Diary Post #361

My Breeder came to visit ME! - Photo by Sarah Campion

Good Morning,

Yesterday’s post…thank you for all of your loving comments!

A few days ago, I had some very special visitors. The man on the left is Don Robinson. I was foaled and raised at his farm, Winter Quarter, in Lexington, Kentucky…not too far from where I live now. He has come to visit ME several times during my racing career and since I’ve returned to Kentucky. I know him very well!

The gentleman on the right, scratching one of my favorite spots, is my breeder, Eric
Kronfeld. Wow! It was so great to see both of them. Eric followed MY racing career very closely and constantly stayed in touch with what was going on in MY LIFE with MY TEAM.

Both of these gentlemen touched my life in a very special way. In reality, if it wasn’t for my breeder planning the mating that he did for my MOM, Vertigineaux, to Street Cry, I wouldn’t be here.

Then when I was foaled, Don, was right there. He made sure that everything went well for ME while I was growing up as a young foal and yearling.

It is interesting to note that MY breeder is also the gentleman who bred and owns my baby sister, EBLOUISSANTE. Don foaled and raised her as well! So HOOVES CROSSED for all of these members of ‘MY FAMILY’ as ‘E’ embarks on her racing career at BARN 55.

LIFE IS SO INTERESTING! When one reflects upon certain things that happen in his/her life, the timing of certain decisions being made seems to play such an instrumental role in what happens in life….probably much more than one can say.
It was really so great to see ERIC and DON again! These are truly 2 very important people in MY LIFE! I can’t THANK THEM enough for the very early decisions they made…which had such an impact on ME becoming ME!

With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. @Terry Crow – I hope everything is ok with you, and with your friend Don. You might be a redneck, if you miss Terry’s jokes here, as well as his sparkling personality, bon mots, and educational discussions!

  2. Love to hear all the news. I hope some day to visit you. Love you Z.

  3. @Vicki B
    Ditto re Terry Crow. Look forward to your return.

  4. Hoping that someone will write a book about John Shirreffs. I was so surprised to find out that this gentle horse trainer was a Marine and Vietnam War Veteran. Sounds like he is a great manager. On one YouTube video, when one reporter asked John what his secret was, he replied that he knows when to get out of the way and let people do their job. Zenyatta, please tell us more…what an interesting person.

  5. Dear Z,
    Happy Friday to you. Hope you have a wonderful day outdoors in your paddock with TT. Love you and love all of you. Hugs, JB

  6. Dear Zenny,
    Hope you have a wonderful Friday. Thanks for being you and having such great generous connections. You are truely the Queen of Racing and will soon have Z/B in tow running the paddock with TT and her
    young one. XXXXXOOOO

  7. Dear Signofthetimes:
    Unfortunately, no, I never got to see Z up close. How wonderful, though, for all the Fans and Dumplings that were able to see her. Being able to visit her is No. 1 on my Bucket List. Have you ever seen her in “person”? Hugs, JB

  8. Dear Terry Crow:

    Thinking of you and your friend. Hugs, Hugs, JB

  9. Excellent works this morning by Mr. Commons and Harmonious — two probable shippers from Barn 55 to the Breeders’ Cup.

  10. I confess I’m a redneck (who says chicken fried steak isn’t appropriate for weddings?) who misses Terry C. as well.

  11. Ok so I know its still a little early and we already had a ‘name picking’ blog lol but I needed to tell you this name Zenny!!

    ESIBIZIONE (italian)- its means performance, showing off ;)
    I found the name while watching an Argentino Tango on youtube so it made me think of you! :)
    Have a wonderful day Zen girl!

  12. Oops forgot my city! :D ^^

  13. @Melinda K: Boy, you have been thru it. Look forward to meeting you at Z party!
    @Cheryl: Hope your health improves <3
    @Anna: Ouch! Hope you don't need surgery!
    @JAG: LOL :)
    @Barbara Wood: I'll try to remember to ask my daughter about ultrasounds and other checks during latter pregnancy. Also, I have been following the Bluebonnet Horse Expo on FB- it's such a great idea, isn't it?
    @Terry Crow: Hope Don is okay and miss your jokes!

    @Haley: Would love to read your biography of Zenny!

  14. River Edge: I went by this morning after feeding the “Ch boys”(Chester and Chopper). Rusty is now out with Cheyenne, Sass and Sherry (a relatively new mare). He is SO happy! He has so much more room, grass to graze on, company, other horses to meet over the fence- he looks good. Plus, he could follow me around everywhere-even to my car, a mystery he has been wondering about for months! He remains so good-natured and fun.

  15. @Barbara Wood
    A redneck wedding would be a great place
    for chicken fried steak !!!! Thought you were from CA, no wonder you like it being from Texas.

  16. @Kennedys in San Diego. I just read the DRF article that you posted a link to. I saw way too many references to the bettors and not nearly enough about the horse’s well fare. It’s made me mad all over again.
    @Signofthetimes and Judy Berube. I’ve seen so many comments about Z’s handquarters being so big. Can you imagine what she would look like if they were smaller? Talk about being front-heavy! She’s such a big-boned mare. I’ve always thought that her body was really balanced front-to-back. The most impressive shot I’ve ever seen of her was coming out of a gate with all of those muscles bunched to drive her forward – Awesome!

  17. @Susan in TN– thanks for the great report on our equine boys/girls. Thanks to Beth for the info. Yes, I’m looking forward to the Expo. Hope a LOT get adopted.

  18. In rsponse to Vertigineux being in foal, I was in touch with Tracy at Coolmore and asked her if Vertiginuex was in foal and see checked it out and told me see was not in foal. I did not ask for any details though,

  19. Z,
    As others have said, I hope to visit you someday soon! I wanted to earlier this year, but Lanes End said I wouldn’t be allowed to see the broodmares. D:

  20. Zenyatta . . . you warm my heart every time I read your diary. Sweet dreams beautiful one!!

  21. Hi Zenny, as I mentioned in a previous post I fell behind in responding to your dairy over the past few days. I am getting ready for my surgery and therefore I have been very busy. It will be very exciting to see Ebby’s first race. I may have to come out to CA for that one Zenny. This time of the year is so special with remembering you and your Breeder’s Cup races. You will always be remembered and you will always be a tough act to follow.

  22. Dear Sharon Call:
    Z really is well balanced. She’s just beautiful. She had great strength in her hindquarters when she broke from the gate. Truly gorgeous horse. Hugs, JB

  23. Dear Debbie G. and Trina N.:
    You’re so welcome. Hugs, JB

  24. Dear Maureen P. CA:
    I hope Vertigineux did not lose her foal. Ensign has never been wrong on any news he’s reported to us her on Z’s site, so I hope you were given the wrong info or it might mean the foal was lost. Hope not. Hugs, JB

  25. Dear Maureen P. CA:
    Check out this article in Thoroughbred Times dated 9/2/11. Read the very last line. Hugs, JB

  26. Zenyatta, you and all the humans around you have been a huge blessing to each other and have passed it on to everyone they’ve come in contact with. The world is a better place for all of you. I pray to meet you someday.

  27. Zenyatta, It must be really nice having these visitors who played such a pivotal role in your life. They aren’t going to stop now. What’s also amazing is that you don’t currently live far from the place in which you were foaled. The same guy is also breeding your sister. Hats off to these two men who have made such a difference in your life and are largely responsible for the fact that you even physically exist in the first place.

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