Diary Post #325

RAINBOW MAGIC! Photo by Sarah Campion

Good Morning,

It is another lovely day here in Lexington. I know it is pretty in Del Mar with very comfortable weather in the low 70’s. MY JOHN and Dottie went to Arcadia on Monday to spend time with the horses John currently has stabled at Santa Anita. They commented it was really very pleasant for this time of the year…in the low to mid 80’s.

I’ve heard the East Coast has been much more ‘comfortable’ the last few days and they’ve had a bit of rain. Several of the turf races at Saratoga yesterday were taken ‘off the turf’ as the course was listed as ‘soft’ from the earlier rains.

Weather is such an interesting thing to contemplate. I must say that I do like it a bit on the ‘cool’ side. I know MY JOHN always commented that is one thing we horses enjoyed so much when going to Del Mar. You can actually ‘feel the ocean breezes in the air’. This type of environment really ‘perks you up’.

A resulting part of weather that is truly so fascinating to me is a RAINBOW!

“A rainbow is technically an optical and meteorological phenomenon that causes a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the SUN shines on to droplets of moisture in the Earth’s atmosphere. It takes on a multicolored arc. Rainbows caused by sunlight always appear in the section of the sky directly opposite the sun.” **

On this morning, I think I saw MY OWN RAINBOW in the water that was dancing around my hooves. I found it rather interesting to observe. As you may know, I am a very inquisitive horse so I kept studying the different swirls and paths of the water as they circled around my hooves.

The cool water felt terrific…and the RAINBOW image that appeared was fun and curious to observe. Dottie was commenting to ME that to many people seeing a rainbow image means so many different things. She happens to believe they are LUCKY. Throughout the ages, rainbows and various references to them have been a part of art, literature, music and film. To so many people, RAINBOWS have been defined in various ways.

On this morning, it was a joy to observe and examine my own ‘little rainbow’ prancing around in the water by my hooves. To ME, it is just another illustration of how much joy one can have when taking a moment to truly appreciate the simple…yet oh so beautiful…things in life!

With Love,
Hugs to All~

**Per Wikipedia


  1. Dear Sharon in Seattle:
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to you, Judy and Russ

  2. @Brenda S. What an adventure you had. I have to purchase a dumpling tag. Where?
    @Kari Bussell, your link to Somewhere over the Rainbow is heart warmingly awesome. God bless you and be with you in all that you face.

  3. Dear Kari B.:
    Thank you for all the links, expecially the wonderful video of Z to Patti’s Over the Rainbow. Just beautiful. Always get a kick out of the way Z looks right into the camera. What a sweetheart she is. Hugs, J.B.

  4. interesting photo, how it illuminated right across you. thanks for sharing!

  5. Why are the pictures so TINY?!? I love Zenyatta but it’s sooooooo UNFAIR that the pictures are THIS GORGEOUS but TOO TINY to see very well. I’m very DISAPPOINTED that the pictures can’t for some reason be BIGGER. They’re too small for me to use them for my desktop wallpaper to brighten my day. It makes me sad :(


    There simply aren’t pictures this AWESOME of Queen Z ANYWHERE!!!!


  6. @Sharon in Seattle, I will say a prayer for God watch over you.
    @Kari Bussell, it’s ironic, but “Somewhere over the Rainbow” is one of my favorite songs of all times, one I wrote down sometime ago that I would like played when I pass. My prayer for you includes you being able to see here on this post a picture of our Z’s foal.

  7. A vision of beauty Zenny. The rainbow proves that you are a special kind of horse to all our us. Love and Kisses Z.

  8. @ JENN
    IMO the pictures “shared” are this size to prevent people from COPYING (aka printing) them. I believe photos are “copyright” even though it’s not written, but Dottie is kind enough to share them with us! :-)

  9. Hello Pretty Girl!
    I am not surprised that you had a rainbow around you because you are so very special! I love you Zenyatta and you look marvelous! P.S. Your baby’s daddy, Bernie, put a post of you on his page when you were a yearling. Bernie loves you!
    We love Bernie too!

  10. @Baby Plays ………………………………….. 08-24-11 (12:30 pm est.)
    Race 5 is the only baby race at the Spa today. Same at Del Mar, there is only one, race 3. They both have 8 horse fields. I’m going to play them both to win. Pass all win bets if odds go below 2-1.
    Race 5 – $10.00 to WIN on #6 “Daba Daba”
    DEL MAR –
    Race 3 – $10.00 to WIN on #5 “Punch Drunk”
    $20.00 Bet Today +$251.20 Starting out the day. GOOD LUCK
    @Terry Crow – No I didn’t know about the “Goose Girl”. I googled her and she will get a few lines in the Epic, the year it started, a highlight, and the year it ended. Now I understand and it makes your comeback even better. Thanks for the info.
    @DJ – I’m doing well and tell your friend “Congrats”. I went to the “Jhoon Rhee” school, “Nobody bothers me,” “Nobody bothers me, either.” LOL, also I went to the “Jhoon Rhee” school of trash talking, “No word bothers me,” “No words bothers me, either.”, and I went to “Jhoon Rhee” school of driving, “Nobody follows me,” “Nobody follows me, either.” There are a million of them, LOL
    @ Quarterhossgal – I asked before but you might have missed it. Do you know what “QUARTER CRACKS” are?
    @ Barbara Wood – I heard the same thing from someone over at Arlington Cemetery. I think almost all animals have a six sense. When it happened everybody tried to get out of town at the same time, just like 911 and nobody could move. The police on horses would be the only ones that could get out of town or anybody else with a helicopter, a horse, motorcycle, bicycle, or on foot. They were so jammed up. Also everybody’s cell phone stopped working for about an hour. Just like 911 they don’t have any plan except for the President, Vice President, Senators, Congressmen, and other important rich people to get them out of harms way before they even tell the public.
    @ Trina Nagele – Another good one. My birthday is in Jan.
    @ Lisa g – I’m sorry I’ve missed you. I know you have made a few comments and I didn’t respond. So thanks for them all.

  11. My Beautiful Zenyatta~ Your the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing post. You look FABULOUS!!
    @ALL~ I have been out of the loop for way too long! Have not been able to read all the posts….BUT…
    @Sharon in Seattle and Kari Bussell~ I do not know exactly what is going on in each of your lives right now, but please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. You know this ARMY has your back. HUGZ
    @ALL~ Mommy and baby are still holding their own…THANKS again for all your thoughts and prayers. Will keep you updated as time goes on. I love this place….
    Zenyatta’s #1 fan in Montana!!

  12. Maybe I missed it but has anyone here heard about Elmhurst the 1997 Breeders Cup sprint champion? He’s been living in California but as soon as they’ve raised enough money he will go back to Kentucky and the Our Mims Retirement Haven which is named after his wonderful grandmother, Our Mims. My friend, Jeanne Mirabito, runs the haven and she is so excited that Elmhurst is coming home to live at his grandma’s house. They are in need of funds to help bring him home and I hope it’s okay that I post this information here. You can go to ourmims.org to donate and for $5 you’ll get a postcard.

  13. Kari B- LOVED the video! How is it I get cold chills every time I watch Zenny do almost anything?? Kari- you ARE a miracle!
    @Abigail: I left a comment, but just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your MOW/Will Harbut article. I really hope you can connect to Will’s great-grandaughter!
    @Diana S: LOL’d at your mention of the “deluxe accomodations” Z’s baby has!
    @Laura J: Thank you for the good info on fractures,etc. They have come a long way in treatment options, thank goodness.
    @Denise in Arizona: LOVE the “Peyton and Eli” goats! We had 2 goats for many years (both rescues) named Sparkle and Lily. Lily was bottle-raised and grew up thinking she was a princess-that she should be the CENTER of the UNIVERSE! They were such characters. People really under-estimate goats(and sheep). That reminds me- when Beth took an animal behavior class at Cornell and read about a study of sheep who were herded by Border Collies. They removed the dogs and found that the sheep knew the hand signals and verbal commands just as well as the very-intelligent Border Collies! We saw Lily and Sparkle do things that if I told you, you would accuse me of fabrication!
    Warm wishes to all-have a great day, everyone! Off to River Edge-

  14. @MLV: Thanks for info-will do!

  15. @Kimberly Potter: I was out of the loop for a couple of weeks, so I didn’t realize what was going on with you. Sounds like good news-are we talking about the #1 baby in Montana?!? Hope all is well<3

  16. If anybody deserves their own private rainbow, beautiful girl, it is you Zenyatta. You look glorious with your “baby bump” showing. This is the first time I’ve really seen you showing and you look wonderful. Glad you are still being pampered.

  17. Abigail in Montreal: I enjoyed your article on Man O’ War so much. Did you know there is a man who works at the Kentucky Horse Park named Gene Carter who told me when we were there after seeing Zenyatta at the Breeders Cup that he was married to Will Harbut’s daughter and as a former execise boy he had been allowed to ride Man O War? I gave this information to Steve Haskin who was going to check on the veracity of the story after the Triple Crown but I never heard from him. With your gift for research perhaps you might be able to find out more. Mr. Carter is 84 years old so I would think time is of the essence. I do know that I was pretty thrilled when he told me the story and only afterwards did I think of all the questions I should have asked. Good Luck and please share with me what you might find out.

  18. Wow…Zenny…that baby bump is really starting to show. Yea! You look fab!!

  19. You look beautiful, Z! And the rainbow surrounding you is perfect!

  20. Yes, God’s little gifts to you, Zenny, like you are His gift to us! Amen!

  21. Zenny & Dottie,
    Thanks for bringing so much beauty into my
    life. You’ll never know how much BEAUTY
    you have brought to the WORLD!!
    Fondly, OraJean

  22. Zenyatta, you really are one amazing horse. First, you do a dance called the Zenyatta-I have no idea what that is. Second, you’re appreciating and studying the rainbow around you. You are studying its exact shape and form due to yourself being a curious and inquisitive horse. Your foal will turn out the same way, I’m sure. You have really learned how to appreciate the smaller, slower, and more quiet things in life which I am really trying to work on myself. Zenyatta, you have given me something to shoot for!

  23. You are getting that baby bump and you wear it well. You are one georgeous horse!!!

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