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Photo by John Kaiser – INSPIRE!!!

Happy Saturday!

On May 10th, the PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS WOMEN of CALIFORNIA will be holding their yearly conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. This organization was founded in 1989 by U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Speier. It is dedicated to advancing the professional and personal development of women of all ages and and on all levels. The PBWC provides tools, resources, and a strong business community to encourage women to succeed and contribute at the highest levels in all aspects of various fields, businesses and industries.

I am honored to say that I have just learned one of my fans has spoken to them about ALL of my accomplishments as a Female Athlete who achieved this success while residing in California. As a result, the PBWC wants to include me in their program. How proud and flattered I am at this moment! I’m pretty sure a HORSE has not been part of their program before this!

The conference has 3 different presentations outlined for the day. They are CONNECT, EXPLORE and INSPIRE! My work and achievements have been selected to KICK-OFF the INSPIRE portion of the program. I will be followed in this part of the presentation by Carolyn Johnson from ABC 7 News, International Author, Isabel Allanda, and then America Ferrara, who is an Emmy Award Winning Actress for her role in the series, Ugly Betty.

If you are interested in learning more about PBWC or the conference, here is the link:


I can’t begin to tell you how truly elated I am at receiving this news! INSPIRE!! Wow!

It is gorgeous in Kentucky today. My pals and I are really enjoying this great weather. Then tomorrow…60 Minutes is airing an update on ME! I am so fortunate!

Have a very special weekend!

With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. It is a spiritual equation, now subtract all of the factors that are not involved in the negative equation (today’s Post).

  2. @Shari:
    I understand the context in which you were using… I just would not have used that wording to make your point. The could be quite offensive to some. I just feel you’ve now interjected another dimension to a squabble that is quite typical in the cyber blog world and possibly made it personal on a different level.
    clarification: we however are not squabbling but simply discussing..

  3. @Mike in Ca – Thanks for re-reading things and being considerate.

  4. I am more than positive you would not use my words to express your point. For they are my words and my expression. That is tolerance. We all do not communicate in the same style, and have different view points on what is offensive. (Hell Hath No Fury is a good start…) For some, the longest 10 inches is from the head to the heart. Last word is yours, I have already moved forward onto the postive ‘today’ page. You can stay here if you wish.

  5. @shari:
    That is not my modus operandi… “the last word is yours” I thought I was responding to your last post to me. No argument here. They are your words and you may express yourself as you wish. I just hope those that express themselves in a “negative equation” are afforded the same respect that I’m extending to you.
    You seem like an extremely thoughtful, intelligent, and insightful woman, which is why I questioned your use of “those with the most spiritual formation are the easiest to get along with.” Judging others spiritual (trans)formation is a heavy load.. and I responded because I wasn’t sure if that is what you meant, considering your other post(thoughts) ran counter to your last. But, like you said, they are your words, thoughts and expressions which you are entitled to. Though I prefer your quote below…
    “It is of no necessary value to comment on another poster unless it is a positive comment. I resist the urge and I feel most of us do, because it does hurt feelings, and behind every name there is a real human being who does not deserve a careless offhand remark.”
    And no hard feelings here Shari. There is nothing on this blog, or conversation that I may have with someone, that keeps me anywhere that I don’t want to be. So “moving forward” or “staying here” is all relative.
    Off Topic: MIke, I second Vicki B…kudos to you.

  6. Patricia,
    It is humbling to realize as you quote “that you are not the authority to tell people to stop.” So would it not be a “more enjoyable place” if more of us exercised that humility and resisted the futile temptation of trying?

  7. Thanks Vicki and Livey,
    No big deal.. just wanted to recognize my part and meet half-way. God’s not finished with me yet, and I can jump to conclusions quicker than I make them sometimes! Off to a Knight’s of Columbus cause – helping to re-landscape a retreat house. Good day ladies.
    @Terry from Hollywood?
    Thanks, enjoy life talk too, nice distraction from everyday stresses. (especially when the horses are not coming in..right?)

  8. Zenyatta, congratulations on your being mentioned by a professional womens’ organization in California as a superb athlete! You’re right that they have probably never mentioned a horse before. Good luck with your appearance on 60 Minutes.

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