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Good Morning Everyone! Dottie and I were just reviewing the morning news and GUESS WHAT WE FOUND! The Associated Press did their review of the TOP FEMALE ATHLETES in the world…and for the 2nd year in a row…I AM #2 !

Now this is amazing…as, in reality, I am a thoroughbred race horse, so to be honored in this way is quite special! People often comment that horse achievements do not translate to other sports…or outside of racing…but LOOK! HERE I AM! I think this also means that people recognize the fact that I had to train and work hard to achieve in my sport just as a human would to succeed in his/her sport!


They had 175 people voting for this honor and ranking. Here are the top 4 per the AP:

1…Lindsey Vonn…she is a TOP OLYMPIAN and had a great year. 3 CHEERS for Lindsey! She received 77 votes.

2…ME…ZENYATTA!!!!! YIPPEE, YIPPEE!!!! (To quote the AP press release…”Zenyatta’s 32 votes placed the racehorse No. 2 in the AP Balloting for the second consecutive year. The 6 year old mare retired with a 19-1 career record and a North American earnings record for female horses. Her only loss was a narrow one in the Breeders’ Cup Classic.” (Yikes…as they said ‘narrow one’…it was just a few inches. In my heart, I know I ran a winning race! I must also add that I truly appreciate the fact that everyone makes me feel so good about how hard I tried in the Classic. All of my friends have repeatedly reinforced the fact…EFFORT APPLIED DOES MATTER!)

3. Maya Moore…she is a wonderful college basketball player. I believe she is playing in a big tournament today…and her team is working on a big streak of their own. Good luck today, Maya! (I will have the guys at the farm check the TV Guide to see when her game is scheduled. This way, I can check on how she is doing.) It is important to be supportive of my fellow athletes. She received…29 votes.

4. Serena Williams…a fabulous tennis star…………14 votes.

****Per the AP article…no one else got more than 5 votes.

This is truly a complete HONOR…and I am totally BLESSED to share this recognition with all of these highly talented women. Again, LUCKY ME!

So, as I am standing here in KENTUCKY…I hope you can all see the HUGE SMILE on my face! I am so proud and grateful to all of these voters, my Barn 55 friends, and my wonderful, wonderful FANS who have always honored my work and made me feel so special and LOVED!

Enjoy your day! It is chilly here…and per all reports from CA…totally ‘pouring’ there!
Stay warm and cozy! With love,


  1. Zenyatta, how happy you looked to see your family there with you. It was breath taking just to watch. I wanted to cry when you were with Mario. I still wish he could be with you everyday. Thanks to everyone for sharing this moment with all of us that love Zenny. Hugs big girl

  2. This is what I’ve been waiting for…Zenny running like the wind in the paddock with her CA friends nearby. She is the most special animal and the fact that her family shares her with all of us is icing on the cake. I feel like I’m watching a fairytale looking at the video.
    She is beyond beautiful …her spirit oozes through my computer screen. I would love to view her for hours like this.

  3. Merry Christmas, dearest Zenyatta. I cried watching you run free, but they were tears of joy. Barbara Wood, I too was deeply touched by the story “In the Spirit of Christmas,” on the Bloodhorse website, and I immediately made my donation in Barbaro’s and your memory and in memory of all thoroughbreds who face an uncertain life after racing. Because of you, Zenyatta, people are more aware. You are so very fortunate to have such a loving, caring family – one who would never abandon you!! I loved it when you and Mario were alone together. Priceless. Your love for Mario is so very deep and wonderful. Merry Christmas again, dearest. Thank you for the daily posts. Looking forward to many more videos of your wonderful new life. Please be careful running in the snow. Love always.

  4. Thanx to all for sharing Z’s new memories in the making! Peace & Happiness to you Z!

  5. Zenyatta…what a great romp in the snow!!! You were having a great time with all your family. After seeing the video there is no doubt in my mind how much Ann Moss loves you!! I have my own beautiful mare that I look at the same way. There is definitely a deep connection with Ann. You are so fortunate to have such good caring people like John and Dottie, Jerry and Ann and of course your special friends Mario and Carman. Thank you so much Blood Horse for sharing this video with Zenyatta’s fans, we can’t get enough of our special Queen Z.

  6. Dear Zenyatta, It was just wonderful to see you running free in your new home! Of course we all cried again…This is the Best Christmas Present for all of us who really care about you and your Teams at Lanes End and in California. Thank you so much for putting this video up for all of us to see. XOXOXOXOXOXO

  7. Zenyatta-
    You look so happy running and jumping and seeing your family! I am soooo Happy for YOU!

  8. To Dottie, The Moss’s, John, Mario and ALL:
    A HUGE THANK YOU for sharing this wonderful Zenyatta moment with us! You ARE the BEST CONNECTIONS and HUMANS any horse and the general public could ever hope for. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

  9. There is just the slightest chance that Zenyatta could become the catalyst for the Jockey Club to arrive in the 21st century and follow the direction of the American Quarter Horse association. It’s possible to collect a mare’s eggs, fertilize them and place them in a recipient mare who then carries the foal to term. More than one egg can be collected at a time and a mare could have more than one foal in a year, via this route. Stallions are able to have many foals…..why not more than one for a mare? The very best thing about the whole process is this. The mare doesn’t have to physically have the foal and that protects her from many things that could happen. Disease isn’t spread around. Mares can be at home in their own familiar surroundings. Stallion semen can be shipped as cooled semen, across the country or around the world. Things don’t have to be the same as they were in “olden times” as my kids say. They can be better!!

  10. To the FANS of ZENYATTA – thank you for using this site to share Zenyatta news sites, images and videos with the rest of us It’s so awesome that we are all here to witness the GREATNESS of Zenyatta.
    Cheers to ALL things Zenyatta – HOY
    Hugs and Love!!

  11. Peggy- That is a great thought, one I have had many times myself with regards to Zenyatta. Thanks for putting it out there. Although Zenny looks pretty happy playing in the snow and being free.

  12. Dear Barbara Wood & Karen Henry and others: tonight`s NY Times features a story of abandoned Irish horses, indicative of crushing economic failures where ‘Z`s’ sire, ‘Street Cry’ (IRE) is beloved. At a loss for a constructive response, although I support on a small scale three good horse rescue groups, I am not conversant with international intervention in these matters. Anyone aware of an ongoing creative response? There is so much requiring attention. Very grateful tonight for a brilliant, happy horse loved in Kentucky. Thank you.

  13. I have to admit I don’t know what the ‘whinny and tail up’ means in horse lingo, but it sure looks like pure joy to me. If it is true, that our Z has not run like that since she was a foal, well it must have been heaven for her.

    Most importantly, a heartfelt thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Moss for being such thoughtful and caring owners..there should be a special award for owners like you. To Mr. Sheriff, for believing in our Z, and waiting patiently for her to find her legs. And to Mario, I can see it in your eyes, you miss her terribly, YOU know how special this beautiful lady is and I hope you know you played a pivotal role as well. Your patience especially— always allowing her time to observe (not pulling her along) and your gentle way with her, it was beautiful to watch.
    You all have given me faith…that there are racehorse owners, trainers and handlers that truly love the horse as much as the race.

    Thank you all.

  14. Horsemen — please give us the behavioral significance of the tail up, whinnying we saw in the video. It certainly looked like unbridled joy followed by her signature dance steps.

  15. What a treasure she is!

  16. Congratulations, Zenny! You go, Queen Z!

    And, you were #1 to all of us in the Classic. You done great, big girl!

  17. Z!! Wow!! I am so proud of you!!! What can I say, the others are truly fine athletes who have shown their excellence and you placed No 2! In my heart you are No 1 and it is just that. You are a gorgeous amazing horse and I love you!!

  18. Congrats Z!!! #1 in my book:-) xo

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