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Good Morning Everyone! Dottie and I were just reviewing the morning news and GUESS WHAT WE FOUND! The Associated Press did their review of the TOP FEMALE ATHLETES in the world…and for the 2nd year in a row…I AM #2 !

Now this is amazing…as, in reality, I am a thoroughbred race horse, so to be honored in this way is quite special! People often comment that horse achievements do not translate to other sports…or outside of racing…but LOOK! HERE I AM! I think this also means that people recognize the fact that I had to train and work hard to achieve in my sport just as a human would to succeed in his/her sport!


They had 175 people voting for this honor and ranking. Here are the top 4 per the AP:

1…Lindsey Vonn…she is a TOP OLYMPIAN and had a great year. 3 CHEERS for Lindsey! She received 77 votes.

2…ME…ZENYATTA!!!!! YIPPEE, YIPPEE!!!! (To quote the AP press release…”Zenyatta’s 32 votes placed the racehorse No. 2 in the AP Balloting for the second consecutive year. The 6 year old mare retired with a 19-1 career record and a North American earnings record for female horses. Her only loss was a narrow one in the Breeders’ Cup Classic.” (Yikes…as they said ‘narrow one’…it was just a few inches. In my heart, I know I ran a winning race! I must also add that I truly appreciate the fact that everyone makes me feel so good about how hard I tried in the Classic. All of my friends have repeatedly reinforced the fact…EFFORT APPLIED DOES MATTER!)

3. Maya Moore…she is a wonderful college basketball player. I believe she is playing in a big tournament today…and her team is working on a big streak of their own. Good luck today, Maya! (I will have the guys at the farm check the TV Guide to see when her game is scheduled. This way, I can check on how she is doing.) It is important to be supportive of my fellow athletes. She received…29 votes.

4. Serena Williams…a fabulous tennis star…………14 votes.

****Per the AP article…no one else got more than 5 votes.

This is truly a complete HONOR…and I am totally BLESSED to share this recognition with all of these highly talented women. Again, LUCKY ME!

So, as I am standing here in KENTUCKY…I hope you can all see the HUGE SMILE on my face! I am so proud and grateful to all of these voters, my Barn 55 friends, and my wonderful, wonderful FANS who have always honored my work and made me feel so special and LOVED!

Enjoy your day! It is chilly here…and per all reports from CA…totally ‘pouring’ there!
Stay warm and cozy! With love,


  1. You’re NUMBER ONE in my book, no contest!

  2. Thank you to the AP voters for recognizing you, Zenyatta!
    I think if more of them had met you, you’d have come up #1!
    I’m voting for you to get some unseasonably warm weather!
    Be happy beautiful one!

  3. Congratulations – you deserve it. Do you have a Christmas tree in your barn, without candles of course.

  4. In my heart you’re first! :)
    I hope you’re happy at the new barn :)<3
    Have a nice day,Zeny <3

  5. I think you should have been #1, too, Lady Z, but it is quite an honor all the same!

  6. I’m SO happy for you Zenyatta!! I’m smiling just reading about you smiling! We miss you here in soggy So. California!!

  7. My Sweet lady Zenyatta, I am so thrilled for you & congradulations! WOW that’s an honor! You are #1 in my book but nobody ask me to vote! You keep smiling and enjoying life. I love you, Zenyatta.
    Love with hugs & kisses from Alabama, Amanda

  8. you are #1. keep warm.

  9. Beautiful Zenyatta, Yes you are amazing with your AP award! I found that last night online and emailed congrats to you but another one never hurts a star such as you. I would like to see all your trophies and documented awards, they must fill a very large room probably as big as your heart. You are the most special girl in any category. MUCH LOVE FROM ME TO YOU.

  10. Zenny, you are second to none my BIG, BEAUTIFUL THOROUGHBRED MARE!

  11. You are da woman!!!! Actually, I think of you as human. (*_*)Congratulatons on your No. 2 spot. Of course, with all your fans you are No.1 for now and always. I hope you are staying warm. How many blankets to you need there to keep warm? I think you should live in the main house. (*_*)The weather all over the country seems out of sorts. I read where the new dirt at Santa Anita was not in such good shape from all the rain. They will get it all fixed though. Your Christmas card I sent plays a tune so I hope you get to hear it and dance along with the music. (*_*) Santa is coming to town so be watching out your window for him. Have a wonderful day and be in touch as soon as you can. I love you!!!!!!xoxoxoxox YOU ARE, SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!!!

  12. Zenyatta, I have been horse crazy my whole life. I have had pleasure horses of my own and followed horse racing my whole life. My favorite horses are You #1, I hope you have a very safe, comfortable, and fun retirement with lots of hugs and love from those about you and many babies to carry on your wonderful legacy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  13. Zenyatta you are the best horse I’ve ever seen! Congrats on this new recognition, but you will always be in the top spot in the hearts of your fans! Enjoy your retirement….you deserve a good rest!

  14. Congratulations Zenyatta! I enjoyed watching Lindsay ski in the Olympics but I have to say I think you deserved the number one spot :-)

  15. You are #1 pretty girl. Sending you warm hugs and kisses your way.
    We love you,

  16. You’re #1 in our hearts and everything. I’m thankful I have been given the opportunity to have witness greatness during my lifetime, ZENYATTA!

  17. I dont know why you’re surprised, Big Mama, everyone knows how you worked your beautiful a$$ off for it – along with the rest of your team!
    I’m not familiar with that skier, but I know what you’ve done this yr, so she must REALLY be up there to have gotten a few more votes than you! Congrats on making it in the top 2 for the second yr in a row – YOU ROCK!!!
    Hope you’ve gotten to get out and play this wk! Luv ya muchly!! <3

  18. Congrats to you Zenyatta! I would have put you #1 but to be #2 for two straight years is quite an honor! Stay warm and have a beautiful day! Merry Christmas!!

  19. Good morning gorgeous Zenyatta from rainy Cali, it is really raining hard here and will continue for days. Will you ask John or Dottie to explain what 4×4 means in breeding? Sometimes I see 3×4. Thank you very much. I was reading in the Blood Horse Commemorative magazine and came across those numbers. You are making us more savvy in thoroughbred racing and so we are having more fun at the track. I love you a whole lot.

  20. Poll – schmoll !!!!

  21. Zenyatta!! You are the best!!!

  22. Hey Big Mama Z, you will always be number 1! The absolute tops! Hope you’re having fun in Kentucky. You’re right, here in Southern California, it’s raining cats and dogs. Love you, Z! XOXO!!

  23. Congratulations Zenyatta! An award well-deserved. You’ll always be First in my book of athletes. As for “Effort Applied” in the BCC means you won that race!!! No other horse on the track with you applied as much effort as you. Now to make you Horse of The Year!! It’s cold in Maryland too. At least in CA, they don’t have to shovel “pouring”. LOl

  24. Zenyatta- It’p great to see the AP poll ranking you second. Now if we could just get you HOY!! Thanks Dottie for sharing the news with Zenny! Thanks John for all your hard work. Love and Hugs :-)

  25. Zenny great, you truly deserve this and more honors. You `re the greatest. LOVE YOU.

  26. You are the NUMBER ONE FEMALE HORSE! This sounds like John wrote today’s post? You must be so proud.

  27. Yahooo! Great news. Congratulations!

  28. My favorite pic of this year’s BC Classic is one that was shot just after the wire (about 1 second later)…it clearly shows you, Zenyatta, ahead of Blame right at that point…it must be so heartbreaking to abide because it matters where in the stride (reaching or gathering) any given horse is when they hit the wire…as luck would have it, at that moment, he was reaching, & you were gathering. But only a moment later, it was the opposite, & you were then in front! I guess the line of finish has to be where it is…too bad it wasn’t about 10 feet further…truly, you both were “there”…I just think you (as you just said yourself) ran the winning race in your extraordinary style, & by virtue of that, you are the champion in many people’s eyes! Love to you & yours for keeping us all close together!

  29. That is awesome Zenyatta! Congrats on making the list :)

  30. Here is a link to my favorite article about you, Z — it describes you and the effect you have had on all of us better than any other, IMO, and the feeling we have that your real (and absolutely victorious) mission transcends mere “sport” — please don’t miss the final paragraph and all the photos at the end!

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