Diary Post #302

We are out enjoying our own "party..." Photo by Sarah K. Andrews

Hello Everyone,

Del Mar sure got off to a wonderful beginning yesterday! I gather it was quite a party atmosphere with approximately 48,000 happy people in attendance. The racing was fabulous and the crowd had a great time. It was perfect weather…in the low 70’s and really pleasant. Good luck to everyone during this entire meet.

While all of those people were enjoying their ‘DEL MAR FUN’, Tasty Temptation and I were out having a PARTY of our own grazing and enjoying the outdoors. You can see I am getting a bit more of a baby bump and my coat is ‘highlighted by the sun’. I do think it is definitely a great look for ME… if I say so myself.

I’d also like to CONGRATULATE my pal, MR. COMMONS, for winning the Oceanside Stakes on Del Mar’s opening day card. At Barn 55, he was stabled about 3 stalls down from ME. We saw each other all of the time and often grazed together in the afternoons. He is one handsome lad and I am so proud of his effort! What a great victory from off the pace! YEAH, MR. C!

I also noticed that MY JOHN had on his LUCKY Z CAP…..which has MY NAME on the back. It looks terrific on him….if I say so myself. The guys on TVG even commented about it. I know he really thinks about ME often and I will ALWAYS BE A HUGE PART OF HIS LIFE. What a bond we have had…very special and very nurturing. He was always so lovingly supportive of ME and ALL OF MY NEEDS! I, in turn, totally loved every moment of being at Barn 55 with MY JOHN and MY TEAM. I always tried to do my VERY BEST with every task I was ever asked to complete!

It’s starting to get a bit warm out here now. When it is like this, they take us back to the barn and let the fans circulate the cool air around us while we are relaxing in our stalls. I’ve even heard they are going to cancel the Woodbine races today because of this extremely hot weather!
Just as I thought….here come the guys now to take us inside!

Just like we are doing….please take extra care of yourselves in this HEAT!

With Love,
Hugs to All~

Don’t forget….Saratoga opens tomorrow! Our sport is SO MUCH FUN! Something is always happening!


  1. Dear Queen-Z & Team-Z,
    You look beautiful and so healthy!!
    Congrats to John and Mr.COMMONS. That was a great race.
    Take care. Hugs to all. Fondly, OraJean

  2. @ notafanofensign,
    Climb back under your bridge

  3. Dear DMCQ:
    Thank you for your kind words and lovely post. Hugs, J.B.

  4. To DMCQ: You have been absorbed! An official “Z” Dumpling :)

  5. Zenyatta, they say that opening day at Del Mar this year broke records, which I am not surprised about. I can’t help but wonder if part of that was due to the “carmageddon” that happened in Los Angeles the previous weekend which kept many people home and gave them cabin fever. Just a thought. I’m glad that you are still having fun with your buddies at Lane’s End Farm in the way of grazing until they take you guys in due to the heat. That is probably a smart idea. If I were a horse, I would appreciate it. I saw the race that Mr. Commons won. I was rooting for him and, therefore, very happy that he won. I also noticed John Shirreffs in his Zenyatta hat. I am starting to notice your baby bump. Good luck taking care of that unborn foal. How lucky you are to have lived 3 stalls from Mr. Commons when you resided at Hollywood Park.

  6. Stay cool pretty girl! :) I noticed your John wearing your hat when I was watching the race! We all miss you alot! Yep,horseracing IS fun! :)

  7. I wonder if they put the mares in according to size, as Tasty Temp. looks not too much smaller than Z, I mean in height? Is that how they do that, as I had been wondering where Pirate Queen went?? Any info on her? thank you.

    Zenyatta: Racing is BORING without you.

  8. Awe theres my gray canadian girl!!! <3 and you're looking mighty fine too Zenyatta! <3

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