Diary Post #279

Charles, do you have treats for ME in your back pocket? Photo by Sarah Campion

Hello Everyone,

Even though I am technically ‘relaxing’ and in foal living at Lane’s End Farm…I am still one very PLAYFUL GIRL! I simply can’t resist teasing my pal, Charles, and checking out all of his pockets for treats. He did have some of my very favorites….but I had to check out so many places to find them. That CHARLES is such a tease…just like MY MARIO was!

As you can see by my guys and their clothing, it is rather warm in Kentucky now. As I am a California girl at heart, I do love the warm weather. It is perfect for me! My friends from the cooler climates are currently acclimating to it! We get to go outside for most of the day now…even into the early evening hours. It is absolutely delightful!

It also stays light later now in Lexington. So this even adds to our fabulous time outdoors. As you may remember from my time at Barn 55….I loved to just stand outside and look around. I could do this for an endless amount of time and be happy. Now, I’m getting to stay outside for most of the day…and it is very special to ME!

I also wanted to explain that Lane’s End does have a basic dress code for all of the staff to follow while on duty at the farm. It is primarily a green shirt and some type of khaki colored slacks or shorts. It is really a very attractive look…and ties in beautifully with the farm colors. That is why so often in these photos, you will see this type of apparel! I must say, my guys look great in these colors and this attire!

Plus, they have so many pockets for ME to play with and check out each day! I just love it!

Have a fun-filled Wednesday! Perhaps you can spend some time checking out many of the things you love to do most!

With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. Good Thursday morning Zetty,
    so glad to read everybody, two & 4 legged in the Churchill Downs area is okay, including all the folks & critters in Versailles.And of course you, the Mother of all Horses, :) :) :)
    So you got a little rain, the wet grass & clover should tickle your hoofpads nicely. :) :) :) Have a great day !!!

  2. @Trina N: That was SO helpful! I recently did a newsletter for the horse rescue and I thought Microsoft Word and I were going to come to blows(with the particular format I had chosen)!! Thanks :)

  3. @Debra Z: See You At Peelers is now my FB friend! I think I read those same Marguerite Henry books!

  4. @Diana S: My thoughts and prayers are with all who are affected by the fires-I can’t imagine. Thank goodness that everyone seems to be okay in Kentucky.

  5. Hi everyone. Thank you so much for all the good news coming out of Louisville and surrounding areas. Thank God no one was injured and that all our horses are safe. Love you Zenyatta.

  6. So much sadness: fires, tornados, slaughters, etc., but Z and her fans bring a bright spot to my day amid the turmoils of life. Tammy-thank you for your pictures, a real treat. I read DRF everyday, but don’t see many articles that many of you post here. Thank you for those. Z, you couldn’t be a bit spoiled?!? I wish all animals(and people) could be so fortunate. Have a great day!!

  7. Zenyatta,you’re awesome! Just Too Cute! Lots of xoxoxoxoxoxoxo from Southern California!

  8. @Charlotte Farmer–I have been looking around for the donation address but can’t find it. Could you post it again for all to see. I will add my voice to the messages Bill has been receiving.@#1NewEnglandFan–I was lucky enough to be able to talk to Mike Smith during Zenyatta’s first retirement at Hollywood Park in 2009. He thought that she would make a great mother because she was so kind and that none of the stallions were worthy of her.@Diana S-You have some great ideas on publicizing the journey. I hope to meet you and the rest of the dumplings on July 9.@Judy Berube-My friend Don was going to play an exacta from his hospital bed combining On Holy Ground and Loro. He thought that the name was Lord, not Loro. We had TVG on in the hospital room.@Trina Nagele–Thanks for helping Judy Berube. She is a real treasure. Also, thanks for asking about Don.@Kim S-These ARE the jokes your dad used to tell. They are so old they are new again.@ Kathryn Cogswell and Marshall-You encouraged me so it your fault. Here comes another one. This one is so old that some readers may not know to what I am referring. Stop me if you’ve heard it.–A man owned a horse which was still a maiden after 50 races. In disgust, the man told the horse that he had to win that day or he would be pulling a milk wagon tomorrow morning. The horses break from the starting gate and the gate is wheeled away to reveal that the horse is laying on the track, sleeping. Infuriated, the man jumps the rail and goes over to the horse. Why are you sleeping, the man yells. The horse replies “Don’t bother me. I have to get up by three in the morning.”

  9. Dear Terry Crow:
    That would have been a good “hunch” bet. Hope Don is feeling better. He is very lucky to have a friend like you. I just know you cheer him up with your wonderful sense of humor and funny jokes. That last one had me laughing out loud. Hugs, J.B.

  10. Dear Trina Nagele:
    Left a post for you on Diary #280. Hugs, J.B.

  11. Tell Chuck you are eating for two! :) Love you Z xx Kisses from Texas

  12. Tell Chuck you are eating for two! :) Love you Z xx Kisses from Texas

  13. darlin’ and darlin’!!

  14. See You At Peelers: Does look really good reminds me of you Zeny the way she comes on. Harness racing is a very interesting sport. About a 100 years ago they used to race in heats. The horse who took two our of three was the winner and they raced all afternoon. Much nicer for the horses of today. Dan Patch’s record for the mile has never been broken, equalled a couple of times but never broken believe it stands at 1:55

  15. Love yor photos Zen, we never get tired of them ~ hope the bad weather stayed clear of Lexington ~ I do feel badly for the Louisville horses ~ I know how scarry tornados can be for humans so I’m sure they are scarry for horses as well ~ STAY SAFE N HEALTHY n enjoy your treats ! :)

  16. Hello Beautiful Girl,

    I love the picture of you checking out Charles’ pockets for treats – you are too funny for words. I’m happy to read that you are doing so well and enjoying all of your freedom out-of-doors.

    Take care and I’ll check back soon to see how you are doing.


  17. dear zenyatta… you are a TREAT!!! and so is your dottie!! i have been going to the socal tracks for years and have always admired your dottie’s sense of style, class and grace – she always looks so lovely – a perfectly lovely lady – we are so lucky to have her help us stay in contact with you dear zenyatta – stay well beautiful zenyatta – stay happy – you are always in my prayers… i wish you only great health and happiness always! love, monica

  18. Zenyatta, you are always nosing and sniffing people close to you to see if they brought you anything and Mike Smith is no exception. I am happy that the weather is good and that you can stay outside for longer periods of time right now. Beware of those tornadoes! You said that Lane’s End Farm has a dress code for its employees. On the one hand, it lets them keep up their physical appearance. On the other hand, however, I would think that with all the responsibilities that come with working in a barn and dealing with horses, that would get those clothes dirty. That’s true in a lot of jobs, though.

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