Diary Post #360

THANK YOU.....TO ALL OF MY DEAR FANS! Photo by John Shirreffs

To my Dear, Dear Friends,


I wanted to take a day and truly THANK ALL OF YOU for being such wonderful fans and friends…not just to ME….but to MY TEAM AND MY SPORT! In reading the comments so many of you post, it is all quite touching!

I absolutely LOVE the way you rally around all of the Z FANS. You have become such friends and are so supportive of each other! I do hope in some way, I have encouraged this to happen and helped to make your day a bit more FUN! One thing for sure, by reading these comments, I do feel many of you have made some very special friendships….and for this I am quite pleased and proud!

So many of YOU are excited about MY LIFE SIZE PAINTING! So am I. As you may have realized, I have not seen it yet…but when MY JOHN says it is MAGNIFICENT….I couldn’t be more proud! Susan, Harold, Sharyn and Linda to name a few….your comments about seeing the painting at MY PARTY are TOO CUTE! I especially laughed when Linda commented that she would ‘swing by’ from North Carolina to come to the party!

As for where the painting will be displayed next, that has yet to be determined. Please offer some suggestions after it is unveiled at the party… and I’m sure MY TEAM will take them into consideration. They are just as excited to see YOUR FACES when it is unveiled…as they were to hear MY JOHN’S reactions to it. Jaime…we are really getting excited about this!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY….Deborah Richman and Charlotte Farmer! May you both (and all others celebrating an October Birthday) have a wonderful year filled with great health, happiness, and many special moments!

I’m still laughing at the comment Joy Bruce made when seeing the photo of MY JOHN laughing as he was standing next to Tiger….”HONEY, I SHRUNK ZENYATTA”. Joy, this is absolutely TOO CUTE!

To Erin, Kari, Alene and Doris McQ…..ALL BLESSINGS to each of you as you are dealing with your health issues! I’m sending each of you a HIGH HOOF and wishing you ALLTHE BEST during these very difficult times in your lives! I’ll be thinking about YOU!

How special of all of you to note that MY MIKIE is helping with saving Scrumpy! You are so aware and so helpful to others. Thank you!

My tail is fine. I know Karla asked about this. I never had a full-full tail. My Mario always had to be very careful when brushing it. It is really pretty much the same now…just a bit lighter due to the sun ‘highlighting’ it now. (The sun did it for free…LUCKY ME!)

MY TEAM’S DEAR GIACOMO…yes, he is in California now. I want to thank JAG/CALIFORNIA for all of the wonderful links she provided to all of the fans about his new home. He is such a beautiful gray horse…and so accomplished having won the KENTUCKY DERBY. What a thrill! I do hope you get to visit him when traveling in the Santa Ynez Valley. I’ve heard it is quite pretty there.

The Chris Antley ESPN piece…I’ve not seen it yet. I hope you get to enjoy it when aired. An interesting fact about Chris I know is that he rode SET THEM FREE when she won a stakes race at Hollywood Park. SET THEM FREE is GIACOMO and TIAGO’S mother. Their 2 year old little sister by Empire Maker is named STANWYCK. She is settled in nicely now at BARN 55. From all reports, she is a very pretty filly!

Delrene…thank you for the link to the L.A. Zoo Article and information on THE TOM MANKIEWICZ CONSERVATION CAROUSEL. The LA ZOO is very dear to my owners. I know they were more than happy to assist with this project for the zoo and its’ many inhabitants. I also did some fund raising for the LA ZOO when I was at Barn 55. I hosted 2 breakfasts at the BARN…to help out! I know they were very appreciative of my contribution…as well as that of my owners and their dear friend, Tom. (Oh Tom, we so miss you!)

And YES, Trina….that is ME on the right side of the carousel photo! I love it! I look rather good from behind if I say so myself! (Blush, Blush)

That's ME in the corner getting a bath when I was at BARN 55! Wow, you guys also look 'quite good' from behind!

In my own special way, I wanted to take a moment this morning and THANK ALL OF YOU FOR BEING SUCH WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL…FANS, FRIENDS, AND SPORTS! I know I could not mention all of your names and the special things that you bring to this site…but please know in my heart, I know you are there. I truly appreciate the comments, the love, the support, and the kindness you exhibit each day on Zenyatta.com! It takes people working together to make special things happen…and each day, I take great pride in the fact that each of you are part of MY BELOVED TEAM OF FANS AND FRIENDS!

I am so, so deeply touched!

With Love,
Hugs to All~

P.S. Dottie just checked. At this very moment, I have 92,009 Facebook Friends and the number is growing! THANK YOU!


  1. @Peggy (N) I have been posting late lately, not having time to read many responses. Z dumpling tags: from Diana S, diastu46@gmail.com Thought I’d give info one more time.

  2. Sweet Z; I just read a few responses. I feel really sad for Zazu and badly for the Mosses. She would have shown her stuff at the BC for sure. God bless Zazu, your team and of course lovely YOU.
    Goodnight & sweet dreams. love n kisses always

  3. Love you Zenny :)

  4. Your post today brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for the very touching comments.

  5. Hi Zenny: Oh my, what a beautiful post you and Dottie have written today. I am so sorry I fell behind in responding to your dairies over the past few days. Getting ready for my surgery, I guess I have been busy. We love you Zenny! We love coming to this site and just sharing a little of our life with you. I hope one day I will get the chance to meet you. My birthday is the last day of October. You’re right; I am a Halloween birthday girl. Are you planning to get dressed up in a costume? Love you Zenny.

  6. Love you forever and always Zenyatta!!

  7. Alex, glad u r seeking support, someetimes it takes trying a few different meds, and even a few different counsslors, to find the right fit. If you would like to work with horses, may I suggest you try volunteering with a horse group for starters. That will be the quickest way to have horse contact. If there are no horse rescues near you, call up your nearest riding or boarding stable and ask if they need an ‘intern’ for a couple of hours on a weekend morning. Sure, you’ll probably be mucking out stalls for free, but the enjoyment you’ll get from being around the horses is something you can’t put a price on. Also, it often makes a person feel better when they feel usuful. In these economic times, a couple of hours of free work from you would be a lot more than just useful to a stable. You can also see if there are any groups that visit therapy horses near you. All this is only as far away as a Google search. Let us know if anything pans out.:)

  8. Oh Zenyatta, you and your entire Team have generated more love, good will and blessings than any other athlete I can think of. Bless you all. I get a little behind on comments, but I go back to each one so you and Dottie will know how much each entry means to me.

  9. The Zenyatta/Dottie message for this day gave joy to so many…to see their names mentioned, to acknowledge their presence and to compliment all the Z fans for being so special and for forming such great friendships…speaking directly to your loyal fans, Zenny, was just what was needed to warm their hearts and to achieve the impossible–to enable them to love you more than they already do. I was in Lexington last week and was happy just to breathe the air you breathe when I got there! You always fill my heart with joy, and today’s message seems to have brought all of us who adore you just a little bit closer to you and to Dottie…thank you for this message…it will never be forgotten.

  10. I LOVE YOU BIG Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LORI

  11. Zenyatta, I would love more than anything to have a life sized painting of you and I would do almost anything to get one. You really do have a very supportive fan base as the increasing number of your Facebook fans shows.

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