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Good Morning Everyone! Dottie and I were just reviewing the morning news and GUESS WHAT WE FOUND! The Associated Press did their review of the TOP FEMALE ATHLETES in the world…and for the 2nd year in a row…I AM #2 !

Now this is amazing…as, in reality, I am a thoroughbred race horse, so to be honored in this way is quite special! People often comment that horse achievements do not translate to other sports…or outside of racing…but LOOK! HERE I AM! I think this also means that people recognize the fact that I had to train and work hard to achieve in my sport just as a human would to succeed in his/her sport!


They had 175 people voting for this honor and ranking. Here are the top 4 per the AP:

1…Lindsey Vonn…she is a TOP OLYMPIAN and had a great year. 3 CHEERS for Lindsey! She received 77 votes.

2…ME…ZENYATTA!!!!! YIPPEE, YIPPEE!!!! (To quote the AP press release…”Zenyatta’s 32 votes placed the racehorse No. 2 in the AP Balloting for the second consecutive year. The 6 year old mare retired with a 19-1 career record and a North American earnings record for female horses. Her only loss was a narrow one in the Breeders’ Cup Classic.” (Yikes…as they said ‘narrow one’…it was just a few inches. In my heart, I know I ran a winning race! I must also add that I truly appreciate the fact that everyone makes me feel so good about how hard I tried in the Classic. All of my friends have repeatedly reinforced the fact…EFFORT APPLIED DOES MATTER!)

3. Maya Moore…she is a wonderful college basketball player. I believe she is playing in a big tournament today…and her team is working on a big streak of their own. Good luck today, Maya! (I will have the guys at the farm check the TV Guide to see when her game is scheduled. This way, I can check on how she is doing.) It is important to be supportive of my fellow athletes. She received…29 votes.

4. Serena Williams…a fabulous tennis star…………14 votes.

****Per the AP article…no one else got more than 5 votes.

This is truly a complete HONOR…and I am totally BLESSED to share this recognition with all of these highly talented women. Again, LUCKY ME!

So, as I am standing here in KENTUCKY…I hope you can all see the HUGE SMILE on my face! I am so proud and grateful to all of these voters, my Barn 55 friends, and my wonderful, wonderful FANS who have always honored my work and made me feel so special and LOVED!

Enjoy your day! It is chilly here…and per all reports from CA…totally ‘pouring’ there!
Stay warm and cozy! With love,


  1. You’re number 1 in my book. No contest. Luv ya “Z”! I missed you here in California. Keep warm in Kentucky.

  2. I think your fellow athlete Rachel Alexandra would’ve been #1 if she’d been able to race more! But…she couldn’t. So you should’ve been #1! But #2 is amazing, too! So many votes for a talented, muscular, sassy girl.

  3. Bill Dwyre, Tonight`s LA TIMES 6:50 p.m. — “Zenyatta should be front-runner for Horse of the Year.”

  4. Zenny, you look beautiful running free and playing! I’m so glad your family from Cali was there to see you.
    Team Z, you are the best!!! I can’t wait to see the videos!
    Thanks Mars for the link to the DRF article and pics!! They are fabulous!
    Love you Zenny,

  5. Beautiful Zenyatta. Congratulations!
    Well Deserved…….You will ALWAYS be Number ONE in my heart!

  6. Well Zen, got another picture of you hung on the wall today ,, wow you are so beautifull, and take the best pics,,,,I got the one of you and the the Mosses at your new home ,,Its so nice,,,,well just want to say nite , nite GIRL,,,hugs and kisses ,,,,like always.

  7. Zenyatta…I think all of us are beyond proud of you!!! Here comes the tears….

    Love ya and as always kisses on that beautiful nose from me…

  8. Guess who would be the number 1 greatest female athlete in the world if we were allowed to vote?

    No contest, Zenyatta., our Queen.

  9. U R the one and only ZENMASTER! we miss you ssoooooo very much in Cali! I’m happy to see your pics today of frolicing in the Ice and Snow, with ur best friends back with you. U deserve all the attention and many, many, many, more years of special adcoration! “What A Horse?, a Performance we’ll never forget…. ZENYATTA!! undefeated Champ! LOV U

  10. one last thing..with that shoulder of yours – and the perfect withers for a comfy exquiste English Saddloe…I can picture us jumping the Moon together !!
    xoxoxoxo Lov U

  11. Zenny, I just got my Zenyatta hat with a teal logo. It was worth the wait.It is a Christmas gift for myself. Was that really you running freely and playing in the snow? You’re so beautiful and graceful to behold. I’m so happy for you. I will always pray for your happiness and good health. Merry Christmas to you, Team Z in CA and your new friends at LE.

  12. I read this tonight, don’t know how old this article is. A powerful argument in favor of Zenyatta for HOY.


  13. Zenyatta.Did you and your family read the wonderful blog by the English teacher on Blood Horse yesterday?All fans should read it to apprediate the royal blood that runs thru your veins.

  14. Ms Zenyatta, Congratulations once again. Personally, I believe you are #1 in all things. Love, Lisa g

  15. We all know who the number 1 athlete is-you! No contest. This year’s BC Classic showed the nonbelievers who you are and what you are made of. With Mike E wondering whether he should pull you up at the beginning of the race and to make up so much ground shows who the better horse was. It wasn’t the winner! As I have said in my letters to the Team, if you don’t get HOY this year, the title has become ridiculous. Jan 13 is fast approaching and I vote in every poll possible to make sure the word gets out to the real voters. I haven’t seen one pool yet where you haven’t won. Of couses, we don’t count.

  16. Congrats Zenyatta, you’re number one in my book. I love the picture at the drf site with you and your groom, Mario. Again you show the world how appreciative a horse can be of the kind and gentle hands of a groom. You have done so much for the racing industry, you and your team.

  17. Zenny, you were running free!!! This is the best Christmas gift ever!! And Team Z there with you to share this special moment is the icing on the cake! They are a class act and love you so much, sweet girl.
    I have never seen you look more beautiful (if that’s possible:) You are magnificient!!! Can’t wait for the videos!
    There are more pic. at: http://www.drf.com/news/photos-zenyatta-play-her-lanes-end-paddock
    Merry Christmas and lots of happiness to you and Team Z as well to your friends (human and equine:) at Lane’s End!
    Gotta run cuz my dog is barking at me – she wants to romp and jump in the snow just like you:)
    Wow. What it must have felt like running free to you! Hugs and Love, Zenny!

  18. Merry Christmas. You are so blessed and an angel is disguise. Love you.

  19. You people do realize that she’s a horse, don’t you? FYI – although she’s amazing and arguably one of the greats of the 21st century, she actually does NOT know how to use a computer. I know. Go back to your evidently unproductive and incredibly boring lives.

  20. Congratualations Baby Girl…. I know I know you are 6 years old,,,,but you will always be my BABY! You did it…. You made through all of those races,,, you captured our hearts and some weeks after your retirement,,,,( i still cry),. You are the greatest being that ever roamed the earth….. You are the Grand Progeny of Eclipse…. You are the Darley Arabian…. You are horse racing,,,, and You are the horse that God would ride ,,,,If she needed a Mare….:) I love you Baby!

  21. Wow – Wow -Wow Zenny running free in the paddock with ALL HER LOVED ONES THERE! Amazing, simply amazing. This deal brought those happy tears to my eyes. . . . .again. Love & Peace to ALL

  22. Until animals and their depths of understanding and insight color your life, it can be remarkably dull and void. Worse than misunderstanding that certain abilities to see into a creature’s life and intuit her grandeur by assaying the quality of the people who brought out all her best potential, is to position oneself in the midst of persons given to the appreciation for all the changes such creatures bring life, then denigrate that which is misunderstood. “Whew!! What a smell of sulfur!!”

  23. Well deserved Zenyatta, you are our
    Dancing Queen. God Bless you and your connections, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  24. To DRH. Apparently your life must be unproductive and boring as well because you read all of these posts. I actually feel a little sorry for you since you seem to have so little imagination. How sad! Perhaps you’re not having a very good Christmas this year. At any rate, leave people alone and let them have their flights of fancy. It’s good for the soul. I hope your life gets better.

  25. Hi gorgeous girl…First off I love you!!! I`m very proud of you always. So these news makes me just beam more about you! Hope everything is going good for you and everyone taking care of you at Lanes End. I`m sure everyone at barn 55 miss you very much. But, we all must move on. Right Zen? Well, talk to you again. Stay warm! Love you. Lots of hugs and kisses!! Thank you Dottie

  26. Here’s a Guiness to you, Zenyatta. 1st or 2nd, what does it matter, you’re the top. It would be great if there’s a way for you to show off your moves cause you’re such an entertainer. People love to watch you, girl.

  27. Thank you, Shoprinz, for the link to the HOTY article.

  28. Go to the Shoprinz link if you have not already cast your vote for HOTY.

  29. Queen Zenyatta, it was thrilling for my granddaughter, Brandy, and I, to watch you this year. Thank you for reminding everyone to share their love. You are beautiful and we will stay in touch. Hugs from San Diego

  30. Zenyatta, I know this is random and I have already posted in this diary entry, but I don’t care what happens at HOY. No matter what you are the HOY for millions of people. People are saying that Blame will get the HOY bc he won th BCC, but dont let that get you down. Just remember eveything you have done for the racing community and for your fans. You will still go down in history as one of the greatest racehorses of all time, right up there with Ruffian, Secretariat, Man’o War, and so many others. You deserve the HOY by a landslide, but its all opinion when you read between the lines. Blame might get it, but you are the better horse and will be the HOY 20 times over in my book. And if you do get HOY, you got what you obviously deserve. Love you Zenyatta and best of luck for the HOY. If I had a say, I would vote for you.

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