Diary Post #359

Photographers are TOO CUTE! Photo by Sarah Campion

Good Morning,

So much is going on these days in Lexington. I have such a busy schedule. It is my understanding that I even have a ‘CALENDAR’ that Dottie coordinates with Sarah each week to be sure I am where I need to be and when at the farm each day. I am having so much fun! This SECOND CAREER aspect of my life is rather exciting!

Needless to say, it is absolutely necessary for them to schedule in times for ‘HAIR, MANE AND HOOF’ care. As you know, I truly want to LOOK MY BEST!

Nicholas Karem is one of the photographers who was at Lane’s End last week shooting photos of ME. He is working with LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE. They are currently doing a piece involving ME right now. He really tried to get some very ‘unique’ shots. I sure hope I LOOK FABULOUS! He said I DID!

This reminded ME of the time Robert Maxwell came out to BARN 55 to get ‘just the right photo of ME’ for W MAGAZINE! He spent an hour on the ground rolling around on my grass snapping shots, stood on ladders of various sizes for another hour, and even had his assistant hold SOPHIE as a prop for ME to track with MY eyes. All of this was done with the goal of getting just the RIGHT photo! I saw the one they used in their piece…it was very special! LUCKY ME!

Some other very special things are also happening right now. As many of you may have read, MY JOHN was busy last week spending some time on a project that involved ME. When he was here on Friday, he did whisper a tid-bit in my ear. He is so excited! On Thursday, he went to Louisville to see the ‘in-progress’ LIFE SIZE PAINTING of ME that is currently being completed by artist, Jamie Corum. They have been in touch while the project was unfolding….but Jamie wanted John to review the final details in person with her and add anything more specific that would make the painting PERFECT!

From all reports, when he walked into the room and looked at the painting, I heard MY JOHN was ‘speechless’! After all of the years we spent together, he is the one person who truly knows every single inch of my body better than anyone else. He had one word to share with The Moss’ and Dottie after seeing Jaime’s work….”MAGNIFICENT”! Per John, “I did not have much more to add…Jamie captured ZENYATTA perfectly!”

This painting will be unveiled at MY PARTY! I can’t wait to share it with all of YOU!

Here’s wishing you a wonderful day!

With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. @eveline – Thanks – all those photos of Chris Antley were wonderful! How easy on the eyes he was.

  2. Zenyatta you are so special. I love you so very much. Big Hugs and Kisses, Shari XXXOOO

  3. Great shot of the photographer!

  4. I can’t wait to see the painting myself. Couldn’t be anything less than magnificent just like the subject. Speaking of painting – you all need to google http://www.paintinghorse.com.
    You may have read about this but there is a woman Cheryl Ward who rescues horses and she has been able to help them by teaching them how to paint. It is so cute. Her horsemanship skills are amazing. She uses clicker training and is just so gentle. Her videos’s are very entertaining – – I love the ones about DaVinci. He came to her petrified of humans and to see how far he’s come is something else. What a cute horse. All of them are. They’re all so special. What goes on in the minds of people who are abusive to animals??? It must be a very dark world that they live in. Very sad. Anyhow – you need to check her out and the paintings – AND you can purchase them. Put them in a great frame with a light over them – – could really light up a room – the colors are great.

  5. Oh and how fantastic would that be if Charismatic comes to Old Friends. Michael Blowen – if you ever read this – – you MUST get him. Whatever it takes……

  6. Oh Zenny, you are BEAUTIFUL no matter which angle the photographer uses!! I’m so happy to hear Jaime is painting your life size portrait. She is an Awesome Artist. I own several of her prints, including the one she did last year of you, Secretariat, Curlin and Rachael Alexandra. I can’t wait to see her latest of you, Our Dear Queen of Racing!! Have a Blessed Weekend & Safe Racing to All :)

  7. Hats off to you Sarah for capturing this photo of the photographer clicking away at Z. :) Zenny, I can’t wait to see the life-size painting of you! Maybe John will put it in your old stall at Barn 55 for a while just so he can look at you. Zenny, I know Beauty Salon appts. are necessary but you look beautiful even when you were covered in mud.

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