Diary Post #303

Here I am...enjoying my summer training days at Del Mar last year! Photo by John Shirreffs

Hello Everyone,

From Del Mar to Saratoga…which opens today….HAPPY RACING!

This is truly the DAILY DOUBLE of summer racing in our sport. It kicks into full swing today! You have Saratoga which starts the day on the East Coast…and then Del Mar on the West Coast to round out your day of thoroughbred enjoyment! During the next several weeks, there are so many options, so many great horses, an abundance of stakes races and LOTS OF FUN!

Even though it is exceptionally warm on the East Coast today, in the mid-90’s and a heat index of 100, the NYRA stated that the race meet will open on schedule. There are 2 stakes races on their program, the Sanford for 2 year olds and the James Marvin Stakes for older horses. The latter drew a field of very accomplished stakes winners going 7 furlongs. Both races will be very competitive and fun races to watch.

Each coast offers deep racing fields over the entire weekend. Have a great time handicapping, watching the races, and analyzing all of your selections! Additionally, HOOVES CROSSED for great racing luck for all of YOU!

Again, please take special care of yourself in this heat. It is really important for you to monitor your physical activities and stay properly hydrated! I know something about this. MY JOHN always monitored my hydration levels when I was at Barn 55. Due to my size and weight…and then in consideration of my physical activities as an athlete, this was a very, very important part of my overall well-being. That is why I know the great importance of monitoring one’s HYDRATION LEVELS!

Happy Weekend to all of my dear, dear FRIENDS!

With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. @all-I just read an article that indicates that Santa Anita does not yet have the “official” go ahead to host the BC in 2012. Some doubts about the racing surface. But, the article continues to say SA is in the “drivers seat.” As I was having fun with the country titles, I was reminded of a movie from about 50 years ago titled “The Girl Can’t Help It.” It starred Jay\ne Mansfield and Tom Ewell, along with, of all people, Edmond O’Brien. The basic plot is that O’Brien wants to make a star singer out of Mansfield. he had been a big time gangster and was just recently out of jail. He calls Ewell in, who is a talent agent, and they go over some songs that he wrote in prison. The titles were “I’ll get no good behavior time off baby if I keep thinking of you,” “No lights on the Christmas tree, mother, they’re using the electric chair tonight,” and the one they finally picked “Rock around the rockpile.” Anyone who has seen this movie please post if I have missed any.

  2. @ Hello Karin B: Sad to hear too about First Dude. I don’t know much about injuries but why can’t he rest for a few months like Animal Kingdom, Nehro and Dial In? Your husband will be upset no doubt as most of the fans. Marilu

  3. -One last try works (above)..again so sorry for 3 broken links….

  4. Hi Z’ers, I’ve been out of the loop for over a week and am desperately trying to catch up here! Don’t know if that will happen as there are so many posts now (I could try, but I’d probably get fired!)Will someone tell me, please, if Noor made his final trip and which Post I might find it in? I’d appreciate it so much. Okay, going back to catch up.
    Love you, Zenyatta, forever!

  5. @Kari B–glad you worked through all the broken links–GREAT video. Thanks.

  6. @Margie–Noor hasn’t left yet.
    @Terry Crow–you won’t believe this, but my daddy played classical violin and was Jayne Mansfield’s violin teacher. My parents were great friends with Jayne’s. Their names were Vera and Harry Peers and lived in Dallas. I never knew Mariska Hargitay, but I babysat Jayne Marie once. Jayne was the Peers’ only child. When “This Is Your Life” was going to do a segment on her, they contacted my daddy.

  7. @Margie
    Not yet – getting close, maybe the 26th will be the beginning. Please wait for post from Charlotte.

  8. sorry–meant to say “Jayne’s parents”–the heat has literally fried my brain.

  9. Good afternoon Zenny and all! Hope the weather has cooled down everywhere like it has here. It has been a scorcher!
    @Kari Bussell: Thanks for the updated video “A Very Special Love Song” – Beautifully done!!!
    @signofthetimes: Enjoyed the Bernardini videos.
    @Barbara Wood: Enjoyed the Dog Prayer video.
    @DJ: Thank you for the prayers.
    Love and prayers for all you wonderful Dumplings and Zenny and all at Lanes End.

  10. Dear Sharon Call:
    About half way up on this Diary page there are two posts. One is from me with an article that describes It’s Tricky’s personality and another post from Max with a fantastic still shot by Barbara Livingston of It’s Tricky dumping Jockey Castro. It’s really no wonder that she did as she was reacting to a bucket of cool water being thrown on her after the race to cool her down. Hugs, J.B.

  11. Dear Barbara Wood:
    Thank you for that adorable “Dog Prayer” video. How great that you babysat a future Movie Star. Was really sad when she passed. Her daughter is a very good actress, I think. Hugs, J.B.
    Dear Terry Wood:
    Very funny. Hugs, J.B.

  12. To Terry Crow:
    Just read your post of more Country Titles. Can’t stop laughing. Where are you getting these? Ha, ha. Hugs, J.B.

  13. Dear Sharon Call:
    Loved Berman, King and Borge was a genius. How great that you got to see him live. Hugs, J.B.

  14. Suzanne G.:
    Wish they wouldn’t over use the whip and I think anybody would react to cold water thrown at them. Usually, have seen grooms gently cool them down with water soaked sponges. Don’t know why they didn’t. Hugs, J.B.

  15. To Ingrid Arnone:
    Dear Ingrid:
    How was your handicapping over the weekend? Hugs, J.B.

  16. Zenyatta, unfortunately, I missed the opening day of Saratoga, but I caught a couple of their races later that night. I also caught it Saturday and Sunday. It’s true what they say that Saratoga has some of the more competitive races. Their opening day being the same week of the Del Mar opening this year has made for some really exciting racing. Zenyatta, I am really glad that you are aware of the importance of taking care of one’s self in the heat. Your past experience as a racehorse has served you well, and so is your in foal status. I am drinking plenty of fluids and staying cool as much as possible myself.

  17. @Baby Results – 07-25-11
    Race 3 – “Siberian Wildcat” – Was void of speed, raced two then three wide on the turn, moved out in upper stretch and failed to threaten. Finished 5th. “Select Cat” won, should have played a cat horse in this one. -$5.00
    Race 6 – My key horse “Delightful Song” was scratched, all the cat horses came 2nd, 3rd, & 4th. Bet Void
    -$5.00 today -$46.00 going into the next race.
    @DJ – I’m Sorry and “Beautyinthepulpit” won too, good call. He was a first time starter but not a 2 yr old. I’m only playing the 2 yr old babies here.
    I want to say thanks to:
    @Trina Nagele
    @Terry Crow
    @judy berube
    @s (in San Diego)
    @Kathryn Cogswell
    @Sarah Powell
    @Diana S
    @Brenda S
    @Marshall (girl’s name)
    @Kari Bussell
    @Barbara Wood
    and anyone else I may have missed

  18. To Gary M.: ‘We become writers when we read with love the writing of others.’ [Unknown].

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