Diary Post #368

Today's Entry Day! TOM looks SO HAPPY! Photo by John Shirreffs

Good Morning,

This is going to be one FUN yet BUSY WEEK! This morning entries are being taken for both days of OUR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. A very specific procedure must be followed. Every trainer is to formally enter each horse for the specific race he / she is participating in by 10 a.m. Eastern Time. The final entry fees must be paid and the jockey named.

MY JOHN went to the Racing Office right after his horses trained this morning and did his entries. YEAH, JOHN!

When entries close at 10 a.m. Eastern, the Racing Office officials then prepare the paperwork for each race in relation to the post-position draw. This is going to be televised on HRTV at 1 p.m. Eastern Time. Once the post positions are finalized, the Racing Form, the professional handicappers, and all publicity sources will be able to compile the information for the public. Official programs will be printed….and WE ARE OFF TO THE RACES!

One of the many wonderful things that happens in our industry is the RACING WORLD is like one big family. Often when you travel for certain events, you see many familiar faces.

That is exactly what happened this morning. MY JOHN walked into the Breeders’ Cup offices to place his entries and there working the phones was TOM ROBBINS. I know Tom quite well. He is the The Executive Vice President: Racing and Industry Relations/Racing Secretary for Del Mar Race Track. He used to come by and see ME all of the time when I was at Del Mar to run in the Clement Hirsch each year. Officials from several tracks pitch in to help out. They ALL want everything to run smoothly and be as special as possible for the FANS and ALL participating in these events.

They do a wonderful job!

I must also say, I am getting very excited about MY PARTY. IT IS THIS FRIDAY! MY TEAM has ordered a ‘party present’ for all who are attending. I hear they are TOO CUTE! Then Leonard was telling Dottie that the artists who have worked on MY SPECIAL PAINTING and mini-collectibles of ME will be attending the party to meet with the guests as well.

THE ZENYATTA, a Z drink, will also be introduced. I have always been a Guinness person myself (except now I am being SO GOOD while in-foal)…but I have heard that humans like other types of ‘adult beverages’. This one has apparently been developed and named for ME! I’ve heard about the ingredients and have seen a photo of what it will look like in a glass…but it will be interesting to see how all of you like it! HOOVES CROSSED! I’m requesting an adaptation be made ‘for children’ as well.

The horses from Europe arrived at Churchill Downs over the weekend. They are presently in Quarantine for the required amount of time by legal standards and will be back to the track very soon. It is all so well-planned and organized by everyone who works with these horses.

GOLDIKOVA is on the grounds and I’ve heard she looks fabulous. What a lovely, lovely accomplished horse!

Enjoy your week and ALL of the great racing updates from TV, on-line, and in print! THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!

With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. @Jeanie ~ My first thought was that Omaha should be buried at Claiborne since he was foaled and stood stud there. Gallant Fox, his sire, is buried at Claiborne as well. But I think we also need to be sensitive to the feelings of the folks at Omaha. Maybe a month ago, I sent an e-mail to one of the Claiborne e-mail addresses listed on its website, but received no response. When I was at Old Friends this September, Mr. Brown, the tour director, stated that they wanted to upgrade their cemetery. I was impressed by the way they treated the horses there. Even saw Michael out playing with one of the horses. So Old Friends would be my choice. But if we can move Omaha to either his Omaha Memorial site or another place, I was thinking that Old Friends might have a walkway, where we could purchase bricks for our favorite champions. Just a thought. Might be a good money maker for them. I’m just thinking out loud…

  2. @All Dumplings. I posted a photo of my historic ride on carousel Zenyatta on her Facebook page.
    @Diana S – You mean we WEREN’T supposed to place a bet on the blonde jockey on the bay horse? I wondered why I didn’t see the results in the DRF.

  3. @eastcoastkid
    @Joyce in Vegas
    @Diane S
    @Z’ister of Omaha
    I totally agree with Jeanie that we need to get more organized with a mission statement or specific goal in mind.

  4. @Allie in TX
    @Joyce in Vegas
    @Diana S
    @Z’isters of Omaha
    We do need some type of structure, because if he can be found, we will need to raise funds. Also, we do need to prioritize what we want the end result to be. Maybe it’s a list of the most to least desirable final resting places, giving each the right of refusal before moving to the next? I am totally open on this. All the ones mentioned so far are good ones. I don’t see any bad ones here. It’s just which one is the very best for Omaha. Where is the Omaha Memorial? Is it in Omaha? Maybe the City of Omaha would want to be involved?

  5. @Jeanie ~ It’s been my experience that you don’t want to get the government involved. I think the Yum Brands idea has more of chance for success.

  6. Dear Zenyatta Here is a Beautiful article about YOU by Jennifer Wirth-Ice Madame Mistletoe’s Horse Whisperer http:\www.thesaturdaypost.org. I hope my Z family reads it. I love you sweet girl. Hugs and Kisses, Shari XXXOOO
    @ GO MO GO !!!!!!

  7. @Allie
    I hear you loud and clear.

  8. Z as a non drinker I am totally curious what the children’s version of your drink will be. Please let us know soon cause I can hardly stand the suspense (Jaws theme is playing in the background)

  9. @Jeanie ~ I think we need a chronology of events. We do know that the Trust Mgmt Group “made an attempt” (I’m not sure what that means.) to find Omaha around 2004. They came up empty handed (no bones), but they took this dirt and placed it by the memorial. From listening to others, the bones should still be present and that Omaha still has an unmarked grave. This all came about, I believe, because it was just easier to move the grave marker than this horse when the racetrack added the clubhouse in the area of Omaha’s grave. I really want to look at the 14 articles that the Nebraska newspaper has on file.

  10. @Shari, THANK YOU for that link. Great article.

  11. 2010 BC post parade Zenyatta and entorage
    and “paparazzi”


  12. 2009 BCC

    Zenny beats the boys !!!!


  13. @signofthetimes Thank you for posting the link for Zenyatta’s 2010 BC parade and her entourage. I recorded everything but one recording I didn’t get was the shot from the air of her leaving the barn to go to the paddock. She was out in the open on a walkway with her security (six of them, I understand) before her and after her. The people were lined up six or so deep on both sides of the walkway just to see her walk to the paddock. That was on a different channel than the one I recorded and I would love to see it again. Did anyone else see it? ZENYATTA WAS THE BREEDER’S CUP LAST YEAR. There won’t be another like it for a very long time – if ever. I rewatch it periodically just to see again how people received her and how excited they were to just be near her. However, I don’t watch the race. I saw it on TV live and haven’t watched it since. If a commercial comes on for it, I turn the channel. She is the greatest!

  14. I Love you ZENNY. I wish I could come to your party. I will be thinking of you. I hope everyone has a GREAT TIME : ) Love Lori XOXO…

  15. Hey Party girl….would love, love, love, to be able to attend your special party. I hope you get to share the ingredients of your Zenyatta drink. Must have that on hand to make watching on TV better. You are so special and beautiful.

  16. Awesome, drink named after Queen Z. Does it have carrots & apples in it, like a V-8 drink ??

  17. Zenyatta, it sounds like the registering of the horses for their races is coming right along. They are following a very careful process. It also sounds like they are very careful with quarantining the European horses before letting them mingle with the other horses. John must have had to get up awfully early Pacific Time to register his horses. Hey girl, it really sounds like you’re getting excited about your party. I wish I could be there. I’d go in a heartbeat if I could. You’re so famous now that they’re naming a beer after you. You’re really going places. As long as you hold off on the beer until after your foal is born, you’ll be all right.

  18. Sure wish I could see you at your party. Have a wonderful day on Friday and best of luck to John and his horses this week.

  19. I need the Z drink now after the Dufus I loaded on the van today 1 1/2 hours:)

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