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The European Horses go to the track together at a special time each morning while at THE DOWNS. Photo by John Shirreffs

Good Morning,

We have all had a day to review the Breeders’ Cup pre-entries and the anticipated fields. It will be very interesting to follow the cross-entered horses as they finalize their racing plans.

The next step in the ENTRY process for the Championship EVENTS will take place on October 31st. This is the day when the connections formally ENTER their horse for a specific race and the final fees are paid by the owner. Fourteen horses will be accepted for the BODY of each field and 2 also-eligibles…if the race is over-subscribed.

To quote the Breeders’ Cup Horsemens’ Information Guide on the final entry options which might be considered on this day, “A horse will be permitted to enter 2 Breeders’ Cup Championships races under the following conditions: (i) the horse is eligible for both races; (ii) the races will be contested on different days; (iii) the pre-entry and entry fees are paid for both races; and (iv) neither race is oversubscribed. A horse may not double-enter Breeders’ Cup Championships races if the effect of such double entry is to exclude another horse from competing. A horse entered in two Championship races on different days may not compete on both days.”

“Scratch time for all Championships races to be contested on both Championship Friday and Championship Saturday will be 8:00 a.m. (EDT, Friday, November 4, 2011.”

Thus, a horse like GIO PONTI will have to decide the race he is competing in by the October 31st Entry dead-line. He has pre-entered for both the MILE and the CLASSIC. They both run on the same day…so his decision must be finalized on this entry date. The same would be true of SIDNEY’S CANDY who is cross-entered in the MILE DIRT and TURF…which both run on the same day.

So many details! It is always interesting to note how many things need to be properly taken care of to make these days go smoothly for all concerned.

Amidst all of these things, the horses and their connections need to travel to CHURCHILL DOWNS, settle in, and train forwardly for these special races.

The European contingent arrives in large groups on certain days and must immediately go to a Quarantine Barn area. These horses reside in this special area during their stay at Churchill Downs and train together at a special designated time each morning.

Other participating horses arrive from different racing jurisdictions on the various plane schedules each trainer is working with right now. In reality, so many detailed ‘safety procedures’ on so many specific levels are constantly initiated and followed by our industry for the benefit of all.

There is so much to think about right now!

With Love,
Hugs to All~(A special hug to our dear friend,Samantha, at this very difficult time…the loss of her beloved father, Mace.)


  1. @All, since it’s been brought up several times, I decided to do some research into equine quarantine. Here’s what I found. First, quarantine is SOP for horses coming from other countries. This is for the protection of the animals, and humans as well. The USDA is responsible for overseeing the importation of live animals into the U.S. Procedures and length of quarantine depend on what diseases are prevalent in the horse’s country of origin. For example, there’s a specific protocol for dealing with horses that originate from a country where foot and mouth disease is found. Some other diseases that are specifically targeted include screwworms and Venezuelan equine encephalitis; horses from affected countries must be quarantined for 7 days. Horses from countries affected by African Horse Sickness require a 60-day quarantine. Horses from other countries are only quarantined for 3 days. Horses from Canada are excepted, subject to certain conditions. Most horses crossing the U.S-Canadian border either way only require a health certificate that states they are free of and/or have not been exposed to certain diseases. So there is nothing nefarious about quarantining the European horses. It’s the law.

    Here’s everything you could ever want to know about importing a horse into the U.S.:

    I remember last year for the World Equestrian Games, over 300 horses were airlifted en masse in specially outfitted cargo planes from an airport in Belgium. They were quarantined at a temporary facility set up at the Cincinnati airport (which is actually in Kentucky, so they didn’t have to cross state lines to go to WEG).

  2. @Trina, FYI your post with the link did come through.

  3. So much information, kinda makes your head spin and makes one appreciate the dedication of the ones who care about the industry and these wonderful animals as a whole.
    Love hugs and kisses to all

  4. PDF from Thoroughbred Times on Zenyatta; it is a lovely tribute to the greatest racing mare of all times.


  5. @Judy B
    MMM next start at Aquaduct after November 4, 2011; “he got sick in October” and had to stop training.


  6. Dear Zenny,

    Thoughts and prayers to Samantha, you and your connections friends on her loss.


  7. More names associated with Omaha in the article listed below. Apologies in advance if this is a repeat.

  8. “Z” please thank your John for all the updates and useful info he posts. It’s wonderful to learn more about BC’s happenings, info most of us never knew. Last year’s BC was the most exciting I have ever seen.
    It’s cold here Dear Lady; keep warm when you’re outside. We ALL love YOU . . .

  9. @signofthetimes, maybe Thirsty, or maybe Ruler On Ice. He did well in slop also, IIRC. The big question is, what would happen to the turf races if there’s heavy rain? Ordinarily, they take races off the turf if it’s really wet, but would they really do that for the Breeders Cup? There would be mass defections.

  10. Oh Zenny! I am bawling once again, i heard a cheap horse equaled your 19 wins in a roll. NOT FAIR…boo hoo boo hoo. I think you should run again in the BC next weeka and start it all over again..i miss you so bad. racing isn’t the same.
    On a brighter note, i let my hair grow and bleached it white just like your mommie’s (Dottie) and cut my bangs just like hers and got me a big pair of sunglasses, too cute..LOL…i’m going this year to the BC and i wonder if i’ll get mistaken as your mommie Dot Dot? oh and i’m pregant too and we’re naming him Zenny..HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

  11. An article that states that Omaha was moved to Grove Porter’s Farm in 1950. Could not find any information concerning how Omaha died.

  12. Thanks for the info. Alway good to have some insight when listening to HRTV comments. Makes more sense now.

  13. An article stating that Omaha died in his stall at Grove Porter’s Farm.

  14. While visiting horse farms in Lexington, one of the breeding shed managers stated that they did not have any stallions from the Roberto Line. I can see Roberto in Zenyatta’s pedigree, but not sure exactly what they mean when they say Roberto line…Mare or Stallion side and how far back?

  15. Good morning my lovely Zenyatta. Hope the weather there is all warmth and sunshine. Reading your posts are so theraputic for me. The love and fellowship that is shared here knows no bounds. We are so fortunate and grateful to have your team, and especially your voice Dottie, to share you with us. You have been a beacon of hope for us all in a world that is so topsy turvey. Your kindness and charitable works have touched and helped so many. You, my Lady, are a gift from above and I will always cherish being present in your greatness. Good wishes to you and baby z/b. Looking forward to a great Breeder’s Cup and praying that all our beautiful athletics come home safe and sound. Good luck to you all, especially Shackleford, Goldikova and my one and only “Handsome” Hansen in the BC Juvenile.

  16. @Janis, they were referring to the stallion’s sire line. Roberto stood at Darby Dan and died way back in 1988, so he is probably 3 or more generations back in most pedigrees. His most successful sons at stud in North America were Kris S and Dynaformer. As far as I know, Dynaformer will stand in 2012, assuming he is still fertile. Kris S died in 2002. His last foals were born in 2003. Roberto was part of the Turn To-Hail To Reason sireline that traces back to Nearco. Hail To Reason sired not only Roberto, but Halo as well, along with other horses who became good broodmare sires. Hail To Reason was himself a good broodmare sire as well as a sire of sires.

  17. The author of this Omaha article believes that Omaha’s remains currently reside under a credit card company or under part of the University of Nebraska.

  18. @Stephanie–sympathy and condolences to you and your family on the loss of your father.
    @LauraJ–we can always count on you for great information. If I remember correctly, I saw Kris S’s grave at WinStar. Believe Barbaro was from the Roberto line. Correct me if I’m wrong.
    90% of you know more than I do.

  19. @ Mary; This “male” horse must be awesome to accomplish 19 in 19. In my opinion, first Zenyatta is a mare. She has won against the boys. What kind of stakes races were they; who did he compete against? Zenyatta blew by great horse racing boys in her 20th race & did show the world that she is the greatest racing mare in history. Nothing will change my mind. Oh, and can he dance?

  20. JB: Thank you! One of my very favorites :) hugs…DJ

  21. Hi Zenyatta. Wow, what an exciting time of the year. Can’t wait for the races to begin. Will really miss you and Blind Luck this year. Still cannot believe that she is going to be sold on November 7 – unbelieveable. I hope the person who buys her sends her to Lanes End to be with you. That would be awesome. Boy, a lot of work goes into getting horses to a special track for races. Interesting about the european horses going into quarantine and then working out together. Can’t wait for Goldi to run; I also love Gio Ponte though. Just as long as everyone runs safely. Can’t wait. Stay comfy, eat well for two and have loads of fun with your girlfriends. Love you, Angel.

  22. I hope blind luck have the greatest ouner that care and love the horse.


  24. Zenyatta, the races are geting closer and I’m getting more excited. You are as well, I’m sure. It seems heartbreaking to me that when a horse is registered for 2 races, especially if both races are on the same day, that horse can race in only one. It’s probably for the best, however. You don’t want to wear a horse down or deprive another horse of the chance to race. I heard on TVG and on this post about the European horses going to a quarantine area and that they train separately from the American horses. That’s probably for the best as well so they won’t pick up any diseases. My preference is for the best horses to win regardless of where they are from. Zenyatta, aren’t you jealous that you can’t race any more? That jealousy will probably get stronger with every day closer to the races.

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