Diary Post #363

Silks of the KEENELAND STAKES WINNERS line their Paddock Area. Many of these races are preps for the World Championship Events each year! Photo by John Shirreffs <br>

Good Morning,

It is October 24th…the day for Pre-Entries to take place for the 2011 Breeders’ Cup. This means that ALL horses who are hoping to run in the World Championship races this year must let the officials know their plans by going through the pre-entry process.

By noon today East Coast time, a pre-entry form for each participating horse and the fees must be submitted to the Breeders’ Cup Office. The BC Staff, in turn, will compile the various entries for each race and get them ready for publication. A horse may be pre-entered for 2 events at this time. On the form, the owner/trainer places a 1 by their first choice and a 2 by their second race option. If the horse is planning on just one race, that is the only race these connections pre-enter for at this time.

If a race does not “overfill”…which means less than 14 entrants, all pre-entered horses will get the opportunity to run in the race of their choice. If the race does “overfill / oversubscribe”…which means more than 14 horses select a particular race as their first choice, then the Racing Secretaries Panel selects the top 14 horses they feel should be in this race based upon their Past Performances for the year, current form, and points earned. The other horses go on the Also Eligible list.

This Wednesday, after all of the above is considered, the final list of pre-entries is released to the press. The horses continue to train, prepare, and work towards their BIG DAY!

Step 2 of this process takes place on October 31st. The final entry procedures are completed. At this time, if a horse has been pre-entered in 2 races, his/her connections must now declare which race they will be participating in…their preference. The final entry fees are paid. The post positions are drawn and the fields for the 2 days of racing are finalized.

In the oversubscribed races, the first 14 horses are in the body of the race for the post position draw and 2 other horses will be listed as ALSO-ELIGIBLES. They will be listed in order of preference by the Racing Secretaries Panel. It is all such a detailed and well-organized process. Wishing all the best to each horse pre-entered this morning and their connections. It is such a special time!

With Love,
Hugs to All~(Yeah, Black Caviar! #15…I’m sending you a HIGH HOOF for your accomplishment!)


  1. @Kyle/New York~ Welcome to Zen Nation. I am rooting for Havre de Grace as well. Go Baby, Go Baby, Go!
    Zenyatta’s #1 fan in Montana!

  2. @Kyle S– welcome! We have a great time here.

  3. Thanks Laura J, I’m so excited and I can’t even call the race by the right name. Of course it’s the Ladies Classic! Thanks for the heads up about the blanket. Hadn’t thought about the cold seats. Hopefully I can find room for one in my suitcase. Thanks again.

  4. There is not much time given between pre-entry and the BC races Z!! I learn so much from you. I am driving on Nov. 2nd & I am getting SO excited. I do have the greatest memories of you last year. Will miss you on the track; but I will see you on the big screen! Yippee. I wish the best to all horses competing.
    love you,2 kisses on your soft nose, one for baby z

  5. SHARI VOLTZ – What wonderful news re. your husband’s progress. All the Z prayers and positive energy seem to help.
    Best to both of you.

  6. Hi Zenny: Great Post. I can’t wait for the BC. I brought a 46in Flatscreen TV to watch it. I am very excited.

  7. Thanks to you Z, I’m getting to know so many horses that will be in the upcoming BCC. It’s so exciting. So glad Mo is feeling great and overcame his illness. It’s so amazing, that his owner also will have Bernie’s colt Stay Thirsty too! And my eye will also be on HDG. OH MY! Can’t choose.. All come in soundly guys. Right Z!!
    … Hope the jockeys go easy on the whipping… Let the best horses win on their own, with only a tap as a cue to give their all.
    Go Mr Commons….
    Love you Z, & love the updates and info too.

  8. That does sound like a well organized process. Listing preferences for races and then later, if necessary, paying the fees for entering the horse in the race that it will be running in. I don’t understand it completely, but I have some idea. Congratulations to Black Caviar.

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