Diary Post #331

Who is coming to town? Photo by Mathea Kelley

Good Morning, Everyone!

Recently, I was relaxing in the paddock thinking about all of the activities planned for the future. My Team and I have been really working on some exciting plans. They are constantly monitoring my well-being…which is always their #1 goal. Additionally, my pals at Lane’s End always make sure I am in fabulous shape and taking great care of myself. Just think….I am going to be a MOM! All of this is really very exciting!

It is also that time of the year when so many people in our industry focus on the YEARLING SALES! The September Keeneland Yearling Sale is one of the largest sales in the entire industry. People from all over the world travel to Lexington for this sale with the hope of purchasing young horses who will ultimately enrich their racing programs. As you may know, this is the sale I was purchased from when I was a yearling in 2005!

David, who is a part of MY TEAM, was recently asked by THE BLOODHORSE to do some video presentations discussing criteria on how to select a yearling at a sale, the physical qualities to look for in a young horse, and then a discussion about ME! In my opinion, this is the TOO CUTE part of these presentations….the part about ME! Blush, Blush!

On their web-site, THE BLOODHORSE presented a short segment from each of these videos. I thought it would be fun to share them with you. You’ll see ME as a yearling in the sales ring, HIP #703, and many clips of ME during my racing career. The one segment at Churchill Downs was taken a few moments after I arrived at the track from the airport for the 2010 Breeders’ Cup.

Conformation DVD Feature: Zenyatta | Videos | BloodHorse.com

Conformation DVD Feature: David Ingordo | Videos | BloodHorse.com

Wow…I have really had a FUN TIME in my life! Thank you for sharing so many of these experiences WITH ME!

Please enjoy!

With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. For “Z” Friends who would like to share in a Morning Prayer:
    I lift up my eyes to the mountains:
    from where shall come my help?
    My help shall come from the Lord
    who made heaven and earth.
    May he never allow you to stumble!
    Let him sleep not, your guard.
    No, he sleeps not nor slumbers.
    The Lord is your guard and your shade;
    at your right side he stands.
    By day the sun shall not smite you
    nor the moon in the night.
    The Lord will guard you from evil,
    he will guard your soul.
    The Lord will guard your going and coming
    both now and for ever.
    ………………………………Ps 121

  2. To Diana S: Miracles happen every day! Praying for your sisters healing touch. So good to have you as a “Z” Friend!
    To TC: That was very funny! The dog and the tree! Too much! You always use good discernment for this special site.
    To Trina: Just love reading your Birthday Cards! What a gift to share.
    To JB: Hugs to you on this beautiful morning!
    To Lou Ann: A candle and a prayer for you.
    To Kim S: You are welcome! Thank you!

  3. Dear Z,
    Happy Thursday to you. Hope the weather is nice there for you and TT. Love you and love to all of you, Judy and Russ

  4. Dear DJ:
    Thank you for the beautiful Morning Prayer. Hugs to you, J.B.

  5. Dear Terry Crow:
    Love the “you might be a redneck if”. Jeff Foxworthy is a funny guy. Hugs, J.B.

  6. Beautiful beautiful girl serving such a purpose in life…………….

  7. Dear Laura J.:
    Sure would. We could rescue a bunch of former racers, retrain them for other work (Saddle horses, Jumpers, Therapy). The Sweeties that are not up to working can just have a leisurely life as Eye Candy. What a dream. Hugs, J.B.

  8. Dear Sunny Boyd:
    Another of my favorites, Jackie Mason. Hugs, J.B.

  9. Dear Diana S.:
    Wonderful! Great news about your sister. It’s great getting to know you through Z’s site and the ANNEX. Hugs, J.B.

  10. @BABY BUMPS ————————————- 09-01-11 (12:22 pm est.)
    At the Spa today there are four baby races highlighted by the “Anne M. Clare Stakes” for the girls and the “With Anticipation Stakes’ for the boys. The other two at Saratoga are race 6 and 11. At Del Mar there is only one baby race.
    Race 3 – “Anne M. Clare Stakes” – $10.00 to WIN on #4 “Why Take a Chance”
    Race 6 – #8 “Heather’s Feather”, #5 “Lindyhop”, #6 ”Street Surprise”, & #9 ”Purses Galore”
    $1.00 Triple Key – 6 // 5, 8, 9 // 5, 8, 9 = $6.00
    Race 9 – #1 “Captain Webb”, #5 “Splendiferous”, #7 “Two Months Rent”, & #9 “Optimizer”
    $1.00 Triple Key – 9 // 1, 5, 7 // 1, 5, 7 = $6.00
    Race 11 – #3 “Composition”, #4 “Island Prayer”, #7 “Dorothy’s Spirit”, & #8 “Inny Minnie”
    $1.00 Triple Key 4 // 3, 7, 8 // 3, 7, 8 = $6.00
    DEL MAR –
    Race 3 – #2 “Arethereanycookies”, #3 “Go to the Pulpit”, #7 “ Frisky Moment”, & #8 “Warren’s Clyde”
    $1.00 Triple Key 7 // 2, 3, 8 // 2, 3, 8 = $6.00
    $34.00 Bet Today +$150.20 Starting the Day. Good Luck All. Pass win bet below 2-1

  11. @ To my Z family. I am so sorry I am not reading all the posts.I am so overwhelmed this year. I have 129 all day long. I am the only 5th grade social studies teacher. You know how things are. One person leaves and they don’t fill the post. I want to say thank you for all the kind remarks and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to anyone I have missed. You are always in my thoughts and Zenny’s site is always up. Love, Shari and Homroom 215

  12. @Diana S~ Excellent news about your sister…continuing thoughts and prayers coming from Montana!
    @JB and Diana S~ “Eye Candy Farms”…love it. I continually buy my lottery tickets every week. I will let you know when I win. :)
    @Shari Voltz~ No worry’s! We know you will when time allows. You are a “priceless teacher”!

  13. OOOPS~ Above should read @JB and Laura J. Sorry :)

  14. To Shari: My goodness that is alot of little minds and hearts under your care! God bless you. A candle and continuing prayers for you and your great calling to the lofty but humble field of Education. You students are privileged! ‘Go Shari Go!’

  15. Zen, you have the right conformation to be a great racehorse. I miss you at the track but I’m so looking forward to your being a great Mom. Have a nice day.

  16. You’re just looking too gorgeous, Zenny. Thanks for sharing the photo, Team Z!

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