked to one man in Atlanta that talked to his daughter, a student at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and heard the moster pass over her. She was in a closet at a friend’s home away from campus. The house was broken apart but the closet protected her! A miracle, she was safe! My heart breaks for all the victims’ & their families who suffered. My pet children & I count our blessings of safety & our health. Zenyatta,Sendig Hugs & Kisses From Alabama With Love, Amanda G.

  5. Hi Zenny! Glad you gave us the heads up on the 60 minutes segment. I will be SURE to be somewhere I can watch it. I’m trying to read between the lines (blush, blush) and hope you are SUPER healthy and …. Well, you know :):) Looking forward to the Oaks. I love your friend Zazu, but it will be a steep hill for her against R Heat Lightning and Joyful Victory. As well there are some other very fine fillies in the race. A stronger crop than the colts this year (after all the upsets and injuries). Really miss following you on the track girl, you were SO exciting to watch. Glad you’re safe after all the storms. Maybe sometime you can tell us what Lane’s End does when things like that happen. Is there anything special they do with you and your friends to weather terrible storms? Take care and can’t wait to hear from you again.

  6. This is not a post about Z, but about her fellow equines out west. Please everyone here, realize that they are still rounding up and abusing wild horses. Ginger Kathrens (who did the Cloud series on Nature) has filmed the cruelty and it is on youtube. Please contact your representatives and say you don’t want your $ to go to these cruel and inhumane roundups. A senator lifted the ban on these roundups and the are continuing. Horses are run over 10 miles (with their babies) and herded into pens where they struggle to gain their freedom. I don’t want to “change subjects” here, but you all are such wonderful caring people, that I thought I might post this here. I’ve already written to the Bureau of Land Management…. Just as an FYI to horse lovers everywhere!

  7. 60 MINUTES??????????????????????!!!!!!!
    That is how I feel in love with you to begin with!!!!I watched their segment of you!! It was so beautiful and touching that I instantly fell in love with you! If they are coming today, it doesn’t seem possible they would have a fabulous story ready by this Sunday. Unless they have a ton of producers. But what do I know, all I know is I thank them for introducing me to YOU Zenyatta. You are my total joy in life. I love you dearly!! ooxox I can’t wait to see what they put together this time!!! kisses & hugs

  8. OK, this is KIND OF off topic. Just finished watching William and Kate wedding and the horses caught my attention. My question is, what kind of trot (if anyone watched) were they doing? Seemed different (maybe not) than what I’ve witnessed. Also, anyone know history of horses in the procession?

  9. @Amanda: So glad you are safe, worried about you. My prayers to your family, I am so sorry they were caught in the path of the Monster, but glad they are alive. Love, Lisa g.

  10. ‘An Introduction to the Household CAVALRY MOUNTED REGIMENT’ [since 1662 Support of Royal Weddings 350 Years] * See also BBC & army.mod.uk/hcmr facebook.com/hcmr Intro_HCMR_Web.pdf (page 1 of 12) .. . And The Welsh Guards!

  11. Oops! ^ Try: Intro_HCMR_Web.pdf (page 1 of 12). Or: House of Cavalry Official Site.

  12. Happy Birthday thoughts for Barbaro.

  13. Ms Zenyatta, Good Morning and a wonderful day wish for you. I cannot wait till Sunday, do not usually say that, cuz I do not do Monday’s well. I have notified my family and friends that are Zenyatta fans only because of the 60 Minutes last year, to let them know about the Follow Up 60 Minutes, everyone is excited. You have fans that are not Racehorse fans…only You, Big Girl. Love and hugs, will check in later for a NEW post…I love you forever, Lisa g.

  14. ‘The Household Cavalry: still riding high’ by Allan Mallinson, an author & former officer, from BST 28 Mar 2010 . .. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/7531169/The-Household-Cavalry-still-riding-high.html ‘With great care and safety .. .’ — BBC.

  15. @Amanda G. – so glad you and your furry/feathered family are safe. We were so blessed in upstate SC not to get any weather this time. Continuing to pray for all those who were in the path of that storm.

  16. Thsnk you Lisa G for your thoughts on the great Barbaro. I too am reflecting on Barbaro today.

  17. Dearest Zenyatta – the sight of you munching on the green, green grass so peacefully is a sight for sore eyes. Oh how we’ve missed you. I’m so excited to know CBS is back to do a follow up on you. It’s going to be great. (Don’t forget my little sweety Pirate Queen). Remember how Mario and Carmen got you all dolled up for the last segment? Did you know that Uncle Mo has his very own Mario and Carmen? Just look:
    Too cute, huh?
    I’m so glad to hear you are *blush, blush* feeling great and are happy in your horsey ways. It must be such a wonderful feeling to go outside and graze in peace under sunny skies (hopefully they’ve cleared) and just smell the grass and the sun and the beautiful countryside. To have friends with whom you can enjoy your days with and people to take good care of you. (Thanks to David for keeping a special eye out on you). It’s all we’ve hoped for you.
    It’s so good to hear from you and Dottie. Please don’t be a stranger. The site gets a little lost without the two of you.
    Thanks to Janie for her link on the eagle cam. It’s comforting to see a new family of eagles. To Christine in VA I now it just must be devastating to see your little family disappear. I know the little ones are in good hands. I use to volunteer at a wildbird rehab center and I know the sweet little baby birds were most interested in keeping their tummies full. We weren’t suppose to interact with them as some of them easily imprint with humans but it was hard not to talk to baby blue jays and mockingbirds when they opened up those cute little beaks of their’s and demanded to be fed. I worry about the male eagle. He’s lost everything. How hard to come home to an empty nest. I hope he will find a mate soon.
    In the meantime, I love you Zenyatta. Seeing you again has lifted my spirits so much. You’ve no idea. Hugs and kisses back at you. Enjoy your weekend beautiful one.

  18. @Amanda Gilliland. Thank goodness you and your family are safe. So many people on this site were very worried about you and waiting to hear from you. you said you live on Lake Martin. Is that around The Southside, Pell City area? I lived in Birmingham until 1969 and things have changed so much since then that my geography isn’t what it used to be. I have an aunt in Gadsden, a cousin in Oxford and another cousin in Jacksonville, AL. They are all OK. So sorry to hear about your brother and sister-in-law’s loss and the trauma of losing their home but at least they are OK as well. This line of storms came into GA unchecked and continued to cause damage and loss of life in this state but not to the extent of what it did in AL. Anyway, I’m so, so glad to hear that you and your pet family are all right.

  19. Dearest Zenyatta,
    To hear that you are feeling fabulous has put a wide smile on my face. And how fun that you’ll get to visit with all your loving team, soon.

    I enjoy the Oaks as much or more than the derby (Girl Power!)so I will definitely be watching and cheering for Zazu. And I can’t wait to see the segment on 60 minutes of you. The Brits might have their Royal Family, but we Americans have our great Queen Zenyatta! Yeah!

    Sunshine, treats and kisses to you, dear girl!

  20. Looking forward to seeing you for a second time on 60 Minutes. I recorded the first one and have watched it many times. Loved the photo in Reader’s Digest. Good luck to Zasu in the Oaks. Glad to hear that you are healthy and happy.

  21. I love what Stella said, “The Brits might have their Royal Family, but we Americans have our great Queen Zenyatta.” Yes we do…We love you Queen “Z”!!! I had a feeling that 60 Minutes would eventually do a follow up interview on you “Z”…How could they not. Everyone wants to see & hear about you. Very excited & can’t wait to see it. I know it will be wonderful. My love to you today & everyday Zenny xoxo

  22. @Sue: I finally watched Barbaro’s documentry again a couple of days ago, I wanted to before or after today, not on his Birthday. I do not know if I can ever watch it again, but I said that last time. He is such a handsome, gentle boy.

  23. Good Morning from Texas, Zenyatta. Have been trying to find any mention of a 60 Minutes Zenyatta segment on line, but cannot find any. Besides this website, where can I read about this show?

  24. Dear Zenyatta Good morning from Homeroom 215. We hope you have a blue grass kind of day. You look so happy eating and relaxing. We wnat you to know that you are our “Queen” and always will be. The children and I are sending Big Hugs and Kisses to you. We love you a lot, Shari and Homeroom 215 XXXOOO

  25. @Amanda I am so glad you are ok. My heart and prayers go out to the storm victims. I can’t imagine losing my home. God Bless all :)

  26. @Jackie: Thank you for the heads up on the Hollywood Park article, made me cry, so what else is new. I would like to visit her room even, just to be where she slept, ate, and peeked outside to see if there were any cameras and fans. Great tear jerking article.

  27. @ Judy Gadwood I watched all 3 videos dealing with Zenyatta at your link. They were awesome. Thank you so much for posting the link, I would have never ever come across those videos on my own.


  28. Glad to see you are safe after all the terrible weather all around you. We’ve been waiting for the 60 Min. follow up and now they will be seeing you in KY. How exciting and such a great opportunity to be reunited with your CA friends again. You will be just as beautiful the 2nd time on 60 Min and thanks for keeping us posted.

  29. it is so weird that nobody has made a life sized statue of her yet! zenyatta you would make a great statue!

  30. Heartfelt Thanks to Everyone (22 of you)that mentioned me personally out of concern for my safety & animals. And for the concern over Alabama. Especially to
    @ Kari Bussell-Thanks for the e-mail letting me know, to please post on Z’s page and tell everyone how I am. I lost AT&T Wi-Fi during the storm but restored Fri.
    @ DJ- Thanks & I was honored for the donation made in my name to Red Cross for the storm vicitms. Thoughtful & much appreciated. They need it.
    @ Linda in NJ- I just wanted you & the other Fan Family members know that there are 2 “Amanda”s on here. The 1st post was the other Amanda with no last name. She posted early, I didn’t get back home till mdnight Thursaday night, I always address “My Sweet Lady Zenyatta.”
    @ Trina I deeply appreciate your concern. All my immediate family passed years back and I have one brother,Charles,Kathy & Ele in Atlanta. This is one of the reasons that Zenyatta’s Fan family means so much to me. The care and concern they have for each other. I didn’t even know the extend of damage in Dadeville till I saw your post today! When I left Thurs for Atlanta, the police had roads blocked into the city of Dadeville, as I took a backroad by the Tallapossa County Sheriff’s Dept. I saw wide areas of all kinds of trees snapped to 2′ to 5’standing trees. The trees had pulled telephone poles & lines down. I saw old, hugh pecan trees uprooted. Buildings destroyed & houses damaged from roof to rooms were damaged. I’ve put 4 roofs on my house in 8 yrs. Around Lake Martin we always have severe electrical storms & wind damage. I went to bed at 10p.m. I slept through everything. Thurs, I had no idea what had happened! Today Fri,I’ve been getting reports from all over Lake Matrin and there was a tremendous amount of destruction of houses, business & trees. I was ay least 7 miles from the tornado. I am still amazed that my area was spared! There are over 300 deaths now and counting just in Alabama!
    My thoughts ahd prayers are with the rest of you affected by this storm system.

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