Diary Post #322

Fun at Del Mar! Photo by John Shirreffs

Good Morning All!

John and Dottie were on their way back to the barn yesterday afternoon when these adorable POODLES were driving right next to them with their owner. SOPHIE thought they looked just like her….only MUCH bigger!

John simply had to get this photo. (Needless to say, Dottie was driving!) The 2 dogs in the back sure seemed to be enjoying every moment of the summer breeze while driving around town. I think lots of our 4-legged pals LOVE DEL MAR!

The real point of John and Dottie’s trip from the barn was to go to the market and purchase more dandelion leaves for the horses. Per MY JOHN, they absolutely love them! I do remember that John always tried to have some fun and different things for us to munch on and play with all of the time….often with the primary objective being to change the pace from our normal routine…and KEEP THINGS HEALTHY AND FUN FOR US!

Perhaps you remember meeting my BARN 55 friend, BRONZE BEAUTY. In an earlier diary, I referred to her as “Sleeping Beauty” as she LOVES her naps. Well, John also knows she LOVES dandelion leaves. So much so, she’ll wake up to have them. Please enjoy her photos. She is a DOLL!

Almost gone! All photos by John Shirreffs

It can be pretty terrific to be a lucky DOG or a fortunate HORSE enjoying life in DEL MAR!

With Love,
Hugs to All~(Have some fun today!)


  1. For “Z Friends” who would like to share a Morning Prayer/Hymn:
    Praise the Lord, ye heavens, adore him;
    Praise him, angels in the height;
    Sun and moon, rejoice before him;
    Praise him, all ye stars of light.
    Praise the Lord, for he has spoken;
    Worlds his mighty voice obeyed;
    Laws which never shall be broken,
    For their guidance he has made.
    Praise the Lord, for he is glorious,
    Never shall his promise fail;
    God has made his people victorious,
    their enemies shall not prevail.
    Praise the God of our salvation;
    Heaven and earth and all creation,
    Praise and magnify his name.
    ……………………Edward Osler 1836

  2. @DJ: This is just beautiful, thank you, and thank you Edward Osler.

  3. @ Barbara Wood, last Saturday, did you get a break from the heat? North Texas did, 87, never thought I would think that that was cool weather. It even sprinkled.

  4. Zenyatta, those are absolutely beautiful pictures of your former stallmate Bronze Beauty sleeping. It makes me want to sleep next to her or to at least rest my head on her. She loves naps and so do I. So you say that John and Dottie were out buying dandelion leaves which you horses love and that Bronze Beauty will wake up for. You also say that John likes to liven and change things up for his horses which I think is wonderful. It also makes sense that 4 legged creatures love Del Mar, seeing as John and Dottie passed a car with a couple of poodles in it on their dandelion leaves run.

  5. @JB, response from #321, yeah, catching up. I am almost certain that the beauties, Blind Luck and Grace are not running against each other THIS time. I am alot less stressed out when they don’t..LOL. I want them both to win this next one…and when they do run together..It is a Box…Thanks again for the link…I do not think I have ever been in a situation that I could not choose, if Awesome Maria was competing with them as well…I just do not know what I would do..LOL…Lisa g.

  6. To JB: Thank you -Cyber Happy Hour! :) Hugs.
    To Signofthetimes: Thank you!!
    To TC: Missed you today :( Off to Del Mar..but yesterdays will certainly hold me over! Have a good one!!
    To Gary M: Good luck! I like it!! Tell Granny about Capt. Sparrow :)
    To Susan in TN: :) Sass must be getting big now! I love my photos…thank you!
    To DMCQ: Too Cute! Did the same with squash myself! I love them stuffed with Chevre herb cheese, deep fried and served with tomato sauce..yum.
    To Lisa g: You are always so thoughtful! Makes me truly happy to be your prayer partner!
    Happy Hour Special Today honoring Del Mar Menu – Serving fresh fish tacos, with avocado salsa, coleslaw and tortilla chips. Top Shelf Margaritas or Mock for those wanting a kick, and not from a horse! Good luck to All Dumplingz

  7. Hi Zenyatta – what a great picture of the poodles – too cute. Bronze Beauty snoozing and enjoying her dandelion leaves – how precious!! What great pictures. Keep them comin! Love you big girl. Another great weekend of racing – Alabama on Saturday (Its Tricky- going for the Triple Tiara – Good Luck) and Longacres Mile on Sunday – wow – what fabulous racing. Can’t wait for next weekend – we are going to Del Mar for the Pacific Classic – fingers are crossed that Blind Luck will stay and race in the Pacific Classic instead of going to Saratoga. Yea!!! Stay comfy and cool, eat well for two and have loads of fun with BBFs. Love you, Angel in Disguise.

  8. @Lisa g –yes, we did. It was in the 90’s, and we were able to leave the dogs outside. Got about 1/4″ rain. We have had to babysit the dogs all summer. They lie around in the den on the “puppy pallet” (The “puppies” are 80 and 65 lbs., respectively, but we call them the “puppies”). Curtails our lives considerably, but it’s too hot for them to stay out.

  9. @DJ, Del Mar Happy Hour making me hungry, wish I could go….

  10. @Judy Berube, Lisa g, Debbie G, DMCQ, Tr Nagele, signofthetimes and Barbara Wood-Pleased that you liked the joke. It is one of my favorites. @JAG-Thanks for the link about the story on Victor Espinoza. Mr. Espinoza is right. These people are the backbone of the industry. @Kennedys in San Diego-You are a treasure trove on Zenyatta. It was a pleasure meeting you on Gold Cup day at Hollywood Park. @DMCQ-Have not seen those jokes. How can I find them? I am like Milton Berle. I will steal from anybody, even horses. @Susan in TN-I sure would like to see Chester. Can you or somebody provide me with a link? Here is today’s joke. I will post again later if a new thread is started. A man had a dog which met him at the door every day when he came home. He came home one day, and the dog didn’t meet him. He looked for the dog and he found him curled up in the house. He nudged the dog, and said “let’s go” , and the dog didn’t move. He picked up the dog and carried him to the vet. He told the vet “My dog is sick. Can you help him?” The vet checked the dog and said “Sorry, bot your dog is dead.” The man said “He can’t be. Check him again.” The vet walked into the other room. When he came back, he had a cat. He put the cat on the table. The cat jumped onto the dog’s back and dug in his nails. From there, the cat jumped on the dog’s head. He then scratched the dog’s nose and bit the dog’s ear. The cat then jumped down and walked away. The man said, “you’re right. My dog is gone. How much do I owe you?” The vet said $545.00. The man said “$545.00? That seems a bit high.” The vet replied,”It’s $45.00 for the office visit and $500.00 for the cat scan.” For those of you who remember good news, bad news jokes. This one has been rolling around in my head, don’t know why. An Indian chief called the tribe together to make an announcement. “I have some good news and some bad news. Which would you like to hear first?” The members of the tribe looked at each other and said that they would like to hear the bad news first. “Braves have had bad luck with hunting this winter. All we have to eat is buffalo dung.” The members of the tribe then said “That is terrible. What is the good news?” “The chief then said “We have plenty of buffalo dung.”

  11. thanks susan in TN

  12. @all– I learned something interesting today. Just happened to pick up a book at the library called “Little Girl Blue”, a bio of Karen Carpenter (for those younger than some of us, she was a musical hit in the 70’s with her brother Richard). Anyway, I had forgotten that they were under the A&M label owned by OUR Jerry and his partner, Herb Alpert. The account of their signing with A&M mentions that they were known as a “family” recording group, and that they were very nice to all their singers. They wanted them to reach their full potential as artists and didn’t always concern themselves with the bottom line. Said OUR Jerry and Herb started the company with $100 each. None of this surprises me in the least, because we know Team Z is the BEST, and they have carried on the same tradition with their horses. It is so refreshing in this jaded world to find genuine, caring people at the top of their game. They are reaping what they have sown in kindness and generosity.

  13. @Barbara Wood, I did not know about The Carpenters, but I did know about Waylon Jennings. Mr. Jerry Moss released him from the contract when Waylon J asked him, without argument, grudge..nothing…Mr Jerry Moss is Awesome. He just does the right thing when he believes it is the right thing. The story explains it alot better than what I just wrote. After I read it, I had another type of respect for Mr. Jerry Moss..and when he was busy, my friend was at HP on his cell with me, and Mr. Moss walked by, and my friend said that I would love a hello from Jerry Moss..and HE DID…Wow..I will never forget it.

  14. @Terry Crow, okay, another cutie.. You and DJ get me laughing, smiling and tearing…

  15. @Lisa g–neat story. Thanks!

  16. Dear Susan in Tn.:
    You’re welcome. Hugs, J.B.
    Dear Laura J.:
    Hope Step’s OK. Hugs, J.B.

  17. Dear Lisa g.:
    I know, it’s so hard when you love them all to choose just one. Hugs, J.B.

  18. Dear DMCQ:
    Yes, B.G. takes amazing even breathtaking photos. Hugs, J.B.

  19. Dear DJ:
    Thank you for the Morning Prayer. Hugs, J.B.

  20. Dear Z Fans:
    Here’s Denise in AZ’s new baby, Cayenne Peppers Passion. Hugs, J.B.

  21. Dear Terry Crow:
    Here’s a photo of Chester from Susan’s Rive Edge Farm Rescue. Hugs, J.B.

  22. Oh my gosh! What a Sweet Thing!

  23. Bronze Beauty is so cute! I bet you miss Del Mar Queen Z. Love you!

  24. Dear Trina N.:
    You’re welcome. Hugs, J.B.

  25. Cute pictures!

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