Diary Post #234

I hear cars coming! This is SUCH FUN! Photo from John Shirreff’s collection.

Good Morning to ALL!

Yesterday was so much FUN! The 60 MINUTES Crew was here to take photos of ME for an update they are doing. All went very well! I gather they are going to replay part of the segment they did on ME in October and then add the current updates! From what we are hearing, they will show it as part of this SUNDAY’S program!

When my paddock mates and I were out in the field playing together, I was so tempted to get down in the field and roll! Then as I was almost at that point of getting down on my knees, I saw all of the camera crews arriving and thought it would be much more fun to go over and greet all of the people. I can roll in the field anytime. So, that’s what I did! Everyone was so kind! I can’t wait to see their footage. HOPE I LOOK FABULOUS!

This is TOO CUTE! Dottie called Dawn Conrad yesterday to congratulate her on winning the contest and to set up the shipping arrangements for her prize, the ZENYATTA BRONZE! Dawn is so sweet…and so excited! Dottie did ask her to promise to share photos of her with ME so we can all get a chance to see them. She said she would do so, for sure!

My pal, ZAZU, works again this weekend for the Kentucky Oaks. Then if all is A-OK, she will be flying on the Tex Sutton plane for the race. I think this is very exciting! Wishing her well, for sure! I know Dottie is busy making travel plans, just in case, and getting licenses and fees paid in advance. Like I mentioned before, there is a whole business side to racing…and thank goodness I only had to worry about BEING AN ATHLETE! That’s also true for my other stable pals. It is ALWAYS ALL TAKEN CARE IN ADVANCE FOR US!

I gather there is a current piece written about MY BARN 55 STALL and how it still has so many of my things in it. I thought you’d enjoy reading it! Here it is!

Have a fabulous FRIDAY!

With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. I am devastated that I missed “60 Minutes” due to friends visiting! Queen Z, you are a horse I dream of.

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