Diary Post #345

Dottie...let's review our plans? Photo by John Shirreffs

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Throughout the visits with MY TEAM during the last few weeks, I enjoyed several opportunities to have very, very intimate conversations with MY PAL, Dottie! As you know, she and I speak quite often and constantly work together on several projects. At this particular moment, we are reviewing some exciting plans of things WE anticipate doing in the future. I hope all of these ideas materialize…as they will be SO MUCH FUN!

I must say….I loved the comments many of you made yesterday in the Diary Responses as to what my NEW CAREER choices could be! Several of you are right on target! YOU know ME very well! YOU GET ME! YOU truly know what would be the best way for ME, at this point in my life, to successfully apply my skills and talent towards MY 2nd CAREER! I loved reading ALL of your comments and thoughts on this topic!

Here are some of the options YOU, my dear friends, suggested:

Artist, Spokesmare, Dancing Queen, Entertain Visitors, Model, Actor, Ambassadress for our Sport, being a MOM, tester for Guinness, teacher to both horses and human, inspirational speaker, and philanthropist!

You are ALL TOO CUTE….for thinking about ME in such a fabulous light!

Hooves Crossed!

We will know more tomorrow. I promise!

With Love,
Hugs to All~ (Especially my 91,115 Facebook Friends….WOW!)


  1. Hello Zeny! Hope you are well today.
    I just read an interesting article about a friend and rival of yours, St. Trinians, who will be retired. The article mentions how she almost beat you at the 2010 Vanity but you surged and won by half a length. Wonderful memories of your great races. Hugs and kisses, Marilu

    Article: http://espn.go.com/horse-racing/story/_/id/7028182/st-trinians-retired-sold-keeneland

  2. So sweet, she’s actually kissing you, Dottie!

  3. Dear J.Smith:
    I’m keeping track of Indian Tale too. She was scratched by Dutrow out of the race at Belmont last week (think it was 9/21/11). Great that you e-mailed Laurel Park about her. BTW, I thought that Rapid Redux’s 17 consecutive wins were from his Maiden on (like Z), but after checking his charts I found that he had raced twenty times before this string of wins and had won 4 races out of those 20. I hope he stays sound. Hugs, JB

  4. Dear Terry C.:
    Funny red neck jokes. Thanks. Hugs, JB

  5. Dear Barbara Wood:
    You’re so welcome. Hugs, JB

  6. Dear Alex:
    Beautifully said and so true of Z. Hugs, JB

  7. Dear Vicki B.:
    BL takes amazing photos and her descriptive writing talent is also wonderful. Love that “Look of Eagles”. Hugs, JB

  8. Hi Zenyatta. Truly love this pic with Dotty. You can tell you both are really discussing great things. I just love this. You look gorgeous – truly a vision to behold. Love you, stay comfy, eat well and have fun with TT. Love you, Angel in Disguise.

  9. I hope Dottie kissed your nose in this photo…I know I would. So glad you got all the visits from your Team Z recently. I know they’ve missed you very much. Your belly is getting bigger now and you still look like a regal Queen.

  10. @Terry Crow – Thanks, you definitely made me smile, which is good — cause I bought the 3 bailer today, so have less wherewithal, and some debt. Someone teasingly suggested I could sell my Zenyatta “stuff” to finance the car, but I knew they were joking, because they knew I would never do that.

  11. @J Smith and @Judy Berube–very glad that we’re trying to watch out for Indian Tale. I tried e-mailing the jockey club but got no response. Would you tell me the email address you used? Thanks a lot! Suzanne G.

  12. Thank you for your comments, guys. I have a hard time talking about it sometimes. When I was in seventh grade, a boy at my bus stop tried to kill me. He tried to set my hat on fire with a lighter while I was wearing it. They, correctly, assumed that I was a lesbian, and they called me a lot of homophobic insults. And there were other equally bad things they did, sometimes with words, sometimes physically. It got to the point where I had to switch to online school. I had to spend a week in a mental hospital this summer because the depression and panic attacks were so bad.
    I fell in love with Zenyatta in mid-2009. She has always been an inspiration to me, and she brings me hope and happiness. I hope I can meet her someday, somehow, if my family ever gets the money for that.
    I think Zenyatta should be a therapy horse as her second job. In a way, she already is. But I can think of a lot of people with mental health issues who would really benefit from being able to meet- and maybe even ride- Queen Zenyatta. Horses can get to your heart like nothing else in this world. As the Koran says, “When God created the horse, he said to the magnificent creature: I have made thee as no other. All the treasures of the earth shall lie between thy eyes. Thou shalt cast thy enemies between thy hooves, but thou shalt carry my friends upon thy back. Thy saddle shall be the seat of prayers to me. And thou fly without any wings, and conquer without any sword.”
    Zenyatta means so much to me, even though I’ve never met her. When she did her dance, when she fearlessly walked onto the racetrack, it inspired me. I can amazing, too. I can’t let the bullies win, no matter what edge they have over me. Zenyatta never gives up, and I can’t either, no matter how much I want to sometimes.
    Zenyatta will forever have a special place in my heart. She has a very rare effect on me. She can make me smile even on my worst days. She can help my panic attacks. She helps me get over my fear of people my own age.
    Words can’t say how much I love her, and how much I owe her. Zenyatta is truly a gift.

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