Diary Post #306

Gotta' Love This Hat! Photo by John Shirreffs

Good Morning,

The other day at Barn 55, Gilbert was there ready to work. He
does horse dental work for some of my pals at the barn.

Well, he truly came prepared with his ZENYATTA CAP. Around the brim,
he has all of the different jockey figures and pins he has collected in relation
to certain races, horses and people in the industry. It is really a very unique

I know that the DEL MAR HAT CONTEST was last Wednesday….but in my
opinion, GILBERT’S cap is a real winner!

Happy ‘Hump Day’! Dottie tells me this is a reference used by people when
working a normal business week…Monday through Friday. Wednesday is the
mid-point…thus, you only have 2 days until the weekend.

This is TOO CUTE! In our industry, Wednesday often begins the racing week!
Interesting, how differences occupations can have such varying schedules. I
think that is what makes life so much FUN!

With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. @Teacher: Can I go play with my Z blog friends? Please?
    @diastu in tempe: Did you finish your Dumpling project?
    @Teacher: Yes, ma’am, see the box of envelopes by the door? I’m all done! So can I go play?
    @diastu in tempe

  2. @Gary M.
    The horse I bet on was sooo slow, the jockey kept a diary of the trip! ..and Slim, that’s Pickens! Really, I loved that. Funny how ole cowboys always speak the truth!

  3. @Gary M.
    Sorry, tired, that should have been: and Slim, that wuz Pickens…oh, who am I kiddin’… Gary, you probably don’t even know who wuz Slim Pickens!! Geez, you youngins! Or wuz this over-the-humpLING dumpLING dating themself?

  4. @All: sorry for the half-a*@! er, double post. Lost my connection for a bit.
    @Michael Blowen: I am so sorry for your loses this week. I will tell you the same thing I tell anyone who has taken care of an animal in need – THEY KNOW they are lucky and blessed to have your touch and love surround them. They know. I so look forward to meeting you when we escort Noor to your doorstep.
    diastu in tempe

  5. @DJ: That was lovely. Thank you, but I am not worthy.
    @Dr. Beth: Keep up the good work miss!
    @EK: I agree that early ice water and later stem cells are tools that should be in the box.
    @All: I’m pulling a Charlotte Farmer and will undoubtedly pay for it manana – it is 1:50AM Thursday right now. I gotta go to bed and will wait for new Hoofprint to jump back in the pool.
    diastupored in tempe

  6. Good morning all.
    @s(in San Diego)–It would be great if the mare’s new owner could become a Z Dumpling and keep us updated with news about her. (Don’t tell Diana S I said that, now that she’s done–lol!)
    @Diana S– you are TOO CUTE–you make me laugh with every post.

  7. GO FRANKEL he is amazing

  8. @Teacher: Can I go play with my Z Blog friends? Please?
    @DJ: Did you thank Diana S. for her ‘Oh So Thoughtful!’ gift of her time and her talent just for the ZDumplings?
    @Teacher: I will now. “Thank you so much Diana for all of the hard work. I will wear mine proudly and think of diastu in Zenyatta! Your the best!”
    @DJ: One more thing..did you share a prayer with your friends this morning?
    @Teacher: I will now.
    @DJ: Good. Then you can go play afterwards, and stay out of the street!

  9. To Gilbert – Amazing hat!! I’m extremely jealous. Congratulations to Frankel and his connections! What a brilliant race.

  10. For those who would like to share a Morning Prayer/Hymn:
    Praise the Lord, ye heavens, adore him;
    Praise him, angels in the height;
    Sun and moon, rejoice before him;
    Praise him, all ye stars of light.
    Praise the Lord for he has spoken;
    Worlds his mighty voice obeyed;
    Laws which never shall be broken,
    For their guidance he has made.
    Praise the Lord, for he is glorious,
    Never shall his promise fail;
    God has made his children victorious,
    Despair and death shall not prevail.
    Praise the God of our salvation;
    Lord on high his power proclaim;
    Heaven and earth and all creation,
    Praise and magnify his name.
    Worship, honor, glory, blessing,
    Lord, we offer unto thee;
    Young and old, thy praise expressing,
    In glad homage bend the knee.
    All the souls in heaven adore thee,
    We would bow before thy throne;
    As thine angels serve before thee,
    So on earth thy will be done.

  11. Hello Pretty Girl! Hope it is cooler in KY than it is in CT! We will be in the high 90’s starting tomorrow again with lots of humidity! Hope you are drinking lots of water and eating lots of good things! I love you Zenyatta!

  12. Text: Edward Osler, 1836

  13. @Linda S — Lovely comment about animals knowing they are lucky and blessed…

  14. Wonderful hat!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  15. @S know what you mean about getting attached – that’s how I wound up with 11 horses, 6 dogs, 14 cows and 26 cats! I know I’m not one of those people who could breed horses or dogs. If someone came to buy I’d want background checks, 10 references, well you get the picture. I just get too attached! So happy that this little mare will have a good home – it was all I could do not to offer when I saw her pic!

  16. @ Laura J: Thanks for the info on the hats. How sweet of you to take time to give me the info. Regards, Marilu

  17. @ The Kennedys: Thanks for the information on Uncle Mo. I hope he continues to fully recover. The races can wait. Marilu

  18. That hat is a treasure.

  19. Great look!

  20. Zenyatta, it is wonderful of you to recognize the man at your old barn 55 who does dental work for your buddies out there. It is also great that you have learned that hump day refers to Wednesday for people who work Monday thru Friday. Thanks to Ted Malloy for all that he is doing at Santa Anita.

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