Diary Post #234

I hear cars coming! This is SUCH FUN! Photo from John Shirreff’s collection.

Good Morning to ALL!

Yesterday was so much FUN! The 60 MINUTES Crew was here to take photos of ME for an update they are doing. All went very well! I gather they are going to replay part of the segment they did on ME in October and then add the current updates! From what we are hearing, they will show it as part of this SUNDAY’S program!

When my paddock mates and I were out in the field playing together, I was so tempted to get down in the field and roll! Then as I was almost at that point of getting down on my knees, I saw all of the camera crews arriving and thought it would be much more fun to go over and greet all of the people. I can roll in the field anytime. So, that’s what I did! Everyone was so kind! I can’t wait to see their footage. HOPE I LOOK FABULOUS!

This is TOO CUTE! Dottie called Dawn Conrad yesterday to congratulate her on winning the contest and to set up the shipping arrangements for her prize, the ZENYATTA BRONZE! Dawn is so sweet…and so excited! Dottie did ask her to promise to share photos of her with ME so we can all get a chance to see them. She said she would do so, for sure!

My pal, ZAZU, works again this weekend for the Kentucky Oaks. Then if all is A-OK, she will be flying on the Tex Sutton plane for the race. I think this is very exciting! Wishing her well, for sure! I know Dottie is busy making travel plans, just in case, and getting licenses and fees paid in advance. Like I mentioned before, there is a whole business side to racing…and thank goodness I only had to worry about BEING AN ATHLETE! That’s also true for my other stable pals. It is ALWAYS ALL TAKEN CARE IN ADVANCE FOR US!

I gather there is a current piece written about MY BARN 55 STALL and how it still has so many of my things in it. I thought you’d enjoy reading it! Here it is!

Have a fabulous FRIDAY!

With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. cool!!!! from sunny, for a change not raining, ohio

  2. Can’t wait to see you on 60 Minutes and a huge thank you to them for keeping up on you. Miss you!

  3. How EXCITING Z!!! Can’t wait to see the segment pretty girl!!

  4. Wow Zenny – you have been so busy! This si great that you are engaged in so many ways in addition to having play time with your lady pals!

    60 minutes is very exciting!! Another great addition to your tremendous resume. Can’t wait to see the new segment and hoofs crossed for ZAZU!

  5. Zenny, I can’t wait to watch you in the 60 Minutes piece. I know you will look beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend, Zenny! I love you!

  6. Zenny!
    You ALWAYS look fabulous! You were born gorgeous, My Queen! :-)
    I just checked here and saw the posting ~ how fun! I’ll check out Barrn 55 link next. I was too excited I had to write now LOL
    I can’t wait for Sunday night and for SURE I’ll be watchng “60 Minutes”!! WOO HOO! Zenny rocks!
    Best of luck to ZAZU!!!!

  7. Dear Z,

    You will look lovely in the 60 Minutes segment, as you always do. You look great in today’s photo. I really don’t think there’s another horse who would give up rolling in the field just to welcome visitors. You are something else. We love you. Judy and Russ

  8. Ms Zenyatta, good morning, good morning. You look absolutely beautiful. I can just see you getting ready to do a roll, and see cameras and fans coming to see Special You, and think, I will roll another time. Cannot wait until Sunday, just cannot wait. I love you, Big Girl..Lisa g

  9. Hi there, lovely girl. I’m awaiting news of Zazu going to the Oaks, too. She is so pretty and talented too (much like yourself!). Will watch for the 60 Min piece. Should be fun! Take care.

  10. Thanks for the heads up on the 60 Minutes piece. Enjoy the sunny day today!! XOXOXO

  11. Can’t wait to see the 60 minutes thing! I have my calendar set for Sunday night! Have missed seeing you and this will be real treat. Tell Zazu we are pulling for her! Love you always and forever!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Does anyone know what time and what channel 60 minutes will air on Sunday?

  13. Z, I can’t wait to see you on 60 Minutes!! I’m sure you will look wonderful! We miss you sweetheart and can not wait to be able to visit you. I hope that is VERY soon. Wish you and your pals a great day. Good luck to Zazu in the Kentucky Oaks, I am rooting for her and wishing her a safe and FUN trip on the plane and in the Oaks! Have a good day honey, stay safe.
    Love, Katie(future jockey)

  14. Hi Zenny!
    Can’t wait for the 60 minutes segment! I made sure to record it, as well as the program following it just in case the golf game runs over. Have a great day!

  15. hi Z! can’t wait until Sunday to see YOU on 60 minutes!!! and of course YOU will look FABULOUS!!! I’m glad Barn 55 made YOUR stall into a shrine! I enjoyed the piece, thank YOU! I’ll be sending endless positive vibes for Zazu to be running in the Oaks! love you gorgeous girl xoxoxo

  16. I can’t wait for the 60 Minutes update piece! I watch that show pretty regularly but will make sure to record it this week FOR SURE! As for the Barn 55 stall story, I know how much I miss you, Zenny, and I am sure it is multiplied MANY, MANY times for the people who saw and touched you each and every day. I love that your old stall is now a tribute to your greatness! Hugs and kisses to you! Love you, big girl!

  17. Dear Zenny:

    Thank you for sharing the article about your Barn 55 stall. I grimaced too when I read your dear Mario’s response. I can see how much he must hurt and miss you (as well as all your Barn 55 family). You are IR-RE-PLACEABLE! Happy weekend to all and GO ZAZU!!

  18. See how special you are to the Whole World?? your impact on all of us IS very newsworthy! Everyone gets it now! but we always knew how special you are, just in character alone! this racing season is just not the same without the anticipation of your highness…I’m struggling through it, and 60 minutes will help. I love you Z!

  19. Of course your family in CA misses you! You are so loved!

  20. @ Rachel
    “60 Minutes” is on CBS. On the West Coast it airs at 7:00 p.m. I believe that is East Coast time, too. Not sure of other time zones, sorry!

  21. You are a special young lady to be on 60 minutes. So many fans are going to be able to tape it & have it on there DVD for there children & grand children. Many years from now they will be able to look back to see the great Zenyatta.

  22. I also hope dawn shares some photos when the bronze arrives, I’m sure it will be beautiful!

  23. Way to go Z!! when will the 60min air?

  24. Can’t wait to see you on 60 Minutes on Sunday, pretty girl! You look so cute awaiting your visitors… excuse me, TOO cute! And Happy Birthday to Barbaro today, our sweet angel horsie in heaven.

  25. Thank you for the update. I would love to see you rolling in the dirt!

  26. will be watching 60 minutes for sure!! thanks for the heads up! Royalty all around today – and Queen Z is the royalest of all !!

  27. AIR TIME:
    “60 Minutes” airs at 7:00 p.m. EDT/PDT on CBS!!! ;-)

  28. Thank you for letting us know about the 60 Minutes update! I can’t wait to see it and watch what they are saying about how fabulous our Queen is now! Thank you for being here as a connection to Team Zenyatta!

  29. Sounds like you had tones of fun. I am so glad that everyone was so nice to you because your a sweet heart. :)Thanks so much for sharing that article it was sweet I understand what its like to miss someone. well sweet zenyatta lots of love here from Las Vegas. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day/weekend. xoxo

  30. Dear Zenny – As always you look absolutely beautiful in your picture. I hope you had a fun time with the 60 Minutes crew. I can’t wait to see the episode on Sunday night. It will be so lovely to get an update on YOU. Much love and kisses beautiful girl. xoxoxo

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