Diary Post #285

COMPANY!! Photo by Sarah Campion

Hello Everyone,

I have been one very busy girl of late. In addition to my normal activities each day at the farm, I have recently hosted a few visitors. Last Friday, Jim Rome, who nationally hosts several sports talk programs on radio and television, happened to be in Lexington on business. One of his stops was at Lane’s End Farm.

The cute part is that he asked if he could visit ME!

While we were spending a bit of time together, Jim ‘tweeted’ to his fans…”I’m here, kicking it with THE QUEEN.”

I must say, Jim was also very, very kind in his comments about ME. He is a great fan of racing and is a big supporter of our sport! When someone commented that I was the 2010 HORSE OF THE YEAR….he quickly responded that in his mind I was HOTY more than just one year.

What a guy! I am extremely flattered! (Blush, Blush!)

It is truly a great feeling in life when you hear that your hard work and efforts are respected, appreciated, and recognized by others. His kind words really made ME feel so proud and very special!

With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. @Judy Berube, thanks. He is entered in a race tomorrow (Race 4, 8:33 pm). I don’t know if he will still go; I hope the new owners will scratch him to allow him to recover from his surgery. I don’t know much about this surgery, and I have no idea what the recovery time is.

  2. Queen Z when can your fans visit?

  3. My husband will really appreciate this! He’s a Jim R. fan and a Z fan.

  4. No doubt about it, Z Girl, you were definitely HOY more than one year. There won’t be another horse that betters your record in my lifetime unless it’s one of your offspring trained by John. You were that good! A lot of people understand that now.

  5. Zenyatta, you should have been HOTY the last 3 years.. And now you will be MOTY (Mom Of the Year)..

    I have a co worker who isnt a horse racing fan but he knows about you.. His favorite call was last years breeders cup and the way the announcer was saying your name.. So every time I see him all I say is “Zenyatta” and he just smiles lol..

  6. You are loved and admired by millions Z. And he was very right that you were HOTY for more then just one year. Love you lots!

  7. My Sweet Lady Zenyatta, I’ve been a little late keeping up. I read your posts but not all the comments. Got a lot of catching up to do. You look as beautiufl as ever! Love your ears! Land’s End looks like they are dong everything right for you. Looking good! Sending Hugs & Kisses To You From Alabama With Love, Amanda G.
    @ Cythis H.-Beautifully said about Barn 55. You were so lucky to see her. I always wanted to go to Barn 55 to see her but that was no to be. I hope one day, years from now, I get to see her when she retires from having babies.

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