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GREAT JOB, NEREID! (I'd know that grass and those trees anywhere!) Photo by John Shirreffs

Good Morning, Everyone,

Here we are starting another week with so many different activities scheduled. I do want to take a moment and CONGRATULATE my Barn 55 Friend, NEREID, on her Grade 1 victory in the American Oaks! Her sire is ROCK HARD TEN, who just happens to be on our stallion roster here at Lane’s End Farm. Needless to say, everyone at our farm is also pleased to hear this news.


To win a Grade 1 race is the ultimate victory in our sport. In our country, a total of 123 Grade 1 races will be offered throughout 2011. This number is further defined in the following manner. There are 112 Grade 1 stakes races offered throughout the year at various racing venues which are designed to incorporate and appeal to the 1) sex of the horse 2) a variety of distances, and 3) different racing surfaces as dirt or turf. Then, additionally, the Breeders’ Cup offers 11 GRADE 1 races on their 2 days of Championship Racing. Thus, to win a Grade 1 race at any time during the year is truly a wonderful achievement and a fabulous addition to one’s pedigree page.

A horse’s pedigree page is a detailed history of the horse’s family. It notes the horse’s race record as well as that of family members. It is outlined through the female members of the family….as 1st Dam, 2nd Dam and 3rd Dam etc. Their names are written in ALL Capital Letters…and whether in blacktype or not depends on the dam’s racing accomplishments. There is an industry format that has been created to note all of this information in a clear and precise manner.

If a horse is unraced or a winner…the name is listed in normal print.
If the horse has achieved in stakes competition….1st, 2nd or 3rd…. BLACK-TYPE print is used.

For example, I will use my name to further illustrate the manner in which this information would be provided on a horse’s pedigree page.

Zenyatta…………written in lower case letters and normal print….means 2 things…that the horse is either “UNRACED” or “WON” some type of race whether it be a maiden race, maiden claiming, and /or additional races at either claiming or allowance levels.

Zenyatta………written in ‘blacktype’ letters in this format indicates the horse has placed (2nd or 3rd) in a stakes race

ZENYATTA……written in BLACKTYPE letters and ALL CAPITALS…indicates that the horse WON a STAKES RACE.

ALL BLACKTYPE ACHIEVEMENTS are very, very important to a horse for many reasons. Firstly, it truly enhances the value of the horse at the breeding shed. Secondly, the trickle down aspect of stakes activity and ‘blacktype’ also extends to the rest of the horse’s entire family.

On the pedigree page, after the horse’s name, they list other pedigree information, the number of races won during the horse’s career, the total amount earned by the particular horse, and the names of the stakes races and their ratings: as G1, G2, G3, (L) which means listed…etc. Further details as this are provided. It is almost like a coding system which is highly monitored to specifically make all of this information readily available to all aspects of the industry.

To further illustrate all of this for you, I’d like to share MY PEDIGREE PAGE which is current in the details through my 18th victory. I’d like to thank the Thoroughbred Daily News for this pedigree information!

Click here to see my pedigree.

With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. @Abigail from Montreal–thank you for the beautiful photos and rescue stories. So thankful for that.

  2. I’m glad Chantal did the right thing and didn’t say who said what, or when, to either the media or the stewards. From the comments on this wonderful site (and ensuing arguments) the rest of us can surely see why Chantal didn’t care to have her words drug under, over, through some newspaper, television, or social sites on the internet. She’ll handle it just fine. She already did. Leave it alone. Kathryn, feel however you like and compare the incident to whatever you wish. Just do it somewhere else. I’ve had enough of it, for sure. Thank you.

  3. WOW! Nereid looks like one STRONG GIRL!
    and beautiful as well.

  4. @LauraJ – thank you for the link; that was so helpful. :)

  5. @Sunny Boyd :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  6. P 1: ~ To lose a welcome is a loss. … And the site is wonderful, which usually holds us welcome, even in disagreement. Khc.

  7. @ Kathryn Cogswell,
    you talk alot but you say very little, and patronizing/matronizing as that. I know what the deal is in Egypt, have you read the news lately?
    I believe the military is back in power, the days of Nasser are here again.
    There are ‘little’ men all over the world, who always will use women as their lightning rod for their lack of perceived masculinity. Even in professional circles. The lady jockey didn’t miss a beat, went through the proper channels and reported it. The best revenge is success. So now she’ll beat the guys. As Lara Logan had to face the re-telling of her horrific experience, and it wasn’t her aides who rescued her, it was Egyptian women whose laps she happened to fall into, when she was dragged by the mob who thought she was jewish.
    I find it hard to believe that you havin’ been the only one writing about the ‘Revolution’ in Egypt, in a previous diary, that the Lara Logan situation on the other hand found its way into oblivion in your penmenship.

  8. Tangling or tabling discussions `til there`s a round table where welcome is the key note, some ‘letting go & letting be still to know ‘ may do as well as final arguments. ‘This too shall pass, Sugar,’ Dad`s advice — along w/, ‘Don`t get touted off.’ — it`s useful; tangling for turf dusts a field of dreams faster than whirlwinds. Tabling in a climate of good-will is a choice and a legacy. “Living well is the best revenge.” Paul Newman

  9. Very interesting information and congrats to Nereid. Zenny, there will NEVER be another you.

  10. Nereid, what a pretty girl you are!

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