Diary Post #340

My pals from Ocala visiting with ME during the Keeneland Sale. Photo by Sarah Campion

Good Morning All!

I’M BACK! This sale ‘stuff’ is rather complicated and kept Dottie quite busy…so we were not able to get together and write during that time. I hope you are all well, had a wonderful week, and are enjoying the changing weather patterns. It is the beginning of Fall!

During the Yearling Sale, so many of my dear pals came to Lexington…so I had a great deal of company. This day, I shared a wonderful visit with my very special friends from Florida. As you may remember, Ocala is where I began my very first lessons after I was purchased from the sale. Sharing this photo with ME is Jeanne Mayberry (it is her training center where I spent the first several months of my breaking and training process), her 2 daughters, Summer and April, and their cousin, Jackie.

It was great fun to see all of them again. They thought I looked quite well…and enjoyed patting ‘my baby bump’. (Blush, Blush!)

Kisses for April!

I must say I enjoyed all of my time with these wonderful people in Ocala as a ‘youngster’. Jeanne is the one who told David that she hoped the Moss’ would give ‘this filly’ a terrific name as she looks to be very talented. Then in early December, David was in Ocala to see the ‘babies’ …often yearlings and 2 year olds are referenced by this term. He called Dottie and told her that they thought I could be VERY SPECIAL. To quote David, “this filly is going around the track in ‘gallop mode’ and just cruising by all of the other horses…and they look to be very talented prospects.” So, needless to say, I have a very soft spot in my heart for all of these loving people. I treasure the lessons I learned from them, the great times I shared with them, and all of the extraordinary memories we hold so dear of the last six years!

It is that time of year again when ‘the babies’ will venture to Ocala and begin their lessons…just like I did. The Mayberry Family is returning home now as the vans will be arriving carrying their new group of ‘students’ . Each one of these yearlings will walk off the van with a presence of his/her own and carrying the hope to become the best he or she can be!

I know I did!

Our sport is all about having a DREAM! It is about HOPE! It is about planning for the FUTURE. That is why everything we do each day is SO VERY SPECIAL!

Great to be back visiting with all of you again.

Have a wonderful day!

With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. The DVD mentioned in the posts “Lost in the Fog” was truly an amazing documentary. I did not know his story, but was entranced by his name and saw some people at Del Mar, wearing his baseball hat. So I asked about him and got a snippet of his story. Hence the search and the resulting DVD. What a great horse and really pulls at your heartstrings. His life was too short. Well worth seeing however.

  2. @Jeanie: Made a donation to Valley View Equine Rescue tonight. Hope it helps!

  3. Dearest Z—Sleep tight till the morning light.
    @DJ–Prayers for a successful outcome for your Chihuahua Shawnee. Hugs.
    @Shannon from Cool—I enjoyed your “replay” of Z in the Santa Margarita Stakes.
    @Ann Maree—Beautiful post.
    @To all who mentioned the Sherrill Brooke link—The prints of the baby Zenyatta are beautiful, aren’t they? I agree it’s very nice of Mr. Sherrill Brooke to do this for Z’s fans.
    @Quarterhossgal—Was that you posting as Quarter with the good news about your mare now walking without discomfort? Hoof ray!
    @Dawn Conrad—I enjoyed your beautiful words for Zenny and your great update on Silver Charm. I’ll look forward to seeing the photos on Facebook when the help in posting arrives! I’m sorry I don’t know how to do that myself (you see how little I deserve that techie title Judy Berube was so kind as to bestow on me).
    @mj—Best wishes to you and your eldest.
    @Keta— Thank you for that great listing of the Mosses’ purchases! High hoof to you!
    @Jeanie—As Barbara Wood mentioned above, the Valley View Ranch Equine Rescue became familiar to many Z-sters last month when Laura J and Kim S alerted us to it and we chipped in to help Marlene Dodge save four horses from slaughter. Marlene posted a lovely thank you to Z-sters here. I had a great phone conversation with her back then, and as I recall, she personally drives eight hours one way with her horse trailer to pick the horses up. She‘s a real trouper in this constant rescue challenge, always there for the horses. I know she would be broken-hearted to have to leave a horse behind. I’ve just gone to the site to make another donation. Every bit helps. Here’s the site again: http://www.valleyviewranchequinerescue.webs.com/

  4. Glad you are back – we missed you. I would love to go to the sales someday just to see the beautiful babies. I would be so tempted though to buy and really can’t afford it. I am hoping to come to Keeneland opening weekend so I will be in your vicinity. We will drive by and blow some kisses your way. Love You!

  5. Thank you, Z Dumplings. I’ll dig a little deeper and come up with some today as well for Valley View. What’s the old saying? Many hands make light work, except Marlene is doing all the work!
    @Peggy N–thanks. We only had an inch, and we’re still 12″ behind, but we’re thankful. Where are you in South Georgia? My college roommate is in Moultrie (used to be in Tifton).

  6. Hey baby girl! You look FANTASTIC! I think about you often and ponder who your baby will be like – I hope it is a little colt with all the majesty and determination of his mama! Then we will have a triple crown winner I am sure! And I am still thinking about names, Majesty, Your Highness, Here to Stay, Prince Z, Her First, well it just goes on and on. Did I tell you my 2 year old Pancho has gone to school also? He is spending some time with a wonderful trainer not far from my house here in Utah. It is so exciting to see a young horse start to learn and mature. This nice man will get him started and I will continue with him through the winter and then next spring when he gets a little bigger we will do another training session. In the meantime my pretty mare Andale is kind of lonely so I spend more time with her to make up for it. She has that nurturing kind way about her that I perceive in you. I do so wish I could meet you someday. Stay safe and happy – LOVE YOU

  7. Zenyatta, stopped at Wallace Station while in Lexington as this restaurant donates carrots to Old Friends at Dream Chase Farm. Anyway, they do not have a Zenyatta sandwich. What’s with that??? Oh, well you deserve one. Now what would it be…maybe a twist on the monte cristo or name a peppermint dessert in your honor. This restaurant is not too far from Lanes End, so we drove by just to say we saw where you stay. Love Ya.

  8. You’re Back!!! Zenny and Dottie life just hasn’t been the same without you and even tho it was lovely to see that darling baby every day YOU were missed. Zenny, I’m sure that you had a wonderful time visiting with family and friends and Dottie, you must now be in need of a holiday after all the work you did at Keeneland, you must be exhausted. Lovely pictures today, and lucky April getting a kiss from you, wish it was me. Hope that you and Tasty T are enjoying the cooler fall weather and keeping the grass in your paddock in good shape.
    @ Terry C – Loved the joke – the UPS man is giving the postman a break.

  9. You, Zen, are our “dream com true”.

  10. Alright! She is back!!! Thanks for the updates. Lovely pictures. I miss you Queen Z. I love you!

  11. Dear Queen Zenyatta,
    You remind me of those fantastic words: hope, dream, and future; I must keep them uppermost in my mind!
    Many Thanks!!
    Susan, M.A.

  12. Zenny, I missed you soooo much!!! I know the sale was going on but I kept looking at your diary post… Thanks for being back DOTTIE!!!! Love you Zenny!! Alene :-)

  13. Such lucky people from Ocala to connect with you again, especially to kiss your sweet nose. I’m sure all the horses at the Keeneland Auction are hoping to go home with the Mosses as their owners and “your” John as their Trainer. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your “baby bump” as time goes on. You are still a beautiful girl, lovely Z.

  14. my dear zenny I’m from ocala florida I wish I meet you before you became superstar and Icon Love candi.

  15. you must have been especially special Z. What a thrill it must have been to see you on your first works!!

  16. Dearest Queen,
    Dreams and hope—yes, that is what horse racing is all about. And you, dear Z, continue to inspire me to dream and work toward the future.
    Glad you’ve had such lovely visits with your friends!
    Love and hugs,

  17. Hi Zenny:
    It looks like you are having a wonderful time with your visitors. I can see I have missed quite a few posts over the past few days. Have fun. You look great.

    – Linda

  18. Sweet Z, ” You must have been a beautiful “baby” because wow look at you now!” I am thrilled to hear from you and see these cute pictures. Jeanne is a special person, she saw the possibilities in you. You have a wonderful story to tell, perhaps in a movie some day Z!! God says one should not envy another, but I sure can not help to envy your kiss to April. Forgive me! I am so happy you get the attention you deserve. love with 2 kisses on your soft nose, one for baby z

  19. @ anyone, Has anyone ever visited & watched yearlings work at the Mayberry Farm, or do you know if they allow visiting?
    @Trina Nagele, thanks so much for the link to Z’s awesome art by Brook
    @susan in TN, my heart goes out to you for the loss of your best friend. Yes, animals are one’s best friends for sure.
    @Ann Marie, thank you for the words of Prisilla Clark.
    @Dawn Conrad, thanks for your words about Z. Wish I could express myself like you can!
    @Jeanie, I plan to make a donation to save these horses.

  20. Zenyatta, I was getting a little worried about you there for a while when days went by without a new diary entree. Thank God the mystery is now solved. Dottie was busy with the Keeneland yearling sales. I hope all of your buddies who are yearlings who got sold, if any, went to good homes. You are always receiving visitors which is a direct result of you being such a wonderful, kind, loving horse.

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