Diary Post #135

Good Morning to EVERYONE!!!!!

I hope all is well with all of you! I’m doing GREAT! I just had to share this photo with you this morning. Maggie Yount took it and sent it to Dottie. John and I have this game we play. As many of you know, John ALWAYS wears a baseball type cap! I have truthfully NEVER seen him without one. (Dottie even teased him that he needed to wear one when they got married. IT IS JUST SO MUCH A PART OF HIM…and HIS PERSONALITY.)

The object of our game is that I would try to take the CAP OFF OF HIS HEAD! Well, on this afternoon, this is the first photo…me sniffing around his head and nuzzling his head/cap. Then guess what happens next????????? I WIN! I grab the cap…and start playing with it. John just laughs. After a bit, I do let him take it back. John and I would do this often at the barn. THIS IS OUR SPECIAL GAME!

The other cute thing of this photo is that this cap is an AFTER MARKET CAP from Lane’s End. Well, AFTER MARKET was trained by John and was at the barn while I was there. He and I used to graze together in the afternoons. He would be grazing by one tree…and me by the other. AFTER MARKET is now a stallion here at Lane’s End. I hear his foals are lovely! In our industry, they refer to a group of horses born in a particular calendar year as ‘A CROP’. After Market’s first crop…they are currently yearlings. They will turn 2 on January 1st. As you know, that is the official birthday of race horses.

Breeding farms have a stallion area and a broodmare area. AFTER MARKET is in the stallion division in another part of the farm from where I am. When John is here, he also loves to visit his friend, AFTER MARKET. He was a terrific race horse and won some fabulous GRADE 1 races on the turf while he was with us. John is very proud of him and his accomplishments.

We have had such fun…and so many terrific memories!

Oh…the delivery truck is arriving at the main office. I’m hearing that LOTS of people are sending me Holiday Goodies! I guess I have been ONE VERY GOOD GIRL!

Thank you so, so much for thinking of me! Happy Saturday!
With Love,


  1. Are you going to play these fun games with your new team at LE? I hope you do.
    Zen, I know you’ll get a ton of gifts from Santa each and every year because of who you are! You are simply the BEST! Luv ya!

  2. Morning Zenny Your updates are a highlight every day again. It is so nice to see how loved you are by your connection and everyone around you. Where can we have a look at After Markets first crop? Wish you a beautiful sunday.

  3. I love you, girl.

  4. Zenyatta, you’re precious! I think of you daily as you are a part of my life. Happy weekend to you and enjoy your goodies!

  5. To Darlene Johnson, if you want to campaign for Zenyatta being HOY, (which of course she already is), go the Steve Davidowitz website as he is taking the fans votes.

  6. Thanks all for the posts and the replies. Instead of checking the news when I connect to the www, I now check in to Zand her people.:-)

  7. You will love this article. It’s about Z being born and what she was like as a little little girl. Don Robinson is wonderful!


  8. Z thats a great picture. You are so fun loving and adorable. Lots of hugs and stay warm. I check for news from you as soon as I get home from work, you are so special. Thank you.

  9. Zenyatta-Just checking in to read the latest posts from your fans! Great! I went for a run this am & had Lisa’s Zenyatta song playing the whole way!!! My daughter loves that song too! I do understand why your caregivers want you to relax before becoming a mama’…it is beautiful, but it is hard work for the body to do all the compensation that has to occur & we all just want a positive outcome! So, I know it is probably hard some times when Charles & the crew take you out, not to want to “jump the fence” & run all around LE(which I am sure would be an awesome view), but enjoy your quiet, leisurely walks…you deserve them & by the looks of it, Charles does too. The two of you are so photogenic together!

    I know this is a long post, but my kids have Christmas parties at school tomorrow & I am working overnight at the hospital tonight, so might not get back here until Tuesday…

    Last, I stated this before as many have…how special that you & John got an opportunity to share some of the best moments of your lives! He is a special man for a special horse…you were both meant for each other & you know “Z,” guys who wear hats all of the time, just don’t let any girl take them off…you defintitely have John’s heart.

    Check back in later this week. XOXO

  10. There will never be another Zenyatta. The hat game just shows how smart she is. If you read the article from the Saturday Post – the interview with Don Robinson, you will learn a lot about why she is the way she is.

  11. Zenyatta, we hope you are the horse of the Year ….You’ll always be our horse of the year forever! You enlightened our hearts everytime you ran….we miss the excitement already!

  12. Thank you, Jan Mitchell — wonderful article.

  13. Christmas gift for Zenyatta. In addition to receiving her third championship and 2010 Horse of the Year, I would like to see a full size bronze cast of Zenyatta in her prime placed at the Kentucky Horse Park near those of Man O’War and Secretariat.

  14. Silly Girl, I love you xoxoxo

  15. Thank you, Zenyatta, for all you have taught us about your experiences at the breeding farm. Your accounts and a book I recently purchased –“Breeder’s Guide to Mare, Foal and Stallion Care” — have opened a whole new and fascinating world.

  16. No, the foal’s name should be ‘Zenyatta’s Valentine’.
    In case there are two, which is rare but happens ‘Zenyatta’s Valentino’ or Zenyatta’s Valentina’
    If everything gels, she could be a future Mom around Valentine’s Day.
    And Zenyatta has the attention & well-wishing of so many, Zenyatta’s Valentine expresses these vibes, the foal would be a present from Zenyatta to all her people.

  17. Zenyatta, you have been more than “ONE VERY GOOD GIRL.” You are a Greek god cast with the attributes of Athena — wisdom and heroic endeavor.

  18. Thanks to Jan Mitchell for the link to this great article ‘Don Robinson talks about Zenyatta’
    See, I knew it, she has showbiz in her blood, Mr. Robinson said that Zetty didn’t dance gowing up in Kentucky she started that in Hollywood. I bet those guys danced with her in the barn, and never told aby.;)

  19. You look fabulous Z. I know the folks your with just love you. I wish I could come ant visit with you. Just keep doing well in your new home. This makes us happy to hear about you. Love you Z.

  20. Zenyatta your hat game reminds my of a game my weanlings would play. I would leave an old towel hanging on the fence. The wind would make it move, you can imagine all the little noses poking at it then backing up snorting. After a bit one would get brave enough to bite it. Then shake then finally grab it in their teeth and take off running. All the other colts would chase the one with the towel. If the leader dropped another would pick it up and off they would go again. Keep us posted Queen Z. Thank Dottie for keeping us in touch. Secsea Dance, Salawgi, Simon, and Picasso.

  21. Love this pic. Where’s the lunch basket? Your amazing talents & personality and a “tree hugger” too! Better late than never but I did not know that you had been trained over a dirt surface several times a week. All the concern about what your feet would do when you raced on dirt . . .well fly over it of course! Love & Peace Queen Z & ALL

  22. Hi Beautiful Girl,

    Thanks for the fun picture of you and John enjoying your game together. You’ve always been a girl, so it is not surprising that you have so many gifts! Don’t get a tummy ache though!

    Keep these letters coming, we all miss you more than words can say!



  23. What a very nice picture of you and John you look very interested in his Hat and that is a cute game and one you won and did so enjoy playing…I want to send you my homemade Horse Cookies my horses love them, they have plenty of good things to eat in them plus a bit of Candycane on top Thinking of you beauitful lady Z with only Love…LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU , LOVE YOU

  24. Zenyatta, I know that you are still getting used to your new home but when will your many friends get to hear about visiting you at the farm? I know Ann and Jerry want the fans to be able to see you but so far no word on when that can happen. Please keep us posted.

  25. Too precious Zeny! I love you. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  26. Hi there, Z!! Very nice photograph of you and John in front of “your tree!!” I know you and John miss playing the hat game together. Lol, yes, you have been a very good girl!! Hope you enjoy the Holidays!! love and kisses!!

  27. Becca, Zenyatta is a still a lady. She’ll talk about her guys in due time! ;)

  28. Merry Christmas Zenny! I am glas that you are doing well out there in Kentucky, but do miss you out on the track. Haha you should steal John’s cap sometime. And speaking of marriage, when are you gonna get married Zenny? Perhaps to After Market? Haha have a wonderful Christmas Zenny. Take care of yourself.

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