Diary Post #304

THAT'S ME! Photo sent to Dottie by Mike Sekulic. His friend sent it to him! Taken in November, 2010.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Wow, it has been a busy, but OH SO WARM WEEKEND! (At least here and on the East Coast! My Team told ME that it was fabulous weather in Del Mar… the low 70’s!)

The Saratoga Meet got off to a great start. The racing was very competitive and the stakes results were very solid. The horses seemed to handle the heat…as did the fans!

Del Mar weather and racing was terrific from all reports. Shorts, hats, and California Casual dress worked well for everyone. It was crowded over the weekend…but nothing like opening day. The entire environment was perfect for betting, enjoying the horses parading in the paddock, and having a bite to eat.

I’d like to give a special ‘shout out’ to my Barn 55 pal, CLOUD MAN, who won a very nice allowance race at Del Mar on Friday night. During the Del Mar Meet, they have a late first post each Friday, 4 o’clock, run the races, and then have a concert for the fans.

Each week, the group performing is different. These concerts are really well-attended. Last year, the performances were held in the infield, but as the Meet progressed, they thought the noise might be a bit too loud for the horses. This year, management reorganized things and relocated the stage placing it next to a huge parking lot by the beach side of the grandstand. This is a terrific location for everyone to have a great time.

Even though I love music and I truly adore DANCING…really loud music the night before a big race is not always the best thing for an athlete when he/she is trying to focus, relax and get some rest. So, changing the on-site location for these summer concerts is a fabulous thing. On behalf of my fellow horses, THANK YOU DEL MAR!

In this heat, relaxing in the barn with the cool air breezing around ME, I’ve had a moment to reflect upon so many things. Throughout the years, there have been numerous photos taken of ME that I truly enjoy. Fans often send various pictures to Dottie…ones she has never even seen before. When she saw the one above, she thought you might also enjoy it. In it…is a cartoon drawing of ME done by one of my fans…flying between the Twin Spires. Notice the intent look on my face as I’m studying this poster. I love it when I’m showing my SERIOUS SIDE!

With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. @judy berube: thank you. Hugs back.

  2. @ Kari: The one you posted is pulled from this one, called Secretariat At Woodbine (Toronto, Canada). It is my FAVOURITE movie about Secretariat & was filmed by CBC in Canada. The footage is WONDER-FULL!!! Also, you hear about Big Red from Eddie, Charlie Davis, as well as Penny & Lucien Laurin. ENJOY — I THINK YOU’LL LOVE IT!!! This is Part One: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ig6mVScZ4bc
    This is Part Two:
    This whole piece is also on the most recent version of The Life & Times of Secretariat, available at secretariat.com

  3. Dear Zenyatta,
    So great that you can read as well as write! Hope you and your friends are keeping cool. Thanks to your families for always sharing.Love and hugs, Suzanne G
    @Barbara Wood–wonderful link to see what can happen with love, dedication and a strong spirit.
    @Janet Cutting–good for you and Jack too. Once you look into those beautiful brown eyes, you get to see an entire new dimension.

  4. To Amanda G.:
    Happy Belated Birthday. Hugs, J.B.

  5. @DJ – Thanks for spreading the word and asking for nothing in return. You are like the Good Doctor who asks “Where does it hurt”?, before he/she asks “Who is going to pay for it”? You are someone, who in my mind, is in it because they truly care, believe, and wants to help someone with disregard for the all mighty dollar unlike most Preachers and Doctors I’ve seen.
    You are a true Zoul Saver.

  6. Dear DJ:
    Thank you. Hugs, J.B.

  7. @Sarah Powell–I do remember that Jayne’s children were in the back, but I didn’t know that Mariska has a scar from it. SO sad. Thanks for sharing that.
    @the kKennedys–thanks so much for the link to P. Chenery’s interview.
    @Sally (B)–Oh, how I wish I had known that Z could have visitors at Oaklawn!

  8. Dear Kari B:
    Thank you for the link on Big Red. He was magnificent. Hugs, J.B.

  9. Can’t for the life of me type w/o typos–should be “Kennedys”.

  10. Dear Kennedy’s in S.D.:
    Thanks for the link on P.C. What a lady. Hugs, J.B.

  11. Have you all seen this? Unfortunately you have to have a face book account to vote. Ths is amazing that they posted this on Zenyatta’s Face Book for all her fans to see! Of course whe will win, even without the votes of the folks with no FB account.

    Breeders’ Cup World Championships
    Hi Zenyatta,
    We are putting together a Classic Calendar with proceeds going towards The V Foundation for Cancer Research. The 12 Classic winners being featured in the calendar are being chosen by our fans. We hope to see our favorite and only Classic girl featured, so please ask your friends to vote! We hope you are enjoying your Spa days Lane’s End Farm.
    All the best,
    Your Friends at Breeders’ Cup

  12. Hi Z never got to see you race live watched all your races on tv really miss watching you be happy Queen Z love ya lots I really wish along with all your fans we could see you when can we visit ? love ya

  13. Dear Gary Moulton:
    Thanks for the link on Mr. Weir. Nice man. Hugs, J.B.

  14. Dear Tressia:
    Was able to vote on Z’s Facebook page. Don’t have an account myself. Thanks. Hugs, J.B.

  15. Nice picture. Thanks for sharing it. I love you Queen Z.

  16. To Gary M: ..I don’t know what to say, so I will just say ‘Thank you’. I am sincerely grateful. Please keep sharing your racing wisdom and poetry. We are blessed to have you!

  17. To JB: Someday, I hope, we will exchange a real hug! For now, the prayers are hugs :) DJ

  18. @Kari Bussell: Oh my! After all these years watching Secretariat run that last race was as exciting and thrilling as if I were watching it for the first time. Big Red you will always live in my heart.

  19. Janet Cutting- What a great story about your up close meeting with Jack. Sounds as if two wonderful souls met that day.

    Diana S.-You are so creative! I think your idea about boxes in close proximity for the dumplings is wonderful. I am getting excited just thinking about it.
    I so treasure my dumpling name tag. Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you in the not so distant future.

    Karen Gogue – Hope you are holding out okay. I see occasional posts from you so I know you are still breathing. Please let me know if I can help you in any way.

  20. The closer it gets to November, the more I think of you and the Breeder’s Cup Classic last year. I met some wonderful people from California who came just to see you race! They were in the ENTIRE section over from mine. We “talked horses” and had the most wonderful visit that day. I lost my voice that day cheering for Uncle Mo, Goldikova, and YOU! I’ll cherish those moments forever – some fun times with my husband, meeting new friends, and watching the most beautiful, talented horse I’ve ever seen in my life at one of the most historical tracks in the world. Love you, beautiful “Z”…give my best regards to all of Team Zenyatta – they absolutely ROCK!

  21. Dear DJ:
    Ditto. Hugs, J.B.

  22. Zenny Dear–That is SUCH a sweet picture of you,checking out the “flying Queen”!! Your intelligence and inquisitiveness are so apparent!! And the sweet look on your face is just priceless!!

    @ Margaret–I had a moose living in my backyard for most of a whole winter several years back. Here in Sun Valley and Ketchum we are surroundedby BLM land. It was a very hard winter and she came down from the high country and lived in our neighborhood. She chasede a few people walking their dogs but must have figured out that our yard was a safe haven,because she even co-existed with our dogs who would be out on their tethers several times a day. Very unusual as they are usually aggressive to both people and dogs!! We called her “Moosie” (very original!!) and she seemed to like us.

    I had my little TB (14-3 1/8)aspirate a carrot when she got grabby trying to get ahead of another horse who was also at the fence. I was getting ready to break it for her and she snatched it and ran. I didn’t realize what she had done until she started stretching her neck out. I was frantically trying to think how I could help her. Then she started bucking and rearing. When that didn’t work,it looked like cartoons where you see a lightbulb drawn above the character’s head—she took off at a full gallop,and without slowing down a bit,threw herself on her side—-when that didn’t work,she did it one more time,after galloping again, and it was dis-lodged. She was a very willful little mare who wanted everything her own way and let us know in a hurry if things were not to her liking! In this case,her temper saved her life!! It was the smartest thing I ever saw a horse do. The friend who was with me at the time said that the would not have believed what she did if she herself had not seen it!! Have any of you seen something similar?? Rosie–real name “Faded Rosebud” was a little character. Beautiful bay with a white snip on her face. The most delicate legs I have ever seen on a horse. Her grand-father was Ribot and her Great-Grandpa was Bold Ruler. She did not like to be ridden,wanted to be free,so she was an exquisite “pasture ornament” and just loved it!!

    She certainly would have looked funny next to you Z!!!!!

    Hope you have a lovely peaceful evening and a happy day tomorrow,with the sun (not too much) on your back and a soft breeze to ruffle your mane. LOVE YOU!!!

  23. Hi Zenyatta. Just loved the pic – you are definitely an angel flying between the Twin Spires of Churchill. Just loved Cloud Man’s victory – he sure is handsome!! Stay cool, eat well for two, have loads of fun and girl talk with your BBFs. Love you, Angel in Disguise.

  24. Dear DJ: Missing digi-drinks .. . in the heat too long last days — no ill effects but a random vagueness. Maybe tea? K. [will you find this?] . . .

  25. Kc: Just found.. yes in your favor I just brewed some black Earl Grey and am icing it. Cut oranges and lemons for the steep. :) A mainstay.

  26. with rest of course..(hermits delight!)

  27. The photo was taken by John Chun. Sorry I’m late in getting this information out there.

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