Diary Post #328

"I'm also a SLEEPING BEAUTY"...Photo by Matt Martinez

Happy Friday!

As you can see, I’m getting my BEAUTY REST and making sure that I am taking great care of myself these days!

Additionally, I want to get plenty of rest so I can be energized and watch all of the terrific weekend of racing on both coasts. I’m going to be spending tons of time with my guys here at LANE’S END handicapping and watching the races. The conversation around the barn is already heating up now on who likes who in which race…and why! It is great FUN!

From Saratoga, running the Travers and the King’s Bishop… to Del Mar carding the Pat O’Brien and the Pacific Classic to name a few of the quality stakes running the next few days, it will be one very sporting weekend.

Uncle Mo…is making his first start back in the King’s Bishop since ‘feeling under the weather’ around Kentucky Derby time. There are so many contentious 3 year old colts running in the Travers….that I will really have to study the FORM here.

Then in Del Mar, they are running The Pacific Classic which is their premiere race of the entire meet. My farm, Lane’s End, has a horse competing in the field…TWIRLING CANDY. So this is very, very exciting!

My friend, BLIND LUCK, and her connections decided to ‘skip’ the Pacific Classic for this year and have her compete on another path: The Lady’s Secret and if all goes well The Breeders’ Cup Ladies Classic. These are both very distinguished and prestigious races….I know them quite well. All the best to her and her future plans.

Enjoy your weekend! Have a terrific time watching all of these high quality races! It is SO MUCH FUN! I can’t wait!

Hey, Matt, Charles, Mike, David and Sarah…who do you like???

With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. @Trina N- typos endless …not to mention the other mistakes…just had to tell you still laughing over ‘our dear Kari’…..and deeply touched by all you words.

  2. Sleep tight, Zenny, till the morning light.
    @Sunny Boyd—I’m working my way through the comments, and I see there are TWO MORE quotes I should have given you kudos for—I didn’t mean to short change you by commenting on just one.

  3. One last thing. I just noticed that people might have gotten the impression that I composed that anniversary poem for Barbara Wood in the blink of an eye, but such is not the case. Barbara had let us know some time ago that her anniversary would be the same day as Shari Voltz’s birthday, so I had been thinking about it for a while. For instantaneous composing I would have to direct you all to Cynthia Holt…

  4. @Barbara Grimaldi, you don’t need to worry about Mo. Mike Repole has been an excellent owner and caretaker to all his horses. He has even claimed a couple of horses he formerly owned just to keep them out of dangerous situations. Mo wasn’t rushed back. He got the best of care while he was ill. His workouts have been great. Of course his connections are disappointed in the loss, but that doesn’t mean they are disappointed in the horse. As for Mo’s value as a stallion, having had a liver disease shouldn’t affect it. A losing streak would, however. I also think Mike Repole is one of those people who thinks out loud. He probably says things that he doesn’t seriously mean.

  5. Good morning, Z and Dumplings! Still anxiously awaiting news from East Coast Dumplings, as well as Catherine Uher and Anne from Paramount. When was she supposed to be back from vacation?
    @Trina–whew! Aren’t you the sly one? You will definitely have the postition of Poet Laureate when we form DEE!

  6. @Kari Bussell, dear friend. Here is the YouTube link to Laura Story’s “Blessings”. Hope it speaks to you, as it has to me. Love you.

  7. @LauraJ. Well said. Uncle Mike was very emotional about Mo because he loves that horse and all of his horses. If Mo is healthy enough to race again, he will be back.

  8. It’s 7AM in CA—DJ, where are you?

  9. LAURA J–you made my day–bless you for explaining that. I really love Mo and think he fought back so bravely. Thank you so much.

  10. Good morning Zetty,
    well, it’s Monday. Fresh start for a fresh new week. I can smell autumn, the mornings have a nice coolness to them, not crisp yet, but at least cool, and night falls sooner. My opossums are here right after 8:30 now, the seasons are a-changing.
    A morning chuckle will have you cackle:
    Nobody believes the official spokesman, but everybody trusts an unidentified source. Ron Neson
    Have a great day :) :) :)

  11. @ Trina
    That’s fine, I’m not that sensitive. Read what you can or what suits your fancy. :) :) :)

  12. @Susan in TN-Before there was a Jeff Foxworthy, we had a guy out here by the name of Pat Buttram. Pat started out as a sidekick of Roy Rogers, but switched to Gene Autry when Roy’s group got too crowded. He was also on Green Acres and “appeared” on a local radio show, Robert W. Morgan was the DJ. Every morning he would do about five minutes of redneck jokes. To give you an idea of how long ago this was, he had the leave the show because of failing health and eventually died in 1994. As I can remember them, I will post some of his jokes. One of my favorites is “You might be a redneck if you Think Taco Bell is the Mexican phone company.” Now that I am officially in, I will share this one. A redneck battalion was formed of strictly southern boys and sent to Afghanistan. The only instructions the battalion was given was that the terrorists were directly responsible for the death of Dale Earnhardt.

  13. @Terry Crow.. Guess I didnt get a letter! LOL
    @Barbara Grimaldi~~ Thank you! :) I love taking photos, and there is never a dull moment around our place.. took some this weekend of the goats headbutting each other, and the horses drinking out of the swimming pool!

  14. @Terry Crow—You can take the girl out of Michigan, but you can’y take Michigan out of the girl. (I’m a loyal Michigander and Wolverine.)

  15. That was “can’t.”

  16. To Trina: Thank you! I must have heard you call out to me!! Your poems are so truly amazing… I am here now. Thank you also Kari for your prayers, and Ingrid, S in San Diego, Susan and Marshall for thinking of me! Shari I will post evening prayer for you tonight, God-willing :) TC I know I missed some great jokes, which I probably could have used! Will just continue where I left off in Today! See you in #329! Blessings to All! Hope to hear soon from our E.C. Dumplingz!

  17. @DJ- So very happy to hear from you.
    @Laura J- Thank you for setting record straight.I was hoping you would. Well Put. Also, I want you to know how much I appreciate how often you take the time to answer questions and share your wealth of knowledge.
    going to click Barbara’s link now-

  18. Hey Big Z,
    Your tiny dancer might need rest, but you don’t seem to need much beauty rest. A horse can’t be any more beautiful than you. Love, love, love all the pictures of you recently. Keep them coming. Lori

  19. Zenyatta, you are dead on accurate when you say that this past weekend had some really great races. I am not writing this until after the fact, but they were really great races. Football season is starting, and I am a football fan as well, but I have come to like horseracing better overall. I will watch TVG when most people are watching football except when my team is playing. TVG is a great station, no matter what some people who write in to their website say. If they’ve been on since 1999 or so, they must be doing something right. Don’t you agree, Zenyatta?

  20. Bonjour Zenyatta!

    You look so beautiful laying down.

    I wonder what you are thinking these days?

    I look forward to seeing your new “little

    Lots of love, Zenyatta!

  21. Hi Zenyatta. Just getting back from visiting Del Mar – wow, is San Diego and Del Mar beautiful. We went to the beach and then spent the day at the track for the Pacific Classic. What a great day of racing. I just love your picture lying down. I don’t think I have ever seen you do that. You are so beautiful. Love you, Angel in Disguise.

  22. TOO CUTE!

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