Diary Post #365

The history of our sport is so special! Photo by John Shirreffs

Happy Wednesday!

This morning, the fields will be announced for the 2011 World Championships. I’ve just heard that 193 horses did pre-enter for this year’s events! 29 of them will be coming from overseas!

In our sport, so many wonderful horses…so accomplished, so talented, so dedicated…have paved the way for ALL OF US who followed. MY JOHN saw this collage and couldn’t resist taking the photo. He absolutely loves and respects the history of our sport. It is so important to take the time and honor horses who have done so much for our industry.

When you trace pedigree lines so many of these names appear. These horses and their accomplishments truly did impact our sport….not just on a racing level…but to the breeding sheds for decades and decades.

I wonder…as they announce the fields this morning….which horses will be etching his / her names into the historical journals for our sport in the generations to come?

Goldikova has already made such an impressive mark as she returns to defend her title for the 4th year in a row. This is truly something to be honored. My pal, Gio Ponti, is cross-entered in both the MILE and the CLASSIC. Hmmm…I wonder which race his connections will select? This will be his third straight year of Breeders’ Cup participation…on a such a high level. What an outstanding achievement this is!

Several other very talented horses as Switch, Courageous Cat, Midday and Shared Account (to name a few) who have very prominently participated in prior CUP RACES are returning to the event this year. Anytime an athlete can remain at such a high performance level for so many seasons…it is noteworthy on so many levels. I must say, I am SO PROUD of ALL OF THESE HORSES and THEIR CONNECTIONS!

All the best to the 193 pre-entered horses as they continue to prepare for their respective races. We will have so much FUN following them during the next several days!

With Love,
Hugs to All~

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  1. @Allie
    @Sally B (Wisc)
    @Kathleen Kimber (MO)
    all who care about OMAHA;
    Please include me in any search info or action to be undertaken. I was in Saratoga this summer and went through the Hall of Fame, when I got to Omaha I broke down and cried…I sat for about 5 minutes just looking at his Plaque and thinking about him and what it would take to find his remains. I am in MA, far fromm NE but I can always make phone calls, send emails and beg for money if Omaha’s remains can be located. Charlotte Farmer rescued Noor…with some help and money from NTRA, the Racing Hall of Fame and Claiborne it could be possible to find Omaha…he deserves at least the effort…Zenny; look what you may have started!!!
    Mary B in MA

  2. @Allie – I just sent an email to the Knights of Aksarben which is a philanthropic entity. They used the Aksarben coliseum for their annual event and someone affiliated with them may have records.

  3. Z’isters,
    I really like this idea of finding OMAHA! I think this is something we can all get behind. I recall that in the case of Noor, they used imaging to find his bones in the ground, but they were knew where to look. Seems like they know where to look for Omaha and if they could get the university to help, maybe that would do it? Don’t they have some type of science program there and some students who need this type of experience? They may already have the equipment. J

  4. Dear Zenny, John and Dottie,
    Just wanted to thank you for this photo collage. I love that Man O’ War is at the center. He’s my granddaddy of them all, for racing in America, IN MY HEART! And then came Secretariat, I’m sure a reincarnation of Man O’ War! (my little fantasy! I love having). And then came Lady ZENYATTA! THE GIRL WHO TOTALLY CAPTURED OUR HEARTS AND MINDS! And to be in an age of social media so we can stay better in contact with you, is beyond what I ever imagined and I love it so!!!

    Where did you and HH run into each other ~ SA track? (wink wink)? ;-)
    Judy G

  6. @ ALL
    Good morning. I’m looking at the KHP web cam and it is raining! It’s currently (Noom ET) 51 degrees and FOGGY!!! Oh, Zenny, fall has arrived, Sweetie!

  7. @Kelly in Allentown, PA—Thank you for caring for the stray kitty Street Sense so well and thereby doing the other stray kitties a favor as well! High hoof!

  8. Z’isters (cont.)
    It is never too early to plan so I’m really thinking about what everyone said they do when they are HOME ALONE watching the Breeder’s Cup. I now plan to wear my 2011 Kentucky Derby t-shirt and have my Zenyatta and Mike Smith bobbleheads right by me. Looking down over me from the wall will be my Racing Royalty print of Secretariat and Zenyatta (autographed by Penny, Ann, Jerry, Mike, Dottie and John) and my framed collage of the Thoroughbred Times special Zenyatta issue (autographed by Jerry, Ann, Mike and John) together with my Hollywood Park program from Zenyatta Appreciation Day (autographed by Mike). I think I will also wear by Secretariat hat. I will also have handy my vial of Churchill Downs track dirt. Now I’m going to work on the menu.

  9. YOU Zenny will be etched in MY memory and heart forever, as this BC approaches I remember last year and how brave you were and how you prooved your Mettle to the world, that day was actualy the day you proved WHO you are to every single person on this planet..the greatest horse I have ever laid my eyes on….ever….and I am 51. You have the heart and the stamina and the courage of no other horse, your good genes will be passed down through the ages, and I can only hope I will be here to see one of your offspring run in a race somewhere. You have impacted this heart and life and so many others, Horses make everything in life better, and you my sweet girl have proven that ten fold…I Love you x0x0x0x0 from Maine

  10. when I get home from work, I will check out the website for the University of Nebraska…I can at least look and see what is possible through their own progams….there may be a way to have the school participate if they can be convinced it is a good PR for the University, which it would be…ya never know…all I can do is ask!

  11. @#1 New England Fan – I like to think of all of us here as The Family Z! We have another MA’er here too – Mary in MA.

    @Mary in MA – where you from in MA? #1 is from South Shore, I’m from Central.

  12. @Ingid
    @#1 New Englan Fan;
    I am on the south shore…Scituate to be precise! where are you two?

  13. Dear Signofthetimes:
    Thank you for the video of Z (The Elegance of Zenyatta). Never tire of it; watch it often. Hugs, JB

  14. Dear Signofthetimes:
    Loved the video of Goldi too. Hugs, JB

  15. @Signofthetimes. Thanks so much for that link. Shoot, every time I see Z released for the first time at LE I cry for joy. Well, got to go get a tissue.

  16. Dear Z Fans:
    All of you who are concerned about Omaha, I share your wish for his remains to be found and buried in a final resting place (maybe at Old Friends). Hope it happens. Hugs, JB

  17. Dear Z,
    Happy Thursday to you and TT. Love you and love to all of you, Judy and Russ

  18. Dear DJ, Kari B. and Terry C.:
    Missing you. Hugs, JB

  19. So glad to hear Terry C. os ok. He will recieve an “excused” absence, as opposed to an “AWOL” designation, which is not to be desired.
    @Stephanie Lambert–welcome back! You’ve been missed.
    @Jeanie–TOO cute!

  20. @Jag-So good to see Santa Anita has an Affiliation with the Susan G. Komen For the Cure Foundation. Maybe Saturday would be a good day to wear pink to the races. Thanks for the link.

  21. @ Hello Judy B!! Thank you so much for the slide show. Uncle MO and Stay Thirsty look healthy and strong. Because of you and other Z friends we get to see these awesome slides and get news. Thanks again!
    Hugs, Marilu

  22. @eastcoast kid – I’m in Worcester.

  23. @Ingrid
    @East Coast Kid

    Im in Scituate, too — we really are family!

  24. Dear Marilu V.:
    You’re so welcome. Love Mo and all Bernie Babies. (Especially one very special one). Hugs, JB

  25. Thank you for the post. To all the “Girls gone wild” Go girls go! and to all please run safely without injury.
    Love, hugs and kisses

  26. Hi Zenny: Nice post. I am once again catch up on your diaries. Yes, it is important that we remember those horses that helped to shape the industry. Your picture will soon be added to that collage.

  27. Zenyatta, I’ll bet you’re really looking forward to the World Cup races, girl! I certainly am! I’ll also bet that you wish you were still racing in them. I, like many people, wish you were. You have to wonder which of this year’s horses will get their pictures on montages. Horses that come to mind are Goldikova, Gio Ponti, Havre De Grace and others. Past horses have shaped what it is today and today’s horses are shaping and will continue to shape what it will be in the future.

  28. Regarding Omaha’s remains, did somebody find out some more information? They say that he was interred where the clubhouse was built on in 1974 on the east end of the track and was NOT relocated to where the Circle of Champions used to be. Seems such a shame people in Omaha do not wish to find him!!

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