Diary Post #324

I've still "GOT THE MOVES"! Photo by Sarah Campion

Happy Monday to All!

I truly hope you had a wonderful weekend and really enjoyed yourselves and all of the competitive racing that took place around the country. I sure did….so much so I thought I’d DANCE for a bit! I must admit, that this is just part of my nature…to DANCE whenever I feel terrific! I love doing the “ZENYATTA”.

I’d also like to congratulate all of the winners who ran from coast to coast over the weekend. It makes for such FUN when the racing is as exciting as it has been lately.

I’d especially like to congratulate my owners on SISTER MOON’S maiden victory yesterday at Del Mar. She is a two year old filly by Dixie Union who was making her very first start. She is a homebred for their racing program…which really makes it all so special and so rewarding! Not only did she win quite impressively by over 9 lengths…she also set a new track record for Del Mar at the 5 1/2 furlong distance: 102.70. WOW! She is certainly one very “QUICK MISS”.

Track records for a specific distance are noted at the top of the page in the program and Daily Racing Form every time a particular race is carded at that distance. They reflect the BEST TIME that distance has ever been run…ever…at that race track!

I am elated to say, I also hold a track record time at Del Mar. Mine is for the 1 1/16 distance on the main track of 1:41.48. I believe I was definitely one very “QUICK MISS” as well! (Blush, Blush!)

All of this news….makes ME want to DANCE!

With Love,
Hugs to ALL~(Yeah, Sister Moon!)


  1. Zenyatta, you are my inspiration. That Blue Grass seems to agree with you.

  2. Have any visitors lately, Zenyatta? Hope so, as you were so used to lots of company. I know that you love children, so maybe Dottie can arrange for you to see some young ones.

  3. Still the Queen of Dance. Love to see you doing so well. Makes me want to dance too!!!

  4. Good morning, Z friends! I have been reading the posts I missed while I was “away” and realized that there are THOUSANDS. But, I did want to mention a few.
    @Lil in Kentucky: So glad your surgery is behind you and that your friend Catherine is better!
    @Catherine Uher: I am so happy to see that you got your transplant and hope you are feeling better and better!
    @Anyone: Do we know how our John’s mother is doing? Better, I hope.
    @Anyone: Have we heard from Amanda Gilliland recently? I did not see her name as I skimmed thru the posts. Hope everything is going okay with her sister-in-law.

  5. @Kari B: Quite a crossroads-thank you for sharing. I guess you know we all love you<3! I enjoyed the Youtube video-ah, Peerless Price- great player, great name! I remember when I first saw Peyton Manning play as a freshman. My first thought was,"Bless his heart," because he hadn't grown into his head yet :) but it turns out he needed it because surely he has a big brain! Did you see him when he was on Saturday Night Live? So funny!
    Anyway, you are in my positive thoughts and prayers and we are so glad to hear
    from you!!

  6. @LouAnn Cingel: Glad you felt up to posting! Hope things are going your way.
    @Diana S: Am thinking of you and your sister/family- all the best<3
    @Everyone: THANK YOU to all who visited "Chester and Friends" Facebook page! They are quite precious and I'm glad I can share them in some way!
    Hope you all have a great day-talk to you later!

  7. @Patricia, risk is inherent in the way horses, especially Thoroughbreds, are built. All horses are at some risk of leg injuries. Horses bear all their weight on four columns. Thoroughbreds are built for speed. They’ve been bred to have long legs and lots of muscle with comparatively light skeletons. (Compare Zenyatta at 17 hands 2 inches and 1200 pounds with a Percheron the same height and 1900 pounds, and you see the difference.) When a TB runs full out, the bone is stressed very close to its mechanical limits, so a bad step can cause a fracture.

    Whether a break leads to euthanasia or not depends on four things: the availability of transportation and medical facilities, the location of the break, the severity of the break, and the temperament of the horse. Some fractures are relatively easy to treat. If the break is non-displaced, the skin is intact, and the location doesn’t move much, then the fracture is usually treated with stall rest until it heals. Other fractures require surgery, which may be extensive. In a compound fracture such as the one Kimmiev sustained, the bone tears through the skin and tendons. When this happens during a race, the bone is usually broken into such small pieces that it is next to impossible to reconstruct it. Dirt is also introduced deep into the wound, with infection virtually inevitable. It’s hard to reestablish blood supply to the injured limb. There aren’t many equine hospitals that can repair such a fracture. Top hospitals such as New Bolton and Rood and Riddle have specialized equipment–for example, recovery pools–for treating fractures. Repair is difficult and expensive, and healing is lengthy and unpleasant for the horse. The horse’s temperament matters a lot. In order to heal, the break must remain immobile. This may require the horse to endure long stall rest, being suspended in a sling, or wearing a cast or special boot. (Your Host, who was discussed in #323, was packed in sand to keep him still. He was an extremely tolerant animal!) Many horses simply can’t put up with the inactivity. Also, a horse must be able to put weight equally on all four legs, or laminitis will result. (Laminitis killed Barbaro, you may recall.) Inactivity increases the risk of colic.

    Nevertheless, great strides have been made in treating and repairing fractures. Horses are now saved that would have been doomed a few years ago. Prosthetics exist for horses, and can be used successfully for cooperative animals depending on the location of the fracture. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know that they are available. I suspect most equine insurance policies don’t cover them now, but I hope they will in the future.

    Fragile bones aren’t the result of breeding, except that the conformation of all Thoroughbreds makes then susceptible to leg injuries. TBs of supposedly “unsound” U.S breeding have fewer breakdowns in other countries where training practices and drug policies are different. Bone strength is a function of conditioning and nutrition. Contrary to popular belief, studies have shown that TBs have fewer injuries and longer careers if they start training and racing at 2 years of age, while the bone is still growing rapidly. The Maryland Shin Study demonstrated that a well-conditioned 2-year-old can have bones as dense as a 4-year-old. Of course, the young horse must get sufficient calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals that are needed to build healthy bone. They do better if they are turned out regularly, and if their training involves something other than turning left.

  8. @Trina N and Marshall (g.n.):Thanks!
    @Terry Crow: Didn’t know that about the Statler Brothers- funny title! Also, in skimming thru the posts I missed, read some great jokes!

  9. Dear Kari B.
    You are the most loving, caring, courageous
    person. Will keep you in our prayers, Judy and Russ

  10. Dear Trina N.:
    I knew that Kimmyv had fallen and been van offed. So sorry to know she didn’t survive her injury. Hugs, J.B.

  11. To: Kari B: Since McDude and I are both Irish, I looked this up for you. It was shared with me by my sister and continues to give me comfort. It is my intent and hope that it will also do that for you. Much love and friendship are always yours.

  12. @Jag- thank you for the link to Sister Moon’s race….again WOWOW!!!
    @Brenda S-Thank you for your warm thoughts and especially for sharing your wonderful story.I a thrilled you had such good fortune and a great time!
    @Susan in Tn.Yes, I did. Peyton Manning is our pride & joy!…1998- I will be eternally grateful for that Arkansas fumble-!!..those were good times..Go Vols!!…I have been worried about Amanda Gilliand too!!..I have not heard anything about John’s Mother..
    @Catherine Uher- You remain in my thoughts and prayers. I was so relieved you received the transplant.
    @Lil in KY- I neglected to tell you before that I am also so glad your friend Katherine is doing better….Your speedy recover and your friend are in my thoughts & prayers.
    @ LouAnn Cingel- So glad to hear from you. Like many others your too remain in my thoughts & prayers.
    Love & Joy to ALL!

  13. @KariB, You are an inspiration. All of us can climb that mountain with you, cannot wait to see the other side…Zenyatta’s Baby…and then we can continue on from there, together..all of us, together. My prayers and many blessings for you. Lisa g

  14. @LauraJ, Thank you, informative and educational. Now, I have to learn acceptance, not good at it. Lisa g

  15. @ Laura J – Thank you for sharing such great information. I remember being at Woodbine and seeing a horse breakdown right in front of me. In tears and on my feet I was yelling for the ambulance to hury using language that no self respecting lady should ever use. I don’t remember the name of the horse any more but I will never, ever forget that day and learning later that the horse was euthanized.
    @ Kari B – There’s a ton of support and encouragement flowing to you and I, for one, know that you WILL see Zenny’s foal, you are a strong woman Kari. Your video was great even tho’ I don’t know much about football. It did remind me that it’s time to dust off my NE Patriots Tom Brady jersey. When I wear it a friend who is a rabid Buffalo Bills fan becomes quite infuriated and threatens to “take me out”, calls me Betty and reminds me about the Betty White commercial from a couple of years ago.

  16. @DMCQ, that was more than beautiful. Lisa g.

  17. @Kari Bussell–I was so afraid that that was what “the crossroads” meant–the tears are rolling down my cheeks. I wish there was something more that I could do other than to send my love and prayers that you’ll climb that mountain, and many more. With all my love, Trina

  18. To Diana S: No! You were a good girl. I was bad!! :)
    To Kari B: I am humbled to have you as my prayer partner. God bless you!

  19. Dear Kari, please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  20. @Please let there be a miracle.
    diastu in tempe

  21. Zenyatta, I am very happy for your buddy Sister Moon for winning her race. Congratulations to her for getting to the highest speed for the racetrack-EVER. You mention yourself having done that. Keep up the good work out there, horses!

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