Diary Post #300

Wow! This image of ME is amazing! I love seeing the Peb Drawing on the front of the FORM next to this painting! Photo by John Shirreffs

HAPPY # 300 to ALL OF YOU!

I truly can’t believe that this is Diary Entry # 300! I guess I must be one very chatty female….with so many things to say! I can’t thank Dottie enough for expressing all of my personal thoughts, hopes, dreams, feelings, and achievements in such a way as ALL OF YOU….my dear friends….can also take part in my life and share so many things with ME!

Racing is an amazing sport! I truly feel deeply blessed for what I was able to achieve ON THE RACE TRACK. Yet, I feel equally as appreciative for the things I have been able to do FOR MY SPORT…and most importantly FOR THE FANS!

Yesterday, in a news article discussing the final statistics for the Hollywood Park Meet, they noted that the on-track attendance was down this season. Per the article, “he partially attributed this to the absence of a big draw such as Zenyatta, who raced at the 2010 spring-summer meeting”. Jack Liebau, the track President, commented…”Last year, we had a big day on account of ZENYATTA that we didn’t have this year.” (Thank you, Jack! Blush, Blush)

I know all of the numbers were up in the BREEDERS’ CUP attendance figures each of the year’s that I raced. My goodness, over 20,000 people came to see ME walk on track and say ‘good-bye’. For this, I am so, so proud!

In life, you hope to do things to make people feel good. You hope to achieve and make some type of mark. You strive to do your best and TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! But…to make history, to make people feel good about a sport again, to bring fans closer together, and to have people love ME so much not only for what I achieved as an athlete…but for ME, my personal qualities,….is truly something one DREAMS could happen to them!

One of the FACE BOOK responses yesterday by Marie Stoyles-Moura was very touching to ME. She said, “I don’t think your pedigree should read Champion–See Record—–It should read “QUEEN–See Record.”

Upon reflection, having a racing career which spanned 4 years, to have statements like the ones written above said about YOU…is so, so rewarding and extremely appreciated. MY TEAM and I can’t thank you enough.

I am one very, very grateful HORSE….for all of the gifts I have been given…which totally includes the LOVE, HONOR, AND RESPECT I HAVE BEEN GIVEN FROM ALL OF YOU!

Again, THANK YOU from the bottom of MY HEART!

With Love,
Hugs to ALL~


  1. Zenyatta, I’m not surprised that horse racing attendance at Hollywood Park and at The Breeder’s Cup has been down this year in your absence. That really says something. You have achieved alot in a relatively short period of time and that’s, in large part, why people love you so much. You have made tons of people happy and that’s why you are such a fortunate horse.

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