Diary Post #326

Such a FUN visit! Photo by Sarah Campion

Good Morning,

Yesterday was an especially FUN and REWARDING DAY for ME! I was able to relax, graze, and reconnect with dear friends.

As many of you may know, one charity I have consistently worked to help throughout ALL of my career is OLD FRIENDS. This organization which is based out of Kentucky (and now has a branch, The Frankel Division, in New York by Saratoga) works to enable “OLD” racehorses….no matter what their ages….to live their lives with joy, purpose, and dignity.

Michael Blowen is the founder of OLD FRIENDS. Yesterday, he came out to visit with ME and update ME on the progress, accomplishments, and goals we are meeting….and how I have helped in this quest.

A dear friend of Michael’s, for many years…since he was a writer for the Boston Globe….came along for the visit. I think she was truly as excited to MEET ME as I was to be introduced to her! Her name is Angie Dickinson. Angie has spent her life in the entertainment industry and met so many amazing people…but, I must say, I think she really did GET A KICK out of meeting ME! Every time she touched ME…she giggled. Now this is TOO CUTE!

Tickle, Tickle!

Additionally, Angie has also done a great deal on so many levels to support OLD FRIENDS.

I truly believe it is FABULOUS that my dear retired racehorse pals have so many wonderful people from so many different walks of life who constantly do SO MUCH behind the scenes to help. For Angie, Michael and myself….it is a gesture guided by passion and love for the HORSE. We are extremely grateful for all of the generosity and LOVE people show to our dear ‘retired’ racehorse friends.

With Love,
Hugs to All~(Great meeting you Angie!)


  1. Dear Lisa g.:
    These beautiful creatures are at risk all the time of bones breaking. Sometimes, it’s just taking a bad step or the rigors of running with all that weight on those slender legs. It’s so sad when this happens to them. It tears me up. We are so lucky that Z raced sound and retired sound. Hugs, J.B.

  2. Dear Jeanne O.
    Great ides. Hugs, J.B.

  3. Dear J. Smith:
    Thank you for Bernie’s link. Too cute. Love that boy. Hugs, J.B.

  4. Z, you met the real Angie Dickinson!!? I bet you asked each other for autographs. I have been loving your pictures. Old Friends, I need to go there. I’ll donate again soon. What caught your eye Z in the picture? Glad you’re happy and you look perfect; like a mama-to-be does. love with 2 kisses on your soft nose, one for baby z

  5. Jeanne O – great idea. A even at a dollar a piece, that’s a lot of money for charities from all of us.

  6. Zenyatta, congratulations on all of your hard work with the charity called Old Friends and for attracting the attention of actress Angie Dickinson. I would give to them myself if I could afford it. They sould like a very worthwhile charity, not like some of these places you hear about where they claim they’re helping somebody out so much and how much they need your support and all that but in reality they pocket the money and very little to none of it actually reaches whoever it’s supposed to help. Keep up the good work in all of that, girl! I agree with you that the weather in places such as Saratoga has made horse racing a bit difficult. Better luck with that in the future.

  7. Did you know that your grandsire, Prized, is now a resident of Old Friends in Lexington? We got to meet him a few weeks ago and were very honored!

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