Diary Post #339

Sleeping "Z" Fan! Photo by Sarah Campion

Good Morning,

I’m hearing from MY TEAM that ‘working the sale’ requires a great deal of effort, hard work, concentration, and energy! They get up very early each morning and leave for the sales grounds. By that time, David and his crew have already gone over ALL of the horses to be offered that day and come up with the ‘short list’ which Dottie, John and The Moss’ review. All aspects of the individuals are evaluated: conformation, size, pedigree, walk, and other physical qualities! Monitoring the horse’s overall temperament is also a part of this process.

Each horse on this list is inspected. If they make this ‘cut’, the veterinarian then examines the horse and his / her xrays in the repository. The VET also scopes the horse’s throat to be sure “all parts are working well’ for good breathing to take place. A good throat is essential for a race horse!

Once a horse passes all of these steps, the decision is made as to the fair market value of the horse. As many of you may know, at an auction people can get caught up in the bidding. MY TEAM tries to be very careful not to do this. They thoroughly appraise each horse before the bidding begins and really try to stay within those limits while bidding.

If all goes well and the hammer falls while a particular HIP they are bidding on is in the ring, they sign the ticket and he or she is now a part of the racing stable!

Attending a sale as this one, is really a fun process…but truthfully a great deal of hard work. Every moment of every day while there is totally consumed with the SALE. It is all about planning for the future and getting the RIGHT HORSE for the program!

As you can see, BABY REAGAN is resting up for all of the company and activity this week. I think she wants to stay up a bit late on Monday night to see my relative, HIP # 147 sell! I do too!

By the way, HRTV is carrying the first few sessions live on their programming schedule. Otherwise, the internet is the best way to follow the events.

HMMM! This baby thing is rather interesting to ME! Reagan was born on March 7th, 2011. That is about the time MY BABY is due in 2012! I just didn’t realize human babies are so small! They told ME my baby will weigh about 125 pounds or so when he/she is born.) This becoming a MOM is really a fascinating process! I’m learning!

Enjoy the week, the racing, and the sales! Dottie is attending them this week and also spending time visiting with ME! When she returns home, we will update you on all of the action. She also promises that MY JOHN will take some terrific photos of ME to share with all of you!

With Love,
Hugs to All~(To my dear fan who made the Z BLANKET as a thank you….THANK YOU! It is absolutely priceless!)


  1. @Kari Bussell Hope you saw my reply to your question about Boston -Of course, there was a typo, as he was bred in the 1800’s. Was glad to see a question I had an answer for! Also, I always heard about the mare/horse change,but understood that it happened at 5. I remember there are races for 3 & 4 year old colts/fillies, so I think that is correct. How fun to share information and to learn more about horse racing. For sure I need some of the information others provide and which I find so interesting.

  2. John, looking forward to your pictures of Zenyatta and her “family”. PLEASE HAVE DOTTIE TAKE A PICTURE OF YOU WITH HER AS WELL. Was Mike Smith, Steve Willard or her Vet able to visit during the sale? Oh, I can hardly wait till Dottie returns. You are half way there Zen. Miss ya.

  3. Hi Zenny Girl. Just a quick I love you from school. Big Hugs and Kisses, Shari XXXOOO

  4. @Kari Bussell, in most cases you’d be right. In the TB racing world, a horse becomes an adult at age 5, so 4-year-olds are still colts and fillies. The exception is that any horse, regardless of age, that has been bred is referred to as a stallion or mare, as appropriate. Geldings are geldings regardless of age.

  5. @Trina Nagele, you are correct. A stallion is a male horse used for breeding (in the TB world at least; don’t know about other breeds). This is true even if he is younger than 5. There are quite a few stallions (Lookin at Lucky, for example) who would be colts if they were still racing. The person on the street seems to use “stallion” to refer to any adult male horse, though.

  6. No news entries since 9/12. I’m wondering what’s happening.

  7. @DJ-I should have said that I don’t usually attend such events. But I had to go this time to cheer on grandma.@Judy Berube and Kim S-Glad you enjoyed it. I hesitated before I posted that one. @Peggy (N)-Really good news.@Kennedys in San Diego-Welcome back. Good to see you posting. @signofthetimes-Thanks for the link to the article on Stay Thirsty and Uncle Mo. I agree with you. They are both three year olds. Seems like a better plan could be formulated. I suppose I will be criticized for this but if I had the type of horse that these two are Pletcher would never be my trainer. I prefer a guy who gives a little more hand-on care. @Vicki B-Glad you enjoyed the joke (it was bad) and thanks for providing the name of the ice planet. Senior moment I had when I posted that response.@LauraJ-I continue to be astounded by your horsey knowledge.@all- Redneck jokes have been around for ages. They started when a Roman soldier put fuzzy dice on his chariot. @Kari Bussell-Those Gators just got lucky. @Kari Bussell and Susan in TN-You might be a redneck if you let your twelve-year-old daughter smoke at the dinner table in front of her kids. You might be a redneck if you think that the indication six to 10 pound size on the side of a Pampers box shows how much the diaper will hild.

  8. that should be hold

  9. Thanks to all who answered my two in one question. I felt when I typed the word stallion it was wrong, but didn’t know another word to use.

    I do feel I’m making some progress in understanding some things. I share the same thoughts as many on here have posted about Shackleford and Stay Thirsty and Uncle Mo and I even thought them before I read other peoples’ opinions.

    I hope sometime I can share some really outstanding information so I can give back.

    I loved seeing the pictures of Zenyatta on Bloodhorse. Her coat has certainly lightened and her tail had some highlights as well. She looks so content, beautiful to see. The pictures helped with some of the Z Ts.

  10. @Marty R
    See links on filly/mare; colt;stallion/horse definitions
    next post #340

  11. Dear Diana S.:
    Tried to answer your post earlier, but my computer’s Evil Twin wouldn’t let me. Hugs, J.B.

  12. Dear Vicki B.:
    I like it too. Hugs, J.B.

  13. Dear Delrene:
    Glad you enjoyed the “The Wife Doesn’t Know” and “My Wife Knows Everything” race call. Very funny. Hugs, J.B.

  14. Dear s (in San Diego):
    Left you Double Hugs on Diary #340. Hugs, J.B.

  15. Dear Signofthetimes:
    Hope MR listens to TP too. Hugs, J.B.

  16. Wow, a 125 lb baby is a big baby, but you are a big girl Z, so I know you can handle a little one of your own. Hmmm, a March baby…. in my family March babies turn out to be great humans. :)

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