Diary Post #233

Oh, this Kentucky Blue Grass! It is FABULOUS! Photo from John Shirreffs’ Collection

Happy, Happy Thursday to Everyone!

This is a very exciting day for several reasons! First of all, I am getting some fun visitors from the 60 Minutes Crew! They did such a great segment on ME when I was at Barn 55. Their staff came and spent a complete week with John, MYSELF, and all of My Team. Now they are coming out to Lane’s End to get some current footage of ME for a follow-up piece. This will be fun!

My paddock mates and I will all be looking TOO CUTE for them! David has been speaking with their offices to help get it all organized. I’ll let you know when 60 Minutes is going to air this piece. I’ve heard…it could be this Sunday…but I’ll find out more once everyone is at the farm with ME!

On another note, I want to THANK ALL OF YOU FOR ASKING ABOUT ME in your comments and responses! At this moment, everything in my life is moving right along perfectly. I’m in terrific shape, extremely healthy and very happy. I’ll keep you posted as time goes along…but at this moment I could not be better! BLUSH, BLUSH!

Also, as the Kentucky Oaks is getting closer, my friend, ZAZU, looks like she will be coming to KY to participate in this race. She will work again over the weekend…and if all is A-OK, she will then be on the plane and coming for the OAKS. This also means I’ll get to spend some fun times with Ann, Jerry and Dottie. They will be coming to town. I’m so EXCITED!

As for the business side of ME, I have alerted NINA KAISER (our sculptor) to have #19 ready to go for Dawn Conrad, our contest winner. I know Dottie will be calling her soon to get all of the postal particulars so the BRONZED ME can be sent safely to her!

Whew! Now that I have taken care of my business matters for the day….I’m off to exercise and play in the paddock with my friends. YIPPEE!

Have a wonderful day!

With love,
Hugs to ALL~


  1. @Sharon Call-I live in Stillwaters on Lake Martin in Dadeville, Al. It is 80 south of Birmingham,60 miles south east of Montgomery, 17 miles from Alexander City & 25 miles North from Auburn/Opelika. Pell City/ Columbus area is further south on Int.85 North from Opelika to Atlanta

  2. Can’t wait to see you again on 60 Minutes! Hooray! Be sure they have plenty of peppermints and Guinness in the green room. Happy weekend to all…

  3. @lisa g – Thank you for your compassion regarding Barbaro. He should always be remembered. What a heart he had on and off the track! I shed tears every day for him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARBARO!

  4. @Amand Gilliland. My second cousin is in college at Troy University. Have you heard anything about that area? I sort of know where Dadeville is. I didn’t get down into that area much when I was growing up in Birmingham. Also, I have an aunt that lives in Calera. I know that it’s close to Birmingham but I haven’t heard anything about that area either.
    @Kari Bussell. I think everyone is frazzled since the damage reports just keep coming in and the death tolls just keep rising.
    There’s supposed to be another line of thunder storms coming through on Wednesday. I know everyone is going to be holding their breaths to see what this amounts to – I know I will be.
    Anyway, on a lighter note, I hope we hear today if the Zenyatta follow-up will air on 60 Minutes this Sunday. I really, really, really hope so. We all need to see the Queen (Queen Z that is). If we can’t see her in person, this is the next best thing!

  5. Hi Z, Really happy and relieved to hear that you are fine and enjoying that Blue Grass. Yummmy! 60 min. returning to do a follow up the day of the Royal Wedding that’s star power X10! Looking forward to watching you on 60 min. Love you.

  6. Thanks for all the good news! I was watching a race the other day on HRTV and a mare was running that was in foal to Curlin! I was amazed—I didn’t know mares could do that! And it was a mile and a half race on turf.

  7. Happy Birthday to Barbaro. I followed his racing career. My heart broke when he died. A good book to read is called “My Guy Barbaro”. God Bless, Shari

  8. @ Stephanie ~ you are most welcome! :-)
    @ zenyattaloveramy! ~ Nina Kaiser hopes to do a life-size statue of the Queen one day. Hopefully, it will be at Santa Anita near the fountain at the main entrance… right across from JOHN HENRY’s life-size statue that she did :-) I just hope it’s done during my lifetime ;-)

  9. @Judy Berube–I was in Las Vegas for the 2009 Breeder’s Cup and I struck up a conversation with the man sitting next to me. He stated that it was amazing that Zenyatta was able to win all of those races with her running style, that she had never had problems with traffic. This was before the running of the classic and I told him to be prepared to be amazed one more time. When Zenyatta won, all of the people in the race book stood up and applauded. I have never heard noise like that before or since. @Charlotte Farmer-Noor was owned by C.S. Howard, who also owned another pretty good horse, Seabiscuit.

  10. Hi Lady Z, Queen of Horse Racing, Duchess of Lane’s End :-): Thank you for putting in a good word for Zazu. I’ve been rooting for her from the beginning. Gotta back the Moss/Barn 55 Teammates! Happy weekend to everyone and safe racing/works for all our TB friends!

  11. @Amanda Gilliland~ I am soooo happy to see your post and hear you and yours are ok. Your family hear has been so worried and concerned about you and all those affected by the terrible storms in the South.
    I find it so amazing how Zenyatta’s fans have become family to me. What a special place this is….
    Zenyatta’s #1 fan in Montana!

  12. @Shari Voltz: Thanks, I just order the book on Amazon, and also added Eight Belles to the cart. I can never get enough reading on these beautiful beings. Thank you again for the recommendation.

  13. Mike could write a book called ‘My Girl Zenyatta’. I would love to read that.

  14. hi again Z! I just had to wish Barbaro a Happy Birthday, he is the reason I fell in love with horseracing and I will never forget him!!! love you sweet girl xo

  15. Glad you are happy and healthy Zenny. Can’t wait to see your 60 Minutes segment, the first one was gorgeous.

  16. @ Amanda Gilliland – so happy to see your post, and that you & your family are okay. My heart goes out to all who were affected.
    @ Sue M – I have also been following the mustang issue closely, for several years now. I do what I can – calls, etc. It is rather devastating.
    On a lighter note – below is link to neat article about the horses for Kate & William’s carriage ride.

  17. Dear Terry Crow,

    What Z did in her career was incredible. She never was passed by another horse in all of her 20 races. She ran out of ” real estate” as the wiseguys say, and she almost passed Blame in the 2010 Classic. Not to discredit him, but I feel like she wasn’t beaten in that race. It must have been wonderful to share the moment of her win in the 2009 Classic with everybody standing and applauding. She’s really special. For all of us who haven’t been able to see her up close, I hope we all get the opportunity some day. Hugs, Judy

  18. Dearest Sweet “Z”,

    Good morning! I am sleepy-eyed today as I watched the Royal Wedding live until 5:30 this morning. Beautiful and regal horses, with such a fancy trot! Brought back memories as we lived in England for two years, and I was amazed it did not rain as it seemed to rain almost every day around 4pm. A perfect day for a fairy tale couple, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. For those who asked…Info. on the 60 min. special:
    With the greatest American horse race coming up next week in Kentucky, ’60 Minutes’ takes another look at one of the greatest American thoroughbreds ever to grace a track – the nearly undefeated Zenyatta.” Sunday May 1. 7pm ET/PT
    Dear Amanda, So good to hear that you and your animals are all safe and doing well. Amazing you slept straight through. What a blessing. I’m so sorry for Kathy’s family members great loss and so many countless others. By the way, I would love to purchase one of Ele’s CDs, she must be very talented. Have a lovely ‘today!’

  19. To Amanda G: Happy you are OK.

    To Jakie: Thank you for the article on Z’s Shrine (stall) at Hollywood Park. It must be so sad for them that she isn’t in it. That photo of Mr. Moss comes to mind of him standing in there looking at the photos and cards on the wall. Hugs, Judy and Russ

  20. @audreyc. Thanks for the link about the mounted patrol and how the horses are chosen. Did you notice that with the exception of two, the other horses average 16 hh and 16.1. Then along comes Belsize at 18 hh and Isaac at 17.3. I wish they had given the breeds of the horses. Interesting!
    @DJ. Thanks for the news about 60 Minutes running the Zenyatta update Sunday night. That made my day!
    @ARobin S. Loved your reference to Queen of Horse Racing, Duchess of Lane’s End. I’n thinking you’re paralleling the Royals in England.
    @Bobbie from WI. I’m amazed that someone would run a mare in foal. That bends my mind all different ways.
    @Ensign, L.S. or anyone else that knows. Have you heard of this before?

  21. @audreyc~ thank you for the link about the horses in the Royal wedding. Very interesting and beautiful.
    @Judy Berube~ I have never seen Zenyatta live or in person and probably never will, but I will always dream that someday I will. My love for her is beyond words.
    Zenyatta’s #1 fan in Montana!

  22. To Kimberly Potter:

    I share your sentiments exactly. Hope our dream to see her comes true. Hugs, Judy B.

  23. @audreyc – I’m glad – and me, too. I became interested in the Wild Horses in the 60s reading Marguerite Henry’s books, particularly the one about Wild Horse Annie. I just thought I’d mention it here because we’re all horse lovers and every time someone calls or writes, it makes a difference.
    My thoughts and prayers are with all of you who have been experiencing those terrible tornadoes…..

  24. Someone from Calif was making comments as to Zenyatta coming back to Calif, getting away from Ky with the storms, cold weather, & her needing the sun & warm weather–HA, animals don’t need 90 degree weather, on the contrary, they enjoy cooler weather! Zen is being referred as a “Calif girl”, WRONG! ZEN WAS KY BRED, so in fact she is a true KY GIRL!!! Please stop degrading the great state of Ky. We have everything hereplus the greatest horses & best facilities! You will find none better than LANES END FARM.

  25. I marked required fields!!!

  26. It’s a lovely day in Ky , I took a pleasant drive past the horse farms, everything was so beautiful. Naturally, I think of Zen, when I see all those horses grazing.I don’t live far from Lane’s End, & I know that our wonderful Zenyatta is having a great time there, munching all that blue grass! Hmm, this blush, blush business, could it possibly have something to do with Zen’s NOT having a guiness at this time????? Just wondering.
    If I have the winning lotto ticket, I too will share with all of you, a bronze Zen for all !

  27. I will be watching 60 Minutes for sure Sunday, Zenny.

    Blush? Blush? You sly one! I think you have been visiting you guy Bernie again. Maybe a couple of weeks ago when you came back in heat? When you and your vets know everything is cool, you will make the offical annoucement.

    So glad you are okay and I don’t blame you and the Mosses to keep your re-breeding a secret. Who needs all that hype and pressure? Nobody!

    Thanks again to team Zenyatta for sharing her with us-her humble fans.

  28. My sweet Miss Personality Z, I missed this post until after I entered 234 and responded. Oh, Z, it is old age and I am tired. hee, My heart is lifted again to hear from you and all your fun news. Zazu will have a prayer said ” run like the wind”, but not get injured! Have fun with your girlfriends & 60 minutes. Love with a kiss on your soft nose! I hope you can feel it.
    @susan in tn said; My heart is broken for those humans lost and this innocent foal.
    @ all, please know that the loss of life to these natural disasters does weight on my mind; I wish I could be there to help. I pray for them.

  29. @Kathryn Cogswell—-thank you for horses used in procession. Thought you may be interested in this….saw it happen..horse bumping rider during procession.

  30. Hi Zenyatta. Congratulations again to Dawn on winning the contest. She is going to love your sculpture. Good luck to Zazu in the Oaks. She is so beautiful and so talented. I am so excited about 60 minutes coming to do an update. I will definitely tape the segment. Love you Angel in Disguise. Stay warm, dry, eat well and have loads of fun with your BBFs.

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