Diary Post #260

It’s such a FUN DAY! WINK, WINK! Photo by Isabelle

Good Morning,

I hope each of you had a wonderful, restful, and peaceful holiday! This day is also a special time to remember all that MEMORIAL DAY truly represents as well.

Everything at the farm is going very, very well. I want to share with you the fabulous day I have had so far. This morning, my vets came to check me and… YES, I am eating for TWO! As of this morning, I have had what is technically called my ’60 day check-up’. I am happily IN FOAL! All is A-OK! My pregnancy is progressing nicely and the baby has a very strong heartbeat! YIPPEE!

I must say I am so excited and so are all of my Team and Family members! This is such terrific news! Bernie and I are going to be parents!

As is the Moss’ policy, we are not going be fetal-sexing to determine if the foal is a colt or filly. My owners never do this with any of their mares. Part of the fun, in their opinion, is the anticipation. We will wait and BE SURPRISED!

Now, I’m off to graze and enjoy the rest of the day! I’ll fill you in on more details as we go along! Thank you so much for all of your understanding and patience the last few months on this topic! I so appreciate your kindness and support!

Snacking, snacking! Photo by Sarah Campion...taken right after my ’60 day check-up’!


With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. Zenyatta? желаю тебе счастливого материнства!

  2. Congratulations, Zen! I knew this was coming. I just prayed for you and the baby every day and now you’ve both made it past the first hurdle. Continued health, peace and LOVE to you both. Congrats to the Big Daddy as well!

  3. AWESOME Z, Enjoy the new family member!!! Brooke

  4. Congratulations Z! I also like the idea of donating to a horse rescue/retirement facility for Z’s shower gift.

  5. Zenyatta, I had a great Memorial Day weekend. Congratulations for being back in foal!!!!!!!!! Bernardini is, apparently, the father again. I’m surprised, but happy, that you got back in foal this soon. I thought that it might be at least another year before it happened again. I think it’s good in a way that the Mosses don’t want a test done before the foal’s birth to determine whether it’s a colt or a filly. It’s good to let it be a nice surprise. You fully deserve to be able to graze all you want after your big accomplishment. You’ll probably be doing twice as much grazing as long as you’re in foal because you’ll need to eat enough for yourself and enough for the unborn foal. Let us know when you’re expected to give birth. You go, girl!!!!!!!

  6. Congratulations gorgeous Zenyatta. Wishing your a happy and safe pregancy. It has been worth the wait.
    Love to you and all of the Team/Family
    Love, hugs and kisses

  7. I am so glad, I can;t wait
    to see you this summer Queen Z!
    I want to help take care of you and your foal!

  8. Congrats Big Girl!!! This so awesome, I wonder if it will be a filly, or a big colt. Hope to see your’s and Rachel’s foals running against one another in the races someday. Take care. Love,

    1. HI there, I have a stallion, Investors Dream whose full btoehrr is Jockeys DReam who is listed as going to this stud that you have mentioned as being in trouble in 2011.I was wondering if anyone can tell me where Jockeys Dream is now?Thanks

  9. Of course, of course CONGRATULATIONS MS. ZENYATTA, queen of broodmares. And congratulations team Zenyatta!!! Love to all…

    1. Marbell una mujer sincera, por algo el nborme de su telenovela.no como ciertas modelillos colombianas de nuestra tele que hacen y deshacen con su carita de angel y su peinado bien puestecito,por algo sera que se suicidan.

  10. Hi, Little Tige!!

    You Go, Girl!!

    I am so excited for you and my sincerest Congratulations to You and Bernardini!!

    Peppermint hugs and carrot kisses!! Love You, Zenyatta!!!

  11. Oh Zenny just read your post…High Hoofs to you Mamma ! Yippee! A day to remember for sure !

  12. Bernie…you dog!

  13. How wonderful … I’m so happy for you, stay well.

  14. Thank you for sharing the good news Zenyatta. I love this picture of you eating for 2.

  15. Congratulations Zen. I am so happy to hear your great news. Enjoy all the attention that comes with being a new mom.

  16. Cograts on the baby and hope its a winner too:)


  18. We send our love & best wishes to our darling girl, Queen Z.! Love your website & miss you on the track.

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