Diary Post #367


Good Morning,

Now, this is TOO CUTE! Here I am as one of the rides on the newly created childrens’ carousel at the Los Angeles Zoo.

Thursday, my dear owners attended the Zoo’s Press Conference to unveil the TOM MANKIEWICZ CONSERVATION CAROUSEL. The Moss’ were quite instrumental in the development of this project and it was with great joy that they attended yesterday’s event. Not only did they love seeing US…GIACOMO, TIAGO, ME, and the many other beautifully crafted animals…but they also wanted to honor their dear friend, TOM, for all of his hard work in helping to make this happen.

This carousel was truly meant to be something very special for all children and their families who visit the L. A. ZOO.

I’ve heard many of our “Z DUMPLINGS” are planning a trip there soon. Please keep us posted with the updates on your adventure!

Here's GIACOMO with JERRY!

As for other news, my pal, COZI ROSIE, had her final workout yesterday for the Breeders’ Cup Filly and Mare Turf Race. She breezed 7 furlongs in a nice and relaxed 1:27 and change. She will ‘walk today’ as part of her training routine. This is a very normal practice as most horses do have a very easy day of activity following a day they have just run or worked. During the next 2 days, her barn will get her ready to leave for Kentucky. ROSIE is on the Sunday morning Tex Sutton flight. The plane leaves very early in the morning…and even with the time change, she will be at Churchill Downs and settled comfortably into her stall by early afternoon.

Other horses, per the DAILY RACING FORM, are completing their final works during the next few days as well. YEAH! 7 days and counting. I’ll keep you posted on all of the news I hear as it develops!

As for ME, today I have Claire Novak coming from ESPN. I also have visitors coming from the V FOUNDATION. Then a reporter and TV crew from a local channel will be coming out to do a piece on ME. So, I have a rather busy, yet FUN FILLED, schedule today. I must say….I do enjoy all of this activity!

Good luck to all of the horses running around the country this weekend! There should be some very good handicapping opportunities!

I also want to send a HIGH HOOF to RAPID REDUX. 19 in a row! I can truly say…THAT IS ONE HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT! My heartfelt congratulations to this special horse and his connections!

Just thinking, next FRIDAY is MY PARTY! It’s getting close!

With Love,
Hugs to All~ (Have a great weekend!)


  1. DARN! I just opened the link I shared, but it doesn’t take you directly to the video of the Mosses. As of this hour, it’s on page 7 if you look by page number! Bummer!

  2. @JAG & all – the direct link to Carousel video with the Anne & Jerry Moss: http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/video?id=8408947

  3. @Diana S – Thanks for picking up the slack today with redneck jokes! Today’s first two additional jokes are especially topical & relevant: You might be a redneck if you mistook the Conservation Carousel for a shooting gallery! You might be a redneck if you showed up at the Zoo with your shotgun and huntin’ dog. You might be a redneck if you’ve ever barbecued Spam on the grill.

  4. Hello all – I know folks have asked this before, but IS THERE A 2012 Z CALENDAR AVAILABLE OR IN THE WORKS? Z would raise tons of money for thoroughbred rescue if there is. PLEASE LET US KNOW!!! I will have to leave my 2011 calendar up all year! Much love to Z, TT, and Baby Z!

  5. Good morning, Z! Great redneck jokes here today. I think I might know someone who just might have put Spam on the grill.
    @Diana S– I promise you that the next time I need a dozer driver, yours will be the first name to pop into my head!

  6. Dear Zenny,
    Hope you have a great day in the paddock with TT, resting for your party. There will be a chill in the air so wear your sweater.

  7. Zenyatta, it was a really wonderful idea to open a carousel at the Los Angeles Zoo and name a horse after you as well as some of the other horses. Hats off to whoever’s idea that was. Jerry and Ann Moss obviously put a lot of work and a lot of influence into that. That is a great picture. Good luck to all of your buddies who are racing. You are one lucky horse to attract all of these visitors that you do. The V Foundation as well as a local station where you are doing a piece on you. If I lived there, I would watch it in a heartbeat.

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